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Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 2

Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 1

This story is from Little DJ Official Photo Book, and is written by the author of Little DJ, Onitsuka Tadashi. It’s a story 3 years after the death of Tarou-kun.


Another Story

Onitsuka Tadashi

The Story of Umino Tamaki


Kanae-san and Waka-sensei’s wedding ceremony


The wedding location is in a building remodeled into an old Japanese house; as if in an instant, you’ve time slipped to the Meiji period. In front of the building spread a Japanese garden. The blooming, pink lotus in the pond, and the green lawn created refreshingly beautiful colors.

Tamaki has something weighing on her mind. It’s about Tarou-kun’s parents. Since his mother is Kanae-san’s elder sister, she’ll most definitely come today. When they see me, perhaps memories of Tarou-kun will surfaced, so I’m not sure if it’s alright for me to speak to them. Even so, when we meet, I want to talk to them about our lives up until now. Tamaki’s feelings are complicate.

A woman in a beige suit stood at the entrance of the wedding location. It’s Tarou’s mother, Hiroko-san.

As expected, she came. Tamaki’s heart swiftly increased, and cold sweat ran through her body. Seeing that figure, Tamaki quickly averted her eyes.

At that time, the person in front of Tamiki, Dai-sensei, started a conversation. Compared to that time, his white hair seems to increase a bit more.

“Oh, isn’t it Tamaki-chan. Not seeing you for a while, you’d gotten bigger.”

“Dai-sensei, long time no see. I’m already a first year high school student. I’m not a child anymore.”

Tamaki’s chest is filled with nostalgia.

“When Tamaki-chan was hospitalized, it was pretty busy. But during that time with so many things happening, my son and Kanae-san was able to flirt. That’s why, perhaps Tamaki-chan is a love cupid. By the way, are your injuries from that time okay now?”

“I’m a love cupid!? Rather than a love cupid, having Waka-sensei and Kanae-san kindly nursed me back to health, they are my life benefactors. But if it’s because of my serious injuries that they can be happy together, it also makes me happy. As for my injuries, since I’m already a first year high school student, and as long as I don’t run around excessively like a kid, I’m okay. That’s why I won’t be needing help from Dai-sensei’s hospital anymore.”

“Hahaha, I see.”

The unchanged cheerful smile, the same at that time. For Tamaki, Dai-sensei is a person with a big heart, as usual.

She saw Kanae-san walking this way toward them. And next to her is the figure of Hiroko-san…… Her heart suddenly squeezed tightly.

Tamaki pretended to go to the toiler and quickly excuse herself from the place.

What should I do? I unintentionally ran away. I’m afraid of talking to Tarou-kun’s mother. I need to lose her.

After coming out of the toiler, it’s hard to come back to the party venue, so Tamaki sat on the couch at the reception area. As she has a shameful look on her face, a smiling Dai-sensei appeared in front of her.

“My my, Tamaki-chan. You left so suddenly that I was worried if there’s anything wrong.”

I was discovered. Her heart raced, but as she gazed at the smiling face of Dai-sensei, it’s as if all her worries from just now melted away.

“Dai-sensei, I’m sorry. In order to get away, I faked it. I can’t look at Tarou-kun’s mother in the eyes. Thinking about Tarou-kun makes me sad, and I would think it’s not right for just me to be cheerful, even I don’t understand myself.”

Dai-sensei nodded his head as he listened to Tamaki talked. Then, he took a seat next to her.

Tamaki breathed before she continues. Slowly, as she looked at the gentle face of Dai-sensei in front of her, her heart began to open.

“In my heart, there’s still Tarou-kun. But gradually, I felt that I need to graduate from him. However, whether I can or not, I’m not even sure. When Tarou-kun wasn’t here anymore, there’s a weight on my heart, so in my first semester of second year of middle school, I joined the broadcasting club. Even just a little, I wanted to feel what Tarou-kun felt. Eventually, the activities of the broadcasting club became fun. Even though at first, I just want to feel what Tarou-kun felt, but it became fun, and I went with it to the point of forgetting the time. But then, recently…”

“Recently? There’s something else you want to do?”

Tamaki resolved herself in order to continue.

“This year, I’ve entered Kouryou high school, and I’m hesitating on whether I should join the broadcasting club. Though I know the broadcasting club will be fun, but I wondered, up until when will I be unable to separate from Tarou-kun. I’m hesitating on whether I should resolutely join the drama club with a friend that succeeds in coming to the same school as me.”

As Dai-sensei carefully digested Tamaki’s words, he nodded. And then, staring straight at Tamaki’s eyes, he opened his mouth.

“I understand Tamaki-chan’s feelings. I have also lived many years as a human. Moreover, I went to a Southern battlefield in my youth, and experienced deaths from many people around me. When a person dies, we can’t simply bury that sense of loss. That’s the belief I’d came to understand. Moreover, we want to talk about it.”

Slowly blinking his eyes, he continued.

“Isn’t it fine? With the drama club as well. The Tarou-kun for Tamaki-chan, it’s not about your feelings of wanting to forget or not wanting to forget, but perhaps both of them together? As for me, when a person is no longer here, especially when that important person passed away, both those feelings still exist.”

With a nod, Tamaki gazed at Dai-sensei.

“But for those that are able to continue to live until now, we need to understand that there are many others who have passed away. That’s actually something called take over a life. For example, my life existed so that my son, Tarou, and my unborn grandchild to take over. That’s not something about blood relationship, but the passing on of life. Tarou-kun’s life exists in Tamaki-chan’s heart. Of course, he’s also in mine. In other word, Tamaki-chan should live for Tarou-kun’s sake. Perhaps that’s already enough. Even if you forget, he still lives in our hearts. Even if you don’t try to understand him, he’ll still be there. It’s okay.”

A drop of tear fell on Tamaki’s cheek.

Dai-sensei’s words were able to reach Tamaki’s heart. Somewhere along the way, she lost herself in a maze. From that place that she didn’t know where to go, came a light that illuminated the way to the exit. That light is his words.


Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 3 (End)

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