Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crank In!: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Putting Everything She Has Into Her First Starring Role in “FLARE”, a Japan France Collaboration Movie, Trailer

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Fukuda Mayuko, who’s known for the drama “Jyoou no Kyoshitsu”, the movie “Heaven’s Door” and other, will perform her first starring role in the Japan – France collaboration movie “FLARE”, which will begin showing in Tokyo theaters in April. The trailer for the movie is also out to the public.

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This film depicted a youthful drama about a change when a 17 years old, runaway girl and a debauched, Frenchman photographer meet. With a goal to advance even further, Fukuda challenged this ambitious film by putting her all into acting as the runaway girl – Flare.

The photographer that changed Flare’s fate – Jean, is played by a new actor that’s anticipated in the French film, Valentin Bonhomme. In addition, it also starred Hirose Alice from “Silver Spoon”, Tanimura Mitsuki, Katou Masaya and others. The director is Otsuka Yukiji of “Soup ~ Umarekawari no Monogatari ~”.

After failing his second marriage, unknown French cameraman Jean transferred his work to Tokyo while buried his days in debts and alcohol. One day, stopping by a convenient store to buy alcohol, Jean meets the runaway girl – Flare.

With an interest in using Flare as a subject, Jean took a picture of her in that spot. Deeply moved by that picture, Flare settled in Jean’s studio. Abused by her parents since she was young, and having no place to go, Flare begins working as an assistant, free of charge, for Jean, and she gradually grows to admire his works.

One day, after Jean beating up a debtor, Flare begins compensation dating to hide him. But Jean continues to have relationships with the girls that come to his studio, and Flare is against it. With her whole heart of wanting to see her as the only woman, her inside and outside suddenly changed…

“FLARE” will be shown nation wide in sequential order, starting from April 26th in Cinemart of Roppongi.






- I seriously don’t know why I just translate this since it’s everything we already knew. =_=;; Well, except the trailer and the pictures.

- Thanks to cie-chan for quickly relaying me the trailer. XDD

- I’m really glad Mayuko is trying new things. So much shocking scenes!! And they actually said “her first starring role”!! \(*T▽T*)/ I’m so glad to finally see the day.



  1. Otsukare~! m(_ _)m

    This news made me so hyper all of a sudden! haha The scenes are shocking but I'm happy Mayuko decided to challenge herself with this role (^o^)b I wonder if she's going to have a love scene in this film (>.<) And if that "kiss" with Alice would be real or fake lol

    1. Ahh, I totally forgot about that possibility of having another fake kiss scene. XDD;; After that disappointing kiss scene from Sakura, I'm praying it's real.

    2. Yes, that almost-kiss from Sakura was such a disappointment -.-;
      Whether it's with Valentin or Alice (or both), I don't care as long as she kisses someone already! haha