Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) participates in “Kinou Kouen” SP with Arimura Kasumi.

Excerpt translations/summary taken from fujitv website.


“Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari – 25th Aniversary! Fall 2 weeks serial SP ~ Revival Edition ~ Movie Director Version ~” will be on November 21 (Sat) and 28 (Sat), starting at 2100.


With the Fall broadcasting line up announcement, this topic will be about “Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari”. From the survey “Your favorite ‘strange’ film”, 3 stories were chosen for the remake. The number one most popular  “Imakiyo-san” with Nomura Shuhei, a sad friendship story “Kinou Kouen” with Arimura Kasumi, and “Zundokoberoncho” with Fujiki Naohito.

“Kinou Kouen” that was broadcasted in 2006 is a story about 2 male friends. But this time, it will be about female friends. Miwa (Arimura Kasumi), who got in to Toudai, has become estranged from her best friend from childhood, Ryuko (Fukuda Mayuk0) since who know when. After meeting Ryuko again after a long time at her hometown, Miwa was shocked when she heard about Ryuko’s accidental death that night. While carrying these unbearable feelings, Miwa passed by a park and saw the same figure of Ryuko from yesterday, playing a flute. With that, Miwa tried to save Ryuko from her ill fate, however…

With such a painful and bitter setup, Arimura said after the shoot “After finally participating in ‘Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari’, I think you will be able to feel the emotions of these two’s expressions in this impressive work. Because I also have a best friend, I acted with that sympathy.” When asked what she would do if she were Miwa, “I’ll pass the time together with her. And I’ll do it again and again. But because it would become painful for both of us, I think we must somehow come to a conclusion.” she said while describing the emotions of Miwa’s bitter decision.

On the other hand, Fukuda Mayuko said, “For the me who knew but playing the Ryuko who didn’t, and just living her life as usual, that was difficult.” talking about the difficulties in playing the unknowing Ryuko about her death. “To get into a petty arguments with each other, and to suddenly cut off the deep bonds with each other in a moment, such things are normal. But to say that there’s nothing we can do, that’s depressing.” Fukuda once again recalled her sympathy from the drama.

Because these two are acting (as Miwa and Ryuko), the girls from the same generation can definitely relate to the story. Ueda Yasushi, who is in charge of the production has talked about how he has always wanted to work on this story. And now that he got a chance to be in charge, he said it’s something he has never experienced with, a feeling as if he’s hitting a wall. How will this work climb over that wall and finish, please look forward to it.

When asked Arimura how was it, “Whether it’s something new or it’s something from their memory, I want people to enjoy it. Even though it’s a weird story, it’s also a strangely moving story. I want people to watch and together with Miwa, falling forward (I’m guessing the same meaning and looking forward to the future, falling head first, accepting reality, or something like that) .” She expressed about the work. Even for those that have already seen the original, we hope you will be able to feel a new emotion from it.



- Kinou Kouen = Yesterday park (literally)

- Hyun mention this at the beginning of October, they finally put out the news for it. I guess it’s when they were filming.

- My brain just said whatever at the ending… I don’t think I tried making sense of what I’m writing anymore.

- Funny how I was thinking that I want Mayuko to be in a female friendship story, and then this come out. But of course, knowing Mayuko, somebody need to die. It’s an unwritten rule for Mayuko to be in a dark drama.

- I’ll try writing the other “two” news later.


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