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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Wakamon・Session #3-1

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Wakamon no Subete #07

Wakamon – Session #3-1 (Dialogue first part) Working College Student Speaks About the Reality of Youth


Fukuda Mayuko (actress)

Kojima Yuichiro


This time, we will listen to the talk between the current college student and actress – Fukuda Mayuko-san, who started her acting career when she was 4 years old, and Wakamon’s member Kojima Yuichiro-san. The actress, with dual commitments as a 19 years old will talk about youth’s real intention and what’s the ideal way of working?


The reason you decided on college

Kojima: To the actress and active college student, Fukuda-san, I want to talk today about the theme of “to work”. Even though Fukuda-san is my junior in college, but as a working adult, she is my senior. How old are you now?

Fukuda: I’m 19. I entered an agency when I was 4, and for 15 years, I’ve been watching the working adult for quite a while (laughs).

Kojima: I’ve joined the company for 7 years, but you’re already a working adult for twice that time. For Fukuda-san, I want to first ask you a bit about being a college student, you become a second year this spring right? Why did you decided to go to college?

Fukuda: I want to learn, for example literature, arts, or expressions. It’s not necessary to go to college just to learn about all those things so I was really troubled on deciding to go or not. Even in high school, I was also troubled whether I should go. Junior high for me was, it’s not that I really hate it, but it wasn’t that fun either.

Kojima: For example, because you don’t have friends who you matched with?

Fukuda: I have people that I’m close with, but I cannot feel the charms of school. It’s like I’m being locked in a prison, and when everyone are wearing the same uniform for physical education, I really hate it (laughs).

Kojima: Ah~. Since it’s compulsory education (laughs).

Fukuda: With that said, for high school, I thought since I can only experience high school life at this moment, that’s why I casually go to school, but it’s actually really fun. Just about everyone has something they like, and something they hold dear, it’s a period where those feelings slowly emerge. With college an extension of that, rather than a place that I can study, it’s a place with various people and various encounters, I decided to go stressing on that mindset.

Kojima: Because there are a broad range of people that it’s charming. But when you thinking about it plainly, working since you were 4 years old, if we are talking about the meaning of broadness, isn’t that world much broader?

Fukuda: But somehow, isn’t the people we associated with at work are entirely different from friends? Up until now, I’ve been doing my best at work, but the friends I made are few. So when I’m not working and sitting by myself alone in my room, not wanting to do anything and not having anything that I like, I would think that I’ve become a really boring person. Like the life day by day, I want to gain back the time from when I was younger.

Kojima: Then the friends from high school and college, did they take on the responsibility for you to regain that time?

Fukuda: There are parts that’s like that. And also, I started living alone when I became a college student. Even though I’m with my parents for so long, I’m leaving home for the first time in order to experience the mindset that the things that I’m doing right now is just something that I want to do, that’s why I do it. Thinking like that, different things become fun once again.


Youth and “communication poison”

Kojima: When we compared Japanese college students with those from abroad, we are often being called moratorium (delay, slow). And exactly that, the young people around us treated their 4 years (of college) as a way to get an idea of what they want to do. Speaking as a senior working adult, what do you think when you see such college students?

Fukuda: Hmm. First of all, isn’t it convenient to use being a college student as an excuse? Of course everyone is different, but even though you have time, you don’t use it to do anything (laughs)? Just with the title of a college student, they’ll spent around 2 months long feeling dizzy/giddy and unable to say anything else. There are parts of me that’s pretty much like that, so for that I don’t think it’s particularly a bad thing.

Kojima: Then, when you compared the people around you and the adults you associated with at work, is there parts that make you think this is different, or this is good and I should follow their example?

Fukuda: I wonder… (The people around me) Pretty much say that is no good or this is no good, so it made me wondered if they really know what they like. Maybe it’s because I’ve been surrounded myself with people with great personalities, but when someone say “It’s enough if you can enjoy earning money”, it makes me really sad. Why do they give up on so many things just like that?

Kojima: In that sense, we see a great increase in the results of the 10 years youth survey. For example, in regard to people liking the word “ordinary”, 10 years ago only 16.4% agreed, but now it’s 25.4%. On one hand, we can credit that to the increase awareness of environmental circumstances and society contribution. But to speak generally, we are starting to see the trend of present youth not having a burning desire to do what they really want, even though they are the future generation.

Fukuda: Eh~, ordinary is a favorite word?! Also, the number one difference right now is the internet, isn’t it? Even though everyone make themselves to be good at communication, but isn’t it really bad (laughs)?  For example, talked together a few times on Twitter and then calling each other “friends”. For me, calling a person friend is something that required a lot of courage… But even so, I don’t think I’m able to become deeply connected to various people like that.

Kojima: When talking about the differences in skills, I viewed it as communication poison for the current youth. For example, on a Twitter profile “Birthdate/school/cram school/college/club/…” with each slash, one’s personal information is written out so anyone can get a hold of, which I think can increase incidents to occur.

Fukuda: I think it’s really terrible. When you plot just the surface things about yourself, to what extent will you write the truth about yourself, it decides your value, I’ve recently feel strongly about this.

Kojima: That trend is similar to job hunting. According to the results of the recent college student opinion poll, around 40% of the college students chose their club with the mindset that it will help them promote themselves when job hunting.

Fukuda: Wow~! Everyone is really serious…


The similarities of day to day life of an actress and job hunting?

Kojima: In the case of being an actress, each time you made a great work, the results naturally pile up. But for the current youth, perhaps they are doing things with the the purpose of it being “able to promote oneself”, rather than doing the best at their job like before. Even to the point of making them seem more important. Fukuda-san is also working as an actress, do you feel conscious that it’s better to have a history of winning awards and doing a lot of projects?

Fukuda: I wonder… Perhaps that’s a weapon, or even if not, it’s invaluable. For example, when searching for Fukuda Mayuko, Wikipedia will come up. And even though they are past works, and of course there are those that I did when I was a child, but just looking at the surface, there are a lot written out. But conversely, I would think, would the things not written in Wikipedia not be me? The number of lines written and the dense and thick time that I have passed through are entirely different.

Kojima: Using input and output as an expression to describe that, it’s like you want other to see the time you input into it?

Fukuda: But I understand that for those who don’t know anything about me and want to know about me, they will be able to to use Wikipedia to check. For myself, my precious experiences or many things I think about are the most precious, those are honestly just self-satisfaction. Slowly, the things that can’t be written on Wikipedia will take shape and show its results.

Kojima: I see. By the way, concerning the work of an actress, when talking about job hunting, you have to have an interview each time right? And as the unofficial offer came one by one, do you consciously do things in order to be selected (at the audition)?

Fukuda: For me, thankfully, up until now, I pretty much don’t have any experiences in not having a role next, and constantly working hard on the work in front of me and not thinking about anything else. Recently, I realized that my work is originally something that whether I will be able to receive it or not receive it. Even though it’s late (late).

Kojima: If we put it in the context of job hunting, everyone will apply for several companies at once, and once you’re selected, you’ll continue with the interviews, but if it doesn’t fall through, you’ll start to think that it’s not within your control. For me, it’s like that (laughs).

Fukuda: Once the people around me graduate and start job hunting, they will definitely become busy won’t they? But if it’s just me that are free on Monday and Tuesday, I’ll become lonely. For just this time in order to work properly, I need to do my best!


Second part will be post on 3/19 (Wed).




- Thanks hopeful_colour for pointing out my mistakes! XD I need it!

- Please tell me if there are anything incorrect about my translation! It has been a while since I translate and as always, there are parts that I’m not entirely sure about. After a few hours of translation, you can probably tell my brain was fried at the later parts, so do tell me if I get anything wrong.

- Kojima Yuichiro is around my generation. That really shocked me to be quite honest.

- A lot of things come to light here. I have to agree with her about the lack of communication skill due to the increase usage of the internet. Well, slang is natural occurrence through the decades but you know it’s bad when it start appearing in academic writings and what not.

- There are also problems concerning personal profiles being easily accessible on the internet. I was definitely scarred and traumatized by the usage of social media when I was screening for applicants through Facebook. It definitely made me more conscious of what I write when I am on social media (pretty much can’t be not happy and bitchy).

- So~ base on this talk, I guess we won’t be seeing Mayuko having her own twitter anytime soon, or at all. ^^;;

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  1. First of all, sorry for my (very) bad english.

    Thank you very much for the translation. That's a very interesting interview, with Mayuko explaining a lot of things about her work and herself.

    I read your blog from long time ago, and i'm a fan of Mayu since Kamikaze Girls. Now i'm very anxious with the Flare's premier, because i think that can be a very important movie in Mayu's carreer (i hope so).

    That's all. Thanks for the blog again ^^

    1. Thank you very much for taking your time reading it.

      It is an interesting interview, but I felt as if I didn't really translate it to the best of what she's saying, so I do apologize ahead. Mayuko said a lot of interesting things. I can't wait to read the rest of the interview as well. :D

      I love meeting other Mayuko fans from around the globe. Thank you for your message, it made me happy.