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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Wakamon・Session #3-2

Continued from previous week.

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Wakamon no Subete #08

Wakamon – Session #3-2 (Dialogue last part) The Way of Working and The Way of Living in The Viewpoint of an Actress


Fukuda Mayuko (actress)

Kojima Yuichiro


Continue from last time, actress – Fukuda Mayuko-san, with dual commitments as a 19 years old, and Wakamon’s member Kojima Yuichiro-san, will talk about youth’s real intention and what’s the ideal way of working?


Breaking out of the feeling of entrapment because of a grand meeting

Kojima: From what you said before, “now is the time I gain back from my childhood”, but since you debuted when you were 4 years old, for Fukuda-san, what did you really thought about “working” while doing it?

Fukuda: It’s complex, and there’s always a feeling of restraint. Around the time when I was in junior high, even though I’m supposed to be a student, I would wondered why I am working. The interviews for the magazines I did during the time when I still don’t understand much about myself still remain. They still remain in the memories of many people. But the person who said those things is still a kid, and after saying it, my way of thinking changed completely in one year, so it’s really scary.

Kojima: Until when did you agree to accept your current job yourself? Even now, do you still feel uncomfortable?

Fukuda: Even now I think it’s a really strange world, taking a picture and seeing it appearing on the net, I still don’t think it as normal. Because it’s a special place, I felt as if I’m doing something a bit special. But that illusive feelings from when I was a kid changed drastically when I participated in the stage play “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”.

Kojima: I met you when I went to watch that play. At that time, you were still a high school student.

Fukuda: I was!  My 3 older sisters, how to say, they are someone really amazing. Of course they are like that in the play, but the real people are also amazing. And of course the many actors/actresses that I have met up until now are all lovely people, and there are those that I respect, but there was never anyone I thought I want to live like that before. Although they are famous in each of their activities, they talk about normal things like those vegetables are cheap (laughs). As human, they are really charming people… Ah, I have thought working in this (entertainment) world is too constraint, but perhaps it’s all just excuses in the end. What am I, or how I am behaving at what place, or what am I absorbing in, I realized that I can’t exist like this. For me, it was a huge encounter.


How’s the balance of work and life for an actress?

Kojima: For these 3 actresses, like Fukuda-san mentioned before, does they not possess a sense of “unique-ness” in this world?

Fukuda: On the contrary, I think they are unique. That’s why, the time when I don’t exist in this world, perhaps they have thought of it seriously… Even though I think an actor is suppose to be able to show beautiful things and even giving people dreams, for me, just being in my room alone and turning myself off, the moment I thought “Ah~” is when I think it’s nice to see me on screen. Like that, existing in the same world, and seeing the same sky, with that viewpoints makes me want to work on play.

Kojima: For a normal businessman, there’s something called work life balance, where there’s a definite division between work and private life. It has been a period like that in these times, but recently, there’s a bit of blending together. As for Fukuda-san, do you also feel like that? Like, your work and life has blended together…

Fukuda: Because it’s a special world, that’s why my intention was that I must seriously protect that “normal me”, but when I think of it as my own drama, I don’t want to branch off from my performance. Even if I’m acting out a character, it’s still me, so because things like the heat and passion are not something that can be control, I want to be a person that can become like that.

Kojima: I see. As an actress, we tend to think that you “can do it” no matter what the character is, but in truth when the offer come, you already have a filter on so perhaps you wish you can see the offer with your original feelings.

Fukuda: In addition to that, I recently realized something. I keep think about up until when will I associate myself to a role, of course it’s something to be expected, but it’s not like it’s a job where I can erase something like a particular nature of myself.

Kojima: Because a role is an long extension of your true self, right. Then, the division your work and private life, does it feel like there’s a little bit of separation between them?

Fukuda: Hmm, outside of acting jobs, for example, doing stage greeting at a showy place, or the me when I’m doing interview for a magazine, there’s a part that’s different from my private life. It’s my formal (as in the opposite of informal) face, perhaps (laughs).

Kojima: Then there’s a subtle three faces right (laughs). Of course it’s like that for our jobs, but I feel as if all of us put on a filter when we go to work. When looking at our usual behavior or the way we talk, “if it’s him, won’t he be able to do it this way?” like that. But surprisingly, everyone are under the impression that they “must separate” work and private life. Even the people that are doing their best in a normal band will ended up saying “Okay, I’m job hunting” and “Wah~ I need to take the civil service examination”… As for myself, a person who is not overly serious about separating their work and private life will have a happier life, and perhaps those that are not too overly formal in their thinking on the job are better, recently I’ve been feeling like this a lot.

Fukuda: Of course in order to live it’s necessarily to make money, and even though a job is a job, but the attitude while working is something that’ll emerged the most. That’s why, I like a person who have pride in their own job, and I want to become a working adult like that.


19 years old, starting from zero

Kojima: We’ve been talking for a while, and I found it amusing that I can feel both sides of Fukuda-san’s 15 years of working and your normal 19 years old way of thinking blending together perfectly. That is to say, do you feel as if your experiences from working since you were 4 years old and your steadily 19 years old self are integrating together?

Fukuda: Before when I’m seriously working, and even though the adults around me are facing me seriously, no matter what I said, I’m still a kid. But recently, I gradually feel as if I am a part of the team working to make the film at the site. Of course, there are responsibilities, but that made me really happy.

Kojima: Compared to before, the way they called you as an actress changed right? It’s similar to this feeling?

Fukuda: That may be true. From when I was a child, I found it mysterious when I realized that so many people know about me. When I was in junior high, even though I was working harder things just reverted back, so I constantly think about “Would it be okay if people forget about me once?”. With that, I got to high school, entered college, and now, perhaps everyone already forget me (laughs), so I want them to properly remember once again, it’s this feeling. I want to steadily continue on like that.

Kojima: If it’s like that, then right now you’re pretty much at zero?

Fukuda: Yes, I have that feeling where I want to once again be able to debut quickly (laughs). That’s why, I’m thinking of trying out many more auditions this year.

Kojima: Oh impressive, it’s a meaningful job search while making use of your experiences up until now (laughs). By the way, what’s Fukuda-san’s most precious thing you did while you were “working”?

Fukuda: Hmm, that’s kind of hard… In the world that I exist, though it has been glorified that I can do different and unheard of things, I want to properly be a working adult. Of course for a play, I want to tear down that wall of something that I have never done before, but with even a broader sense as a working person, I don’t want to do things irresponsibly while using the excuse that because it’s a job that required expressions.

Kojima: That’s wonderful. Lastly, even though I have asked before, as an actress, Fukuda-san have acted as various generation of “youth” before right? For example, the youth during the war times, or the modern youth in the Japan-France collaborated movie “Flare” that will come out this spring. The youths that live through the eras, what do you think are different between them?

Fukuda: The values of the characters from back then are a bit different, but apart from that, when seeing something beautiful they will think it’s beautiful, or loving another, or being irritated by the adults, such things are pretty much the same at the root. That’s why something like unable to comprehend the generation gap is not the attitude of the youths, but isn’t it because the crafty adults that have forgotten that period when they were once kids.

Kojima: That might be true. Even though the same at the root, in order to prevent the misunderstandings between the generation gaps caused by communication and things at the surface, we, Wakamon, will continue our activities (laughs). We’ll look forward to actress – Fukuda Mayuko’s activities from now on.



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    With that, I got to high school, entered college, and now, perhaps everyone already forget me (laughs), so I want them to properly remember once again, it’s this feeling.

    Yes, I have that feeling where I want to once again be able to debut quickly (laughs). That’s why, I’m thinking of trying out many more auditions this year.

    This is making me so excited!!! ^

  2. Thank you very very much!!!

    Mayuko's way of thinking about her work is amazing. And like cie-chan said, is very exciting that Mayuko want to "restart" her career.

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