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Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 1

Since there hasn’t been much news about Mayuko’s new work, and with the recent news(?) that the director of Little DJ and Kamiki happened to see each other again recently, I decided to post this translation I did at the end of last year.

This story is from Little DJ Official Photo Book, and is written by the author of Little DJ, Onitsuka Tadashi. It’s a story 3 years after the death of Tarou-kun, so I guess a post story? Epilogue?

The author had once mentioned that he wrote Little DJ with Kamiki Ryunosuke in mind, but as I was reading this story, I felt as if he wrote this story with Fukuda Mayuko in mind. There are a few correlations with Tamaki and Mayuko in here. It’s pretty interesting.

I’m dividing it into 3 parts since it’s a bit long. The second part will be post next week.


Another Story

Onitsuka Tadashi

The Story of Umino Tamaki


The season of sakura and school entrance ceremony


Monday, April 17, 198_, Tamaki passed through Kouryou High School’s main entrance. Hanging at the gate was a sign written with a sense of vigor by the students that said ‘The 46th Kouryou High School Entrance Ceremony’. The school building from the main gate is facing a street filled on both sides with the swaying sakura flowers by the spring breeze.

It’s the first time Tamaki wore a blazer (uniform). Until middle school, it has been the sailor uniform. Just a bit, Tamaki can feel that she became an adult. Compared to the freezing harshness of February, when she took her entrance exam, the bright atmosphere is totally different. Once again, she can feel the happiness of getting accepted to her first choice of school.


“Tamaki-chan, congratulations on passing the exam.”

On the morning of the entrance ceremony, her senpai of one year, Kuwahara Hitomi, from her middle school broadcasting club came and talked to her.

“I’m your senpai again from this year on. By the way, since it’s Tamaki-chan, you’ll join the broadcasting club when you entered high school right? During middle school, that’s the only thing you’re enthusiastic about. You’re welcome to come to the broadcasting club room and apply.”

It’s an invitation to join her club.

“Kuwahara-senpai, thank you very much. I’m in the same school as you again. How is this school’s broadcasting club?”

“Let’s see, we have a total of five girls and 3 boys total right now. Just with these numbers of people, we have to rotate between the morning, lunch, and after school broadcasts. It’s pretty difficult. But different from middle school, the students have their own independences. There’s pretty much no restriction on the music that can be play during the lunch broadcast, so we can put on whatever we like. That’s why it’s worth joining. Tamaki-chan wants to be in charge of the lunch broadcast right? Since you’re a first year, I’m not sure if you can do it right away, but there’s a chance it’s possible. You should join.”

“Kuwahara-senpai, I’m happy that you told me this. Let me think about it and I’ll come to the club room.”

“You’re hesitating. But it’s okay. I’ll wait. I think after you talk to the members, you’ll realize how much it suits you. If it’s possible, come soon.”

It may be true that during middle school, Tamaki was devoted to the broadcasting club rather than her studies. And even in high school, there’s a part of her that want to enter the broadcasting club as well. On the other hand, Tamaki is hesitating on joining Kouryou high school broadcasting club. There are two reasons.

First, she also has an interest in the drama club. During middle school, she saw a public performance by a big theatrical company from Tokyo with her friend, Yumi, and really like it. When Yumi got accepted to Kouryou high school, “Want to join the drama club with me?” she invited. The other reason is, of course, Tarou-kun.


Once you lost an important person, you’ll realize how big of an existence they are to you.

When she met Tarou-kun, she didn’t think he’ll be such a person to her. That feeling created such a big hole, a great gap opened up in the middle of her heart during that winter in her first year of middle school. That’s why, in order to bury that hole, she entered the broadcasting club in the spring of her second year of middle school. Once the third year senpai left to prepare for their entrance exams, the people around her nominated her to be the club’s president. As the president, her responsibilities are morning broadcast twice a week and lunch broadcast twice a week. Wanting to get closer to Tarou-kun, with those feelings, she persisted with the broadcasting club.

Even if she tried, even when she tried, Tarou-kun’s existence for her grew larger. But she began to wonder if it’s okay to just leave it as it is.

From where must I cut it off? From where must I draw the line? As it is, I won’t be unable to break off Tarou-kun from my mind. Whatever the decision I made, I will never ever be able to change my behaviors. I’m afraid of that part about myself.

The time she spent at the broadcasting club was fun. But will I become an adult while Tarou-kun remaining in my heart forever likes this…? Always living in reminiscence, I will stay like this and unable to grow up.



After dinner, Tamaki lay on the bed in her room and stared at the ceiling. How will she continues living from now on? If she thinks about it more, perhaps she will take action. Just like that, as she gazed at the ceiling and worried over it, her mother appeared. On her hand is a single letter.



It has been a while. How are you?

Do you remember me? I’m Hikada Kanae, the nurse from Takasaki Memorial Hospital.

If I remembered correctly, Tamaki-chan should be a first year high school student now, right?

I think you’re doing your best in both sports and school works.

Since it’s Tamaki-chan we are talking about, perhaps it’s unnecessary to worry over you.

That’s because you’re Tamaki-chan.

Well then, now is the shocking news.

Waka-sensei and I will get married.

Hehe. It’s shocking right? I can pretty much imagine Tamaki-chan’s astonished face.

Truth is, I was also surprised.

The wedding ceremony will be at Tagayama Park. Since it’s a wonderful place with a lot of nature, not only my parents, relatives, and acquaintances, but I think I want to receive many people’s blessing.

I hope Tamaki-chan will come.

Please invite your mom as well.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.

Hikada Kanae


“Eh? Kanae-san and Waka-sensei?”

Unconsciously, Tamaki raised her voice on her bed. It’s definitely shocking. But on the other hand, perhaps this couple is as expected.



Congratulations on your wedding.

From the time I was hospitalized, you and Waka-sensei were already in a good relationship.

We already knew about it.

Truthfully, there was a rumor that Waka-sensei and Kanae-san went to Scalaza Movie Theater.

What movie did you watched?

I’ve always been curious about it.

That’s why even though it’s shocking, I feel like of course it’s like this.

I’ll come with my mother to your wedding.

I wondered how beautiful you will look in a wedding dress. Someday, I also want to wear it.

With that said, I’ll look forward to see you on that day.

Please throw your bouquet toward me.

Umino Tamaki


She thought back to the time three years ago. The fun things and the painful things swirled together in her mind. The meeting with Tarou-kun, and the parting……

Tamaki is uneasy about sending her reply. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again, but I will end up remembering the times spent together with Tarou-kun. It has been three years. To see Dai-sensei, Waka-sensei, Kanae-san, Tarou-kun’s father and mother, will we be able to laugh and talk…?

The television in the living room is streaming the “Giants vs. Hiroshima night game. In the batter box stood Giant’s Roy White. Chachacha. Chachacha. The same rhythmic tune cheering the Giants as that time. The player that she always supported together with Tarou-kun, Ou, is no longer number four. That position is transferred to White, a player from America. If it were Tarou-kun, how would he do today’s live broadcast?

Whenever it has the chance, her mind will return to that time. There are times when she searched for it. There are also times when it became something she ignored. The memories of those times are fun, but in reality, it’s extremely sad.


Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 2

Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 3 (End)


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