Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) in Okada Tatsuya’s Blog: Even My Daughter…

Long time no translate. I have no excuse because school and work take all my time. Even now, I don’t think I’ll be able to translate regularly. Well, not that Mayuko has anything right now…


Okada Tatsuya (Fukuda Mayuko’s father in “Ame Yume” stage play) posted an entry about Mayuko. Apparently she went to visit his/Caramel’s Box stage play. So a translation from his ameblo.


Even My Daughter…

May 31, 2014


Hello, this is depressed and distressed Okada Tatsuya.


Yesterday, Fukuda Mayuko-chan came and watch.


I’ll omit the detail explanations about Mayuko-chan. (about how he knows her)

(I apologize but for those who don’t know, please look it up)

To say it simply, for me, she is my cutest of cute daughter.

(Reference: first performance for “Ame to Yume no Ato ni”)


Yesterday was Black turn.

For her father (referring to himself) who kept talking about wanting for her to come and watch him.

But instead of choosing White, it was Black.


……… Hmmmm

………. Why?


By any chance, instead of her father, she chose Hokkun (Hatanaka Tomoyuki)?

After the performance, I tried to ask Mayuko-chan bluntly backstage.


After understanding the situation, she answered simply.

“That’s because, I thought Okada-san is part of the Black performances!”


………. But didn’t I wrote in my email that I’ll be appearing in Whaite? (He really spelt it like this)


“Hmm, but I thought the team name was reverse this time.”


She really misunderstood.Could it be that even my daughter made a mistake.


To the girl that’s laughing while talking, I can’t just return with a stiff smile.

With a triumph face on that Hatanaka idiot Tomoyuki

“It’s okay Mayuko-chan, just tell him that you chose me! (laughs)”

He spitted out such rash remarks.

But the me who’s on the verge of being K.O., has no energy left to fire a kick toward Hatanaka.


But but

She’s planning on going to see the Summer period stage.

And also, she will be turning 20 years old this summer.

“Next time I come to watch, let’s go drinking together!”

Just hearing these words made this father filled with happiness.


* * * * *


Abe Joji told me he read yesterday journal entry.

“I actually go on the original route”


I see.

If talking about the “Shu Ha Li” concept, perhaps I also approached the “Li”.


The colors of the two team are different, yet beautiful.

After that, there’s still“Motto Tooku e”.

2 days left for Tokyo.

How good will it be?


Well then, see you.



Hatanaka Tomoyuki also posted a tweet on his twitter.

“Today, Fukuda Mayuko-chan who starred in her first stage play “Ame to Yume no Ato de” came to watch. She’s completely grew up, her height quickly caught up to me… Further more, she became older~ ToT Haven’t seen each other in a while, Tatsuya-san and her was in high spirits. (laughs) I want to work together in a play again!”

He was later teased because he wrote “Ame to Yume no Ato ni” wrong. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))



- Hokkun is… He’s Ame’s older childhood friend(?)/love interest(?) from the stage play. I actually really like these two together. They are like brother and sister. Totally cute!


- I’m not sure if I should explain it since everyone probably already knew. But a play usually have 2 set of teams of actors so that they can do more performances and all that. In this cases, the two teams are Black and White, with Okada-san is the White team, while Hatanaka-san in the Black team. Of course, Mayuko chose Black, which caused her “father” to be unhappy that she chose Hokkun instead of him.

- Hmm, we will soon have drinking stories for Mayuko. That’s something to look forward to… I guess.