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Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 3 (End)

Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 1

Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 2


This story is from Little DJ Official Photo Book, and is written by the author of Little DJ, Onitsuka Tadashi. It’s a story 3 years after the death of Tarou-kun.


Another Story

Onitsuka Tadashi

The Story of Umino Tamaki


As the time for the toast come to an end, everyone was having their own friendly chat. While Tamaki was at the counter getting an orange juice, the host begin to walk.

“Well then, I think we should get a friend of the bride and groom to come and give their blessing. Everyone should have been given a card from the deck at the reception area. So, is the person with an ‘8 of hearts’ here? I was thinking that this person can do us a favor…”

It’s me.

Tamaki walked toward the stage. Even though she’s a bit nervous, she’s okay. It seems like she will speak honestly about her current feelings.


“Waka-sensei, Kanae-san, congratulations on your wedding.”

As she spoke, she turned to Waka-sensei and Kanae. When their eyes met, she continues.

“Just now, Dai-sensei told me I was their love cupid. To be thought of like that make me really happy. But in reality, they are our love cupid. Today, I will talk about that precious person.”

As the young girl talks, everyone in the hall began to turn their attentions on her. Waka-sensei and Kanae also look straight at her direction.

“Around four years ago, when I became hospitalized at Takasaki Memorial Hospital, that person was also hospitalized. The me, who had a serious injury where six of my bones were broken, didn’t even have the will power to live. Then, a boy came into the picture, and he began his broadcasts in the hospital. Not only for me, but even for the other depressed patients, he lit a fire in us. I cheered up thanks to his words and music. However, not before long, Tarou-kun passed away. I am now still living. But, this is not just my life; I’m also living for Tarou-kun’s part. The two of us are living. When I think of it like that, my life seems as if it became more meaningful. For Tarou-kun’s part, I think I will have fun and do my best as I continue to live. I was taught this precious heart from him. Waka-sensei and Kanae-san also, please let the feelings you conveyed to each other become something precious to you.”

In her heart, the thoughts are vague, but as it left her mouth, it became naturally coherent. Applauses can be heard everywhere at the wedding location. When she saw Hiroko, she has a handkerchief to her eyes. Okay, it’s alright. Tarou-kun, I will talk to her properly.


After she finished her speech and stepped down from the stage, Hiroko came up to her. Even though it’d practically three years, she didn’t change. Rather, perhaps it’s because of her make-up and attire, but she seemed a bit younger.

Tamaki bowed.

“Tamaki-chan. The speech just now was magnificent. I was so moved that my tears fell. Well, I must be getting older that I’ve become easy to cry. Tamaki-chan, you’re so different from back then, you’re already looking like an adult. How’s Tamaki-chan doing?”

Hiroko affectionately asked continuously.

“Honestly, I was sad that time, and even as I accepted reality, time stood still. Even when my dad watch the night relay broadcast, it is hard for me… Even so, three years already passed. I’m alright.”

“That’s true, it had been three years. When I listened to your speech, I could tell you still hold Tarou dear to you even now, and that really make me happy. But now, I want you to live your own life enjoyably for Tarou’s part. As for Tarou, it’s alright if you think about him from time to time.”

As Hiroko tried to persuade her, Tamaki immediately answered, “I’ll never forget.”

“I’m glad. Tamaki-chan, you’ve pretty much found your answer.”


That’s right, three years have passed since then. During those three years, Kanae-san and Waka-sensei brought up their love. Tarou-kun’s mother also recovered and become cheerful. My heart is also filled up. Everyone’s three years time, or rather, the months and years continue to flow. Though, what we did during those three years is different for each of us.

Everyone clapped as the smiling Kanae and the nervous Waka-sensei linked arms and walked to the center to greet the guests. The contrast of their expression is amusing for Tamaki. Kanae appeared in a simple, pure white wedding dress, while Waka-sensei is wearing a morning suit. Compared to the Waka-sensei that Kanae knew from back then, he has gained a bit of weight. Compared to the Kanae-san from three years ago, she has always been beautiful. Even compared to the models that appeared in fashion magazines, for Tamaki, she has always been beautiful.

“Kanae-san, this dress really suits you. I haven’t seen you in a while, but you’ve become pretty. I’m a bit envious.”

While greeting the guests, Tamaki said to Kanae.

“Tamaki-chan, long time no see. But wait a minute. When you said I’ve become pretty the time we haven’t met, so you’re saying I’m not pretty before?”

Jokingly, Kanae returned the question.

“That’s not what I mean, because you’re in love now, and even though you’re pretty before, you’re even prettier now.”

“If you say so, Tamaki-chan. I understand.”

Kanae said and showed Tamaki a smile.

“Tamaki-chan as well, you’ve became an adult. You’ve became pretty. You must be popular at school right?”

“Not at all.”

“Kanae-san, congratulations. I don’t think what Tamaki-chan said is just flattery. You’re very pretty.”

Dai-sensei joined in the conversation.

“Dai-sensei, thank you very much. Though it has been Dai-sensei from morning until night yesterday, from now on, after work and during our private time, I’ll call you as father-in-law. Even though I’m still an inexperience bride, please take care of me.”

“Not at all, I’m also just a senile old man, so please take care of me. By the way, do you have any plans from now on?”

“Let’s see, to have a lot of children……”

“Eh, Kanae-san and Waka-sensei’s children… I can’t believe it.”

Tamaki interrupted the conversation in astonishment.

“I want to have around five kids.” Kanae once again spread her five fingers and laughed.

“That’s good. It’s good to have many grandchildren.”

Kanae and Dai-sensei kept the harmonious atmosphere from start to finish, and the wedding came to a close.



On a day in summer.


“We’ll start our four days training camp tomorrow right, Yumi? That’s why we won’t have time to drop by the pastry shop today. I need to go home.”

“That’s true, we’ll have to wake up early tomorrow morning, and meet up at around eight o’clock, Tamaki.”

“Okay. The president will announce the casts for the Cultural Festival on our third day of training camp. We must do our best.”

In the end, Tamaki joined the drama club with Yumi. The decision to join the drama club was hers alone. Yumi entering the club together was by chance. Even though both broadcasting and drama are the same in presentation, drama required a higher demand of quality from the audiences, and the reactions can be directly felt. She likes that.

That’s why she will do her best in the drama club until the end of her high school life.

While her heart is muttering, she hurried on her way home.

Tarou-kun will always be within me. I will live for Tarou-kun’s sake.

That’s why I will live as enjoyable as I can. For both of our parts, having fun, studying, and playing from now on……

“I hope I’ll get a good role.”



- This is the last part. Thanks for reading. Please inform me of any mistakes that I have made.

- Tamaki-chan is such a good girl. ;_;


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