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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Wakamon・Session #3-2

Continued from previous week.

Interview taken from



Wakamon no Subete #08

Wakamon – Session #3-2 (Dialogue last part) The Way of Working and The Way of Living in The Viewpoint of an Actress


Fukuda Mayuko (actress)

Kojima Yuichiro


Continue from last time, actress – Fukuda Mayuko-san, with dual commitments as a 19 years old, and Wakamon’s member Kojima Yuichiro-san, will talk about youth’s real intention and what’s the ideal way of working?


Breaking out of the feeling of entrapment because of a grand meeting

Kojima: From what you said before, “now is the time I gain back from my childhood”, but since you debuted when you were 4 years old, for Fukuda-san, what did you really thought about “working” while doing it?

Fukuda: It’s complex, and there’s always a feeling of restraint. Around the time when I was in junior high, even though I’m supposed to be a student, I would wondered why I am working. The interviews for the magazines I did during the time when I still don’t understand much about myself still remain. They still remain in the memories of many people. But the person who said those things is still a kid, and after saying it, my way of thinking changed completely in one year, so it’s really scary.

Kojima: Until when did you agree to accept your current job yourself? Even now, do you still feel uncomfortable?

Fukuda: Even now I think it’s a really strange world, taking a picture and seeing it appearing on the net, I still don’t think it as normal. Because it’s a special place, I felt as if I’m doing something a bit special. But that illusive feelings from when I was a kid changed drastically when I participated in the stage play “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”.

Kojima: I met you when I went to watch that play. At that time, you were still a high school student.

Fukuda: I was!  My 3 older sisters, how to say, they are someone really amazing. Of course they are like that in the play, but the real people are also amazing. And of course the many actors/actresses that I have met up until now are all lovely people, and there are those that I respect, but there was never anyone I thought I want to live like that before. Although they are famous in each of their activities, they talk about normal things like those vegetables are cheap (laughs). As human, they are really charming people… Ah, I have thought working in this (entertainment) world is too constraint, but perhaps it’s all just excuses in the end. What am I, or how I am behaving at what place, or what am I absorbing in, I realized that I can’t exist like this. For me, it was a huge encounter.


How’s the balance of work and life for an actress?

Kojima: For these 3 actresses, like Fukuda-san mentioned before, does they not possess a sense of “unique-ness” in this world?

Fukuda: On the contrary, I think they are unique. That’s why, the time when I don’t exist in this world, perhaps they have thought of it seriously… Even though I think an actor is suppose to be able to show beautiful things and even giving people dreams, for me, just being in my room alone and turning myself off, the moment I thought “Ah~” is when I think it’s nice to see me on screen. Like that, existing in the same world, and seeing the same sky, with that viewpoints makes me want to work on play.

Kojima: For a normal businessman, there’s something called work life balance, where there’s a definite division between work and private life. It has been a period like that in these times, but recently, there’s a bit of blending together. As for Fukuda-san, do you also feel like that? Like, your work and life has blended together…

Fukuda: Because it’s a special world, that’s why my intention was that I must seriously protect that “normal me”, but when I think of it as my own drama, I don’t want to branch off from my performance. Even if I’m acting out a character, it’s still me, so because things like the heat and passion are not something that can be control, I want to be a person that can become like that.

Kojima: I see. As an actress, we tend to think that you “can do it” no matter what the character is, but in truth when the offer come, you already have a filter on so perhaps you wish you can see the offer with your original feelings.

Fukuda: In addition to that, I recently realized something. I keep think about up until when will I associate myself to a role, of course it’s something to be expected, but it’s not like it’s a job where I can erase something like a particular nature of myself.

Kojima: Because a role is an long extension of your true self, right. Then, the division your work and private life, does it feel like there’s a little bit of separation between them?

Fukuda: Hmm, outside of acting jobs, for example, doing stage greeting at a showy place, or the me when I’m doing interview for a magazine, there’s a part that’s different from my private life. It’s my formal (as in the opposite of informal) face, perhaps (laughs).

Kojima: Then there’s a subtle three faces right (laughs). Of course it’s like that for our jobs, but I feel as if all of us put on a filter when we go to work. When looking at our usual behavior or the way we talk, “if it’s him, won’t he be able to do it this way?” like that. But surprisingly, everyone are under the impression that they “must separate” work and private life. Even the people that are doing their best in a normal band will ended up saying “Okay, I’m job hunting” and “Wah~ I need to take the civil service examination”… As for myself, a person who is not overly serious about separating their work and private life will have a happier life, and perhaps those that are not too overly formal in their thinking on the job are better, recently I’ve been feeling like this a lot.

Fukuda: Of course in order to live it’s necessarily to make money, and even though a job is a job, but the attitude while working is something that’ll emerged the most. That’s why, I like a person who have pride in their own job, and I want to become a working adult like that.


19 years old, starting from zero

Kojima: We’ve been talking for a while, and I found it amusing that I can feel both sides of Fukuda-san’s 15 years of working and your normal 19 years old way of thinking blending together perfectly. That is to say, do you feel as if your experiences from working since you were 4 years old and your steadily 19 years old self are integrating together?

Fukuda: Before when I’m seriously working, and even though the adults around me are facing me seriously, no matter what I said, I’m still a kid. But recently, I gradually feel as if I am a part of the team working to make the film at the site. Of course, there are responsibilities, but that made me really happy.

Kojima: Compared to before, the way they called you as an actress changed right? It’s similar to this feeling?

Fukuda: That may be true. From when I was a child, I found it mysterious when I realized that so many people know about me. When I was in junior high, even though I was working harder things just reverted back, so I constantly think about “Would it be okay if people forget about me once?”. With that, I got to high school, entered college, and now, perhaps everyone already forget me (laughs), so I want them to properly remember once again, it’s this feeling. I want to steadily continue on like that.

Kojima: If it’s like that, then right now you’re pretty much at zero?

Fukuda: Yes, I have that feeling where I want to once again be able to debut quickly (laughs). That’s why, I’m thinking of trying out many more auditions this year.

Kojima: Oh impressive, it’s a meaningful job search while making use of your experiences up until now (laughs). By the way, what’s Fukuda-san’s most precious thing you did while you were “working”?

Fukuda: Hmm, that’s kind of hard… In the world that I exist, though it has been glorified that I can do different and unheard of things, I want to properly be a working adult. Of course for a play, I want to tear down that wall of something that I have never done before, but with even a broader sense as a working person, I don’t want to do things irresponsibly while using the excuse that because it’s a job that required expressions.

Kojima: That’s wonderful. Lastly, even though I have asked before, as an actress, Fukuda-san have acted as various generation of “youth” before right? For example, the youth during the war times, or the modern youth in the Japan-France collaborated movie “Flare” that will come out this spring. The youths that live through the eras, what do you think are different between them?

Fukuda: The values of the characters from back then are a bit different, but apart from that, when seeing something beautiful they will think it’s beautiful, or loving another, or being irritated by the adults, such things are pretty much the same at the root. That’s why something like unable to comprehend the generation gap is not the attitude of the youths, but isn’t it because the crafty adults that have forgotten that period when they were once kids.

Kojima: That might be true. Even though the same at the root, in order to prevent the misunderstandings between the generation gaps caused by communication and things at the surface, we, Wakamon, will continue our activities (laughs). We’ll look forward to actress – Fukuda Mayuko’s activities from now on.



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Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 3 (End)

Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 1

Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 2


This story is from Little DJ Official Photo Book, and is written by the author of Little DJ, Onitsuka Tadashi. It’s a story 3 years after the death of Tarou-kun.


Another Story

Onitsuka Tadashi

The Story of Umino Tamaki


As the time for the toast come to an end, everyone was having their own friendly chat. While Tamaki was at the counter getting an orange juice, the host begin to walk.

“Well then, I think we should get a friend of the bride and groom to come and give their blessing. Everyone should have been given a card from the deck at the reception area. So, is the person with an ‘8 of hearts’ here? I was thinking that this person can do us a favor…”

It’s me.

Tamaki walked toward the stage. Even though she’s a bit nervous, she’s okay. It seems like she will speak honestly about her current feelings.


“Waka-sensei, Kanae-san, congratulations on your wedding.”

As she spoke, she turned to Waka-sensei and Kanae. When their eyes met, she continues.

“Just now, Dai-sensei told me I was their love cupid. To be thought of like that make me really happy. But in reality, they are our love cupid. Today, I will talk about that precious person.”

As the young girl talks, everyone in the hall began to turn their attentions on her. Waka-sensei and Kanae also look straight at her direction.

“Around four years ago, when I became hospitalized at Takasaki Memorial Hospital, that person was also hospitalized. The me, who had a serious injury where six of my bones were broken, didn’t even have the will power to live. Then, a boy came into the picture, and he began his broadcasts in the hospital. Not only for me, but even for the other depressed patients, he lit a fire in us. I cheered up thanks to his words and music. However, not before long, Tarou-kun passed away. I am now still living. But, this is not just my life; I’m also living for Tarou-kun’s part. The two of us are living. When I think of it like that, my life seems as if it became more meaningful. For Tarou-kun’s part, I think I will have fun and do my best as I continue to live. I was taught this precious heart from him. Waka-sensei and Kanae-san also, please let the feelings you conveyed to each other become something precious to you.”

In her heart, the thoughts are vague, but as it left her mouth, it became naturally coherent. Applauses can be heard everywhere at the wedding location. When she saw Hiroko, she has a handkerchief to her eyes. Okay, it’s alright. Tarou-kun, I will talk to her properly.


After she finished her speech and stepped down from the stage, Hiroko came up to her. Even though it’d practically three years, she didn’t change. Rather, perhaps it’s because of her make-up and attire, but she seemed a bit younger.

Tamaki bowed.

“Tamaki-chan. The speech just now was magnificent. I was so moved that my tears fell. Well, I must be getting older that I’ve become easy to cry. Tamaki-chan, you’re so different from back then, you’re already looking like an adult. How’s Tamaki-chan doing?”

Hiroko affectionately asked continuously.

“Honestly, I was sad that time, and even as I accepted reality, time stood still. Even when my dad watch the night relay broadcast, it is hard for me… Even so, three years already passed. I’m alright.”

“That’s true, it had been three years. When I listened to your speech, I could tell you still hold Tarou dear to you even now, and that really make me happy. But now, I want you to live your own life enjoyably for Tarou’s part. As for Tarou, it’s alright if you think about him from time to time.”

As Hiroko tried to persuade her, Tamaki immediately answered, “I’ll never forget.”

“I’m glad. Tamaki-chan, you’ve pretty much found your answer.”


That’s right, three years have passed since then. During those three years, Kanae-san and Waka-sensei brought up their love. Tarou-kun’s mother also recovered and become cheerful. My heart is also filled up. Everyone’s three years time, or rather, the months and years continue to flow. Though, what we did during those three years is different for each of us.

Everyone clapped as the smiling Kanae and the nervous Waka-sensei linked arms and walked to the center to greet the guests. The contrast of their expression is amusing for Tamaki. Kanae appeared in a simple, pure white wedding dress, while Waka-sensei is wearing a morning suit. Compared to the Waka-sensei that Kanae knew from back then, he has gained a bit of weight. Compared to the Kanae-san from three years ago, she has always been beautiful. Even compared to the models that appeared in fashion magazines, for Tamaki, she has always been beautiful.

“Kanae-san, this dress really suits you. I haven’t seen you in a while, but you’ve become pretty. I’m a bit envious.”

While greeting the guests, Tamaki said to Kanae.

“Tamaki-chan, long time no see. But wait a minute. When you said I’ve become pretty the time we haven’t met, so you’re saying I’m not pretty before?”

Jokingly, Kanae returned the question.

“That’s not what I mean, because you’re in love now, and even though you’re pretty before, you’re even prettier now.”

“If you say so, Tamaki-chan. I understand.”

Kanae said and showed Tamaki a smile.

“Tamaki-chan as well, you’ve became an adult. You’ve became pretty. You must be popular at school right?”

“Not at all.”

“Kanae-san, congratulations. I don’t think what Tamaki-chan said is just flattery. You’re very pretty.”

Dai-sensei joined in the conversation.

“Dai-sensei, thank you very much. Though it has been Dai-sensei from morning until night yesterday, from now on, after work and during our private time, I’ll call you as father-in-law. Even though I’m still an inexperience bride, please take care of me.”

“Not at all, I’m also just a senile old man, so please take care of me. By the way, do you have any plans from now on?”

“Let’s see, to have a lot of children……”

“Eh, Kanae-san and Waka-sensei’s children… I can’t believe it.”

Tamaki interrupted the conversation in astonishment.

“I want to have around five kids.” Kanae once again spread her five fingers and laughed.

“That’s good. It’s good to have many grandchildren.”

Kanae and Dai-sensei kept the harmonious atmosphere from start to finish, and the wedding came to a close.



On a day in summer.


“We’ll start our four days training camp tomorrow right, Yumi? That’s why we won’t have time to drop by the pastry shop today. I need to go home.”

“That’s true, we’ll have to wake up early tomorrow morning, and meet up at around eight o’clock, Tamaki.”

“Okay. The president will announce the casts for the Cultural Festival on our third day of training camp. We must do our best.”

In the end, Tamaki joined the drama club with Yumi. The decision to join the drama club was hers alone. Yumi entering the club together was by chance. Even though both broadcasting and drama are the same in presentation, drama required a higher demand of quality from the audiences, and the reactions can be directly felt. She likes that.

That’s why she will do her best in the drama club until the end of her high school life.

While her heart is muttering, she hurried on her way home.

Tarou-kun will always be within me. I will live for Tarou-kun’s sake.

That’s why I will live as enjoyable as I can. For both of our parts, having fun, studying, and playing from now on……

“I hope I’ll get a good role.”



- This is the last part. Thanks for reading. Please inform me of any mistakes that I have made.

- Tamaki-chan is such a good girl. ;_;


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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): East Asia Critique Preview wrote a review about FLARE (in French).

I’m just directly copy and paste it from google translate (with minor changes).


Critical Preview - Yuki Otsuka’s Flare: Touching drifting characters in search their own marks

Posted March 18, 2014 by Yannik Vanesse


The disorientation of Japanese youth is a subject close to the heart of many directors, and here is another example. Dip in this touching France-Japanese co-production.

Many, indeed, have, in their own way, stressed this fact, this nihilism, despair, choking Japanese teens from the city. Miike Takashi or Tsukamoto Shynia, to name a few, have examined this terrible problem with a powerful style of their own, leaving their camera explore dehumanized city streets where gangs disorientation cling to the most pure violence as the only way to stay alive. How not to shudder at the vision of the fascinating Tsukamoto’s Bullet Ballet , and even if Miike has been working on this in a more cartoony style, the same abuses are felt behind films like Fudoh or Crows Zero.

Yuki Otsuka looks to it in a lot more touching manner, gentle, but equally desperate, even if under its camera, light illuminate at the end of a tunnel to the abyssal darkness.

Flare is a runaway teenager. She fled her home and scrapes by since, earning pennies left or right, sleeping where she can. She has no hope, no future. Meeting with Jean, a French photographer equally desperate and lost, broke, alcoholic. She will cling to him as much as he to her.

The story certainly does not shine by the originality of the words, but the intelligence of the writing and the beauty of the images make upsetting situations. The viewer is thus stuck in this heavy and oppressive atmosphere, following the downward spiral into hell of his characters. Valentin Bonhomme, embodying Jean, is very good at showing his sadness by his looks or his actions. Certainly, he recites his texts a little too dramatic, but he plays a tough character with a certain panache. However, the fascination comes from Flare, who literally carries the film on her shoulders. Fukuda Mayuko is simply breathtaking. Beautiful and touching, she sends an arrow through the heart of the viewer with each of her desperate eyes, each of her actions. She embodies Flare as beautiful as sad and unsettling, and as the viewer follows her journey, they can not remain indifferent to her past and feelings.

Perhaps she did not connects to the right person, as Jean is self-destructive, she will discover the world of photography from his side, and after passing through self-destruction, the director will nicely loop the loop while suggesting a brighter future.

The story is certainly wealthy lengths, but the images are beautiful, and the dialogues are interesting, it is mainly through situations, glances, that Yuki Otsuka built his film.

Flare is a French-Japanese co-production. The Asian team has met Robin Entreinger and requested for him to be their director of photography. The choice could not be more relevant, as the image is beautiful, as the city is fascinating. Yes, one of the great qualities of the film is without a doubt the beauty of what is filmed, Flare can almost do without dialogue, both acting and sets speak for themselves. Robin Entreinger however, is not a director of photography, but also a director. Victims, his first feature film, has so fascinated the European Fantastic Film Festival of Strasbourg in 2012, and his second film, Sadik 2, proved to be an excellent blend of slasher and black comedy, all in a cinematic atmosphere to perfection. In addition, if these two films, as well as the following, had nothing to do with the eastasiens territories, his next mischief, Dreamland, will take place in Japan, and yours truly look forward to discover the result, both films is of the director is interesting.

Common to all Robin’s movies is Valentin Bonhomme, actor and friend. The latter did not intended to give his reply to the fascinating Mayuko Fukuda, since the character of Jean is considered much older. But the director of Flare, after seeing pictures of the main actor of victims, has considered its position and Valentin Bonhomme could join the cast. A happy choice, again, his presence and charisma, rather than his words , makes his character, and with the extension of the film, upsetting.

The other feature of Flare is the mixture of dialogues from several nationalities. Japanese characters and speak in their language, and Valentin often responds by French (and sometimes English), sometimes a few phrases in German are even scattered here and there. This choice, not only necessarily facilitated filming, also giving Flare a special atmosphere. The film becomes less natural, of course, but the effect is not necessarily unpleasant, making out a little footage of a total realism, for a light international dream, where all the characters could understand all languages. The method gives a strange and difficult to describe flavor, and it is not easy to position itself against it. However, the dialogues are not the most important in the film, it is easy to get carried away by the story and forget that.

Flare was presented to Lyon, in preview, at a great evening with the company of this team. This event was a great success and we can only hope that this will allow the film to be released in France, as it deserves.

Yannik Vanesse

Flare, Yuki Otsuka, presented in world premiere February 6, 2014 in Lyon.


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Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 2

Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 1

This story is from Little DJ Official Photo Book, and is written by the author of Little DJ, Onitsuka Tadashi. It’s a story 3 years after the death of Tarou-kun.


Another Story

Onitsuka Tadashi

The Story of Umino Tamaki


Kanae-san and Waka-sensei’s wedding ceremony


The wedding location is in a building remodeled into an old Japanese house; as if in an instant, you’ve time slipped to the Meiji period. In front of the building spread a Japanese garden. The blooming, pink lotus in the pond, and the green lawn created refreshingly beautiful colors.

Tamaki has something weighing on her mind. It’s about Tarou-kun’s parents. Since his mother is Kanae-san’s elder sister, she’ll most definitely come today. When they see me, perhaps memories of Tarou-kun will surfaced, so I’m not sure if it’s alright for me to speak to them. Even so, when we meet, I want to talk to them about our lives up until now. Tamaki’s feelings are complicate.

A woman in a beige suit stood at the entrance of the wedding location. It’s Tarou’s mother, Hiroko-san.

As expected, she came. Tamaki’s heart swiftly increased, and cold sweat ran through her body. Seeing that figure, Tamaki quickly averted her eyes.

At that time, the person in front of Tamiki, Dai-sensei, started a conversation. Compared to that time, his white hair seems to increase a bit more.

“Oh, isn’t it Tamaki-chan. Not seeing you for a while, you’d gotten bigger.”

“Dai-sensei, long time no see. I’m already a first year high school student. I’m not a child anymore.”

Tamaki’s chest is filled with nostalgia.

“When Tamaki-chan was hospitalized, it was pretty busy. But during that time with so many things happening, my son and Kanae-san was able to flirt. That’s why, perhaps Tamaki-chan is a love cupid. By the way, are your injuries from that time okay now?”

“I’m a love cupid!? Rather than a love cupid, having Waka-sensei and Kanae-san kindly nursed me back to health, they are my life benefactors. But if it’s because of my serious injuries that they can be happy together, it also makes me happy. As for my injuries, since I’m already a first year high school student, and as long as I don’t run around excessively like a kid, I’m okay. That’s why I won’t be needing help from Dai-sensei’s hospital anymore.”

“Hahaha, I see.”

The unchanged cheerful smile, the same at that time. For Tamaki, Dai-sensei is a person with a big heart, as usual.

She saw Kanae-san walking this way toward them. And next to her is the figure of Hiroko-san…… Her heart suddenly squeezed tightly.

Tamaki pretended to go to the toiler and quickly excuse herself from the place.

What should I do? I unintentionally ran away. I’m afraid of talking to Tarou-kun’s mother. I need to lose her.

After coming out of the toiler, it’s hard to come back to the party venue, so Tamaki sat on the couch at the reception area. As she has a shameful look on her face, a smiling Dai-sensei appeared in front of her.

“My my, Tamaki-chan. You left so suddenly that I was worried if there’s anything wrong.”

I was discovered. Her heart raced, but as she gazed at the smiling face of Dai-sensei, it’s as if all her worries from just now melted away.

“Dai-sensei, I’m sorry. In order to get away, I faked it. I can’t look at Tarou-kun’s mother in the eyes. Thinking about Tarou-kun makes me sad, and I would think it’s not right for just me to be cheerful, even I don’t understand myself.”

Dai-sensei nodded his head as he listened to Tamaki talked. Then, he took a seat next to her.

Tamaki breathed before she continues. Slowly, as she looked at the gentle face of Dai-sensei in front of her, her heart began to open.

“In my heart, there’s still Tarou-kun. But gradually, I felt that I need to graduate from him. However, whether I can or not, I’m not even sure. When Tarou-kun wasn’t here anymore, there’s a weight on my heart, so in my first semester of second year of middle school, I joined the broadcasting club. Even just a little, I wanted to feel what Tarou-kun felt. Eventually, the activities of the broadcasting club became fun. Even though at first, I just want to feel what Tarou-kun felt, but it became fun, and I went with it to the point of forgetting the time. But then, recently…”

“Recently? There’s something else you want to do?”

Tamaki resolved herself in order to continue.

“This year, I’ve entered Kouryou high school, and I’m hesitating on whether I should join the broadcasting club. Though I know the broadcasting club will be fun, but I wondered, up until when will I be unable to separate from Tarou-kun. I’m hesitating on whether I should resolutely join the drama club with a friend that succeeds in coming to the same school as me.”

As Dai-sensei carefully digested Tamaki’s words, he nodded. And then, staring straight at Tamaki’s eyes, he opened his mouth.

“I understand Tamaki-chan’s feelings. I have also lived many years as a human. Moreover, I went to a Southern battlefield in my youth, and experienced deaths from many people around me. When a person dies, we can’t simply bury that sense of loss. That’s the belief I’d came to understand. Moreover, we want to talk about it.”

Slowly blinking his eyes, he continued.

“Isn’t it fine? With the drama club as well. The Tarou-kun for Tamaki-chan, it’s not about your feelings of wanting to forget or not wanting to forget, but perhaps both of them together? As for me, when a person is no longer here, especially when that important person passed away, both those feelings still exist.”

With a nod, Tamaki gazed at Dai-sensei.

“But for those that are able to continue to live until now, we need to understand that there are many others who have passed away. That’s actually something called take over a life. For example, my life existed so that my son, Tarou, and my unborn grandchild to take over. That’s not something about blood relationship, but the passing on of life. Tarou-kun’s life exists in Tamaki-chan’s heart. Of course, he’s also in mine. In other word, Tamaki-chan should live for Tarou-kun’s sake. Perhaps that’s already enough. Even if you forget, he still lives in our hearts. Even if you don’t try to understand him, he’ll still be there. It’s okay.”

A drop of tear fell on Tamaki’s cheek.

Dai-sensei’s words were able to reach Tamaki’s heart. Somewhere along the way, she lost herself in a maze. From that place that she didn’t know where to go, came a light that illuminated the way to the exit. That light is his words.


Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 3 (End)

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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): FLARE Synopsis

Thanks to Mamayu Land BBS for the information.


With the release date for FLARE coming soon, Cinem@rt theater posted the story for FLARE.



A meeting in the middle of Tokyo between Jan, a middle age French photographer who is living his life carelessly, and Flare, a 17 years old runaway girl with a complicate family background. Charmed by Jan’s works, a budding of love soon developed in Flare. While attracted to the wild life of Jan, she holds onto a complicated feelings. With this swaying conflicts inside of her, it painted a vivid picture of growing up in this Japan – France collaboration work of a painful love story.

After failing his second marriage, unknown French cameraman Jan Ozon (40) transferred his work to Tokyo while buried himself in debts and alcohol. Finally, with his last investor, Johnny Walker, giving up on him, Jan decides to commit suicide by swallowing sleeping pills. But he stops on the way to sell off his camera at the pawn shop and using that money to buy alcohol at a convenient store. Sitting in front of the convenient store he drops by, he meets a runaway girl, Mitsui Flare (17). Taking an great interest in using Flare as a subject, using this reason, he takes a picture of her. Days later, Flare comes to Jan’s studio to get the picture. This picture gives her a deep impression. That night, while Jan once again comes to the convenient store to buy alcohol, Flare is sitting in front of the store alone. For her livelihood, Flare was forced into child pornography sham by her parents from when she was a child. With a complicated background and nowhere to go, Jan welcomes Flare into his studio. Flare begins Jan’s eke out (living while stretching his food) lifestyle, working free of charge as his assistant. Gradually she develops an admiration for Jan and his works. One day, Jan beats up a debtor that comes to collect his debt. In order to support Jan, Flare hides him and starts doing school girl prostitution to earn money. However, Jan continues to have relationships with the models that came to his studio. Because of this, 17 years old Flare develops a strong competitiveness toward the adult models. In order for Jan to see her as the only woman in his life, her inner and outward appearance changes drastically, but……

This is actress Fukuda Mayuko first appearance in this Japan – France collaboration move + challenge in new emotional state that gives a body blowing performance!


Cast – Staff

Director & Script writter: Otsuka Yukichi

Cast: Fukuda Mayuko, Hirose Alice, Hyunri, Tanimura Mitsuki, Katou Masaya, Yamaguchi Sayaka



- Byakuyako childhood with Pandora 3 mix, but this is the first role for enjo kousai. Another dark role for Mayuko.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): FLARE Premiere Video

There seems to be quite a bit of news about Mayuko this week for some weird reason.


FLARE main site updated again today with the video of the premiere.


The question that was asked was how did she feel about working with the French team on the movie.

Mayuko first greeted the audiences with “Bonjour, je m’appelle I’m Mayuko Fukuda”, mixing of both French and English.

She then talked about how it was hard for her to understand what was going on at the set even though she tried to listen. But because of that, when she watched the movie for the first time, it gives off a fresh feeling.

Mayuko also talked about a scene that stood out in her mind was where Jan and her were eating at a convenient store even though they were in love. They shot the scene for a long time, and she didn’t know what the director wanted (?), but she’s happy that the director was happy with it (?).

She also talk a bit about the difficulties filming the scenes with Jan due to the communication problems.

She talked about the charms of the movie, where it’s not really easy to understand since there are parts of it that she still found strange and didn’t really understand.

Message to the audience, “Since this is the first time FLARE is show to an audience, it’s making me nervous, but I hope you’ll enjoy the movie. Please enjoy FLARE. Thank you.”

Lastly, she ended with, “Merci, see you.”


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Wakamon・Session #3-1

Thanks hyun for the heads up. It’s really is いきなり.

Interview taken from



Wakamon no Subete #07

Wakamon – Session #3-1 (Dialogue first part) Working College Student Speaks About the Reality of Youth


Fukuda Mayuko (actress)

Kojima Yuichiro


This time, we will listen to the talk between the current college student and actress – Fukuda Mayuko-san, who started her acting career when she was 4 years old, and Wakamon’s member Kojima Yuichiro-san. The actress, with dual commitments as a 19 years old will talk about youth’s real intention and what’s the ideal way of working?


The reason you decided on college

Kojima: To the actress and active college student, Fukuda-san, I want to talk today about the theme of “to work”. Even though Fukuda-san is my junior in college, but as a working adult, she is my senior. How old are you now?

Fukuda: I’m 19. I entered an agency when I was 4, and for 15 years, I’ve been watching the working adult for quite a while (laughs).

Kojima: I’ve joined the company for 7 years, but you’re already a working adult for twice that time. For Fukuda-san, I want to first ask you a bit about being a college student, you become a second year this spring right? Why did you decided to go to college?

Fukuda: I want to learn, for example literature, arts, or expressions. It’s not necessary to go to college just to learn about all those things so I was really troubled on deciding to go or not. Even in high school, I was also troubled whether I should go. Junior high for me was, it’s not that I really hate it, but it wasn’t that fun either.

Kojima: For example, because you don’t have friends who you matched with?

Fukuda: I have people that I’m close with, but I cannot feel the charms of school. It’s like I’m being locked in a prison, and when everyone are wearing the same uniform for physical education, I really hate it (laughs).

Kojima: Ah~. Since it’s compulsory education (laughs).

Fukuda: With that said, for high school, I thought since I can only experience high school life at this moment, that’s why I casually go to school, but it’s actually really fun. Just about everyone has something they like, and something they hold dear, it’s a period where those feelings slowly emerge. With college an extension of that, rather than a place that I can study, it’s a place with various people and various encounters, I decided to go stressing on that mindset.

Kojima: Because there are a broad range of people that it’s charming. But when you thinking about it plainly, working since you were 4 years old, if we are talking about the meaning of broadness, isn’t that world much broader?

Fukuda: But somehow, isn’t the people we associated with at work are entirely different from friends? Up until now, I’ve been doing my best at work, but the friends I made are few. So when I’m not working and sitting by myself alone in my room, not wanting to do anything and not having anything that I like, I would think that I’ve become a really boring person. Like the life day by day, I want to gain back the time from when I was younger.

Kojima: Then the friends from high school and college, did they take on the responsibility for you to regain that time?

Fukuda: There are parts that’s like that. And also, I started living alone when I became a college student. Even though I’m with my parents for so long, I’m leaving home for the first time in order to experience the mindset that the things that I’m doing right now is just something that I want to do, that’s why I do it. Thinking like that, different things become fun once again.


Youth and “communication poison”

Kojima: When we compared Japanese college students with those from abroad, we are often being called moratorium (delay, slow). And exactly that, the young people around us treated their 4 years (of college) as a way to get an idea of what they want to do. Speaking as a senior working adult, what do you think when you see such college students?

Fukuda: Hmm. First of all, isn’t it convenient to use being a college student as an excuse? Of course everyone is different, but even though you have time, you don’t use it to do anything (laughs)? Just with the title of a college student, they’ll spent around 2 months long feeling dizzy/giddy and unable to say anything else. There are parts of me that’s pretty much like that, so for that I don’t think it’s particularly a bad thing.

Kojima: Then, when you compared the people around you and the adults you associated with at work, is there parts that make you think this is different, or this is good and I should follow their example?

Fukuda: I wonder… (The people around me) Pretty much say that is no good or this is no good, so it made me wondered if they really know what they like. Maybe it’s because I’ve been surrounded myself with people with great personalities, but when someone say “It’s enough if you can enjoy earning money”, it makes me really sad. Why do they give up on so many things just like that?

Kojima: In that sense, we see a great increase in the results of the 10 years youth survey. For example, in regard to people liking the word “ordinary”, 10 years ago only 16.4% agreed, but now it’s 25.4%. On one hand, we can credit that to the increase awareness of environmental circumstances and society contribution. But to speak generally, we are starting to see the trend of present youth not having a burning desire to do what they really want, even though they are the future generation.

Fukuda: Eh~, ordinary is a favorite word?! Also, the number one difference right now is the internet, isn’t it? Even though everyone make themselves to be good at communication, but isn’t it really bad (laughs)?  For example, talked together a few times on Twitter and then calling each other “friends”. For me, calling a person friend is something that required a lot of courage… But even so, I don’t think I’m able to become deeply connected to various people like that.

Kojima: When talking about the differences in skills, I viewed it as communication poison for the current youth. For example, on a Twitter profile “Birthdate/school/cram school/college/club/…” with each slash, one’s personal information is written out so anyone can get a hold of, which I think can increase incidents to occur.

Fukuda: I think it’s really terrible. When you plot just the surface things about yourself, to what extent will you write the truth about yourself, it decides your value, I’ve recently feel strongly about this.

Kojima: That trend is similar to job hunting. According to the results of the recent college student opinion poll, around 40% of the college students chose their club with the mindset that it will help them promote themselves when job hunting.

Fukuda: Wow~! Everyone is really serious…


The similarities of day to day life of an actress and job hunting?

Kojima: In the case of being an actress, each time you made a great work, the results naturally pile up. But for the current youth, perhaps they are doing things with the the purpose of it being “able to promote oneself”, rather than doing the best at their job like before. Even to the point of making them seem more important. Fukuda-san is also working as an actress, do you feel conscious that it’s better to have a history of winning awards and doing a lot of projects?

Fukuda: I wonder… Perhaps that’s a weapon, or even if not, it’s invaluable. For example, when searching for Fukuda Mayuko, Wikipedia will come up. And even though they are past works, and of course there are those that I did when I was a child, but just looking at the surface, there are a lot written out. But conversely, I would think, would the things not written in Wikipedia not be me? The number of lines written and the dense and thick time that I have passed through are entirely different.

Kojima: Using input and output as an expression to describe that, it’s like you want other to see the time you input into it?

Fukuda: But I understand that for those who don’t know anything about me and want to know about me, they will be able to to use Wikipedia to check. For myself, my precious experiences or many things I think about are the most precious, those are honestly just self-satisfaction. Slowly, the things that can’t be written on Wikipedia will take shape and show its results.

Kojima: I see. By the way, concerning the work of an actress, when talking about job hunting, you have to have an interview each time right? And as the unofficial offer came one by one, do you consciously do things in order to be selected (at the audition)?

Fukuda: For me, thankfully, up until now, I pretty much don’t have any experiences in not having a role next, and constantly working hard on the work in front of me and not thinking about anything else. Recently, I realized that my work is originally something that whether I will be able to receive it or not receive it. Even though it’s late (late).

Kojima: If we put it in the context of job hunting, everyone will apply for several companies at once, and once you’re selected, you’ll continue with the interviews, but if it doesn’t fall through, you’ll start to think that it’s not within your control. For me, it’s like that (laughs).

Fukuda: Once the people around me graduate and start job hunting, they will definitely become busy won’t they? But if it’s just me that are free on Monday and Tuesday, I’ll become lonely. For just this time in order to work properly, I need to do my best!


Second part will be post on 3/19 (Wed).




- Thanks hopeful_colour for pointing out my mistakes! XD I need it!

- Please tell me if there are anything incorrect about my translation! It has been a while since I translate and as always, there are parts that I’m not entirely sure about. After a few hours of translation, you can probably tell my brain was fried at the later parts, so do tell me if I get anything wrong.

- Kojima Yuichiro is around my generation. That really shocked me to be quite honest.

- A lot of things come to light here. I have to agree with her about the lack of communication skill due to the increase usage of the internet. Well, slang is natural occurrence through the decades but you know it’s bad when it start appearing in academic writings and what not.

- There are also problems concerning personal profiles being easily accessible on the internet. I was definitely scarred and traumatized by the usage of social media when I was screening for applicants through Facebook. It definitely made me more conscious of what I write when I am on social media (pretty much can’t be not happy and bitchy).

- So~ base on this talk, I guess we won’t be seeing Mayuko having her own twitter anytime soon, or at all. ^^;;

- Hmmm, 2 more of these interviews. Hope it won’t be as bad as this. _ノ乙(、ン、)_ Who am I kidding?

- Thanks hopeful_colour again for pointing it out, but there may only be 2 interviews. The 3 just means that it’s the 3rd interview they did for the corner/column. So, that means the next one will be the last of this interview with Wakamon. Hmm, I’m having mixed feelings, since it means that there’ll be less interview for me to translate (good) and there will be less interview of Mayuko (bad). ^^;;


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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Betsuni Futsu no Koi

Betsuni Futsu no Koi” rebroadcast a few days ago to TOKYO MX and someone managed to recorded it and posted it up online. (^人^)感謝♪ Please check it out if you haven’t yet.

Thanks cie-chan for the heads up. She will also be posting screencaps of Mayuko in the Mayukoaday, so be sure to check them out everyday!

I’m not sure how long the video will stay online (hopefully forever), but to be sure, watch it before it’s taken down! Hopefully, by the time the DVD come around, they will include the making of as well.


スペシャルドラマ「別に普通の恋」 1_2 by Banimation

スペシャルドラマ「別に普通の恋」 2_2 by Banimation



- I enjoyed it, even though it ended up to be slightly slow at the end. Surprised at Ando Sei’s acting.

- I especially love that Mayuko is getting away from her typecast in recent years. PTSD-ish after childbirth for “Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako”, yandere for “FLARE”, and cheerful/blunt character in “BetsuKoi”. There’s also the cheerful baby in “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa” which I hope will be release in DVD soon.

- I hope she will try out more variety of characters in the future… I do wish that future will be soon… ( ̄人 ̄)お願い!

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Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 1

Since there hasn’t been much news about Mayuko’s new work, and with the recent news(?) that the director of Little DJ and Kamiki happened to see each other again recently, I decided to post this translation I did at the end of last year.

This story is from Little DJ Official Photo Book, and is written by the author of Little DJ, Onitsuka Tadashi. It’s a story 3 years after the death of Tarou-kun, so I guess a post story? Epilogue?

The author had once mentioned that he wrote Little DJ with Kamiki Ryunosuke in mind, but as I was reading this story, I felt as if he wrote this story with Fukuda Mayuko in mind. There are a few correlations with Tamaki and Mayuko in here. It’s pretty interesting.

I’m dividing it into 3 parts since it’s a bit long. The second part will be post next week.


Another Story

Onitsuka Tadashi

The Story of Umino Tamaki


The season of sakura and school entrance ceremony


Monday, April 17, 198_, Tamaki passed through Kouryou High School’s main entrance. Hanging at the gate was a sign written with a sense of vigor by the students that said ‘The 46th Kouryou High School Entrance Ceremony’. The school building from the main gate is facing a street filled on both sides with the swaying sakura flowers by the spring breeze.

It’s the first time Tamaki wore a blazer (uniform). Until middle school, it has been the sailor uniform. Just a bit, Tamaki can feel that she became an adult. Compared to the freezing harshness of February, when she took her entrance exam, the bright atmosphere is totally different. Once again, she can feel the happiness of getting accepted to her first choice of school.


“Tamaki-chan, congratulations on passing the exam.”

On the morning of the entrance ceremony, her senpai of one year, Kuwahara Hitomi, from her middle school broadcasting club came and talked to her.

“I’m your senpai again from this year on. By the way, since it’s Tamaki-chan, you’ll join the broadcasting club when you entered high school right? During middle school, that’s the only thing you’re enthusiastic about. You’re welcome to come to the broadcasting club room and apply.”

It’s an invitation to join her club.

“Kuwahara-senpai, thank you very much. I’m in the same school as you again. How is this school’s broadcasting club?”

“Let’s see, we have a total of five girls and 3 boys total right now. Just with these numbers of people, we have to rotate between the morning, lunch, and after school broadcasts. It’s pretty difficult. But different from middle school, the students have their own independences. There’s pretty much no restriction on the music that can be play during the lunch broadcast, so we can put on whatever we like. That’s why it’s worth joining. Tamaki-chan wants to be in charge of the lunch broadcast right? Since you’re a first year, I’m not sure if you can do it right away, but there’s a chance it’s possible. You should join.”

“Kuwahara-senpai, I’m happy that you told me this. Let me think about it and I’ll come to the club room.”

“You’re hesitating. But it’s okay. I’ll wait. I think after you talk to the members, you’ll realize how much it suits you. If it’s possible, come soon.”

It may be true that during middle school, Tamaki was devoted to the broadcasting club rather than her studies. And even in high school, there’s a part of her that want to enter the broadcasting club as well. On the other hand, Tamaki is hesitating on joining Kouryou high school broadcasting club. There are two reasons.

First, she also has an interest in the drama club. During middle school, she saw a public performance by a big theatrical company from Tokyo with her friend, Yumi, and really like it. When Yumi got accepted to Kouryou high school, “Want to join the drama club with me?” she invited. The other reason is, of course, Tarou-kun.


Once you lost an important person, you’ll realize how big of an existence they are to you.

When she met Tarou-kun, she didn’t think he’ll be such a person to her. That feeling created such a big hole, a great gap opened up in the middle of her heart during that winter in her first year of middle school. That’s why, in order to bury that hole, she entered the broadcasting club in the spring of her second year of middle school. Once the third year senpai left to prepare for their entrance exams, the people around her nominated her to be the club’s president. As the president, her responsibilities are morning broadcast twice a week and lunch broadcast twice a week. Wanting to get closer to Tarou-kun, with those feelings, she persisted with the broadcasting club.

Even if she tried, even when she tried, Tarou-kun’s existence for her grew larger. But she began to wonder if it’s okay to just leave it as it is.

From where must I cut it off? From where must I draw the line? As it is, I won’t be unable to break off Tarou-kun from my mind. Whatever the decision I made, I will never ever be able to change my behaviors. I’m afraid of that part about myself.

The time she spent at the broadcasting club was fun. But will I become an adult while Tarou-kun remaining in my heart forever likes this…? Always living in reminiscence, I will stay like this and unable to grow up.



After dinner, Tamaki lay on the bed in her room and stared at the ceiling. How will she continues living from now on? If she thinks about it more, perhaps she will take action. Just like that, as she gazed at the ceiling and worried over it, her mother appeared. On her hand is a single letter.



It has been a while. How are you?

Do you remember me? I’m Hikada Kanae, the nurse from Takasaki Memorial Hospital.

If I remembered correctly, Tamaki-chan should be a first year high school student now, right?

I think you’re doing your best in both sports and school works.

Since it’s Tamaki-chan we are talking about, perhaps it’s unnecessary to worry over you.

That’s because you’re Tamaki-chan.

Well then, now is the shocking news.

Waka-sensei and I will get married.

Hehe. It’s shocking right? I can pretty much imagine Tamaki-chan’s astonished face.

Truth is, I was also surprised.

The wedding ceremony will be at Tagayama Park. Since it’s a wonderful place with a lot of nature, not only my parents, relatives, and acquaintances, but I think I want to receive many people’s blessing.

I hope Tamaki-chan will come.

Please invite your mom as well.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.

Hikada Kanae


“Eh? Kanae-san and Waka-sensei?”

Unconsciously, Tamaki raised her voice on her bed. It’s definitely shocking. But on the other hand, perhaps this couple is as expected.



Congratulations on your wedding.

From the time I was hospitalized, you and Waka-sensei were already in a good relationship.

We already knew about it.

Truthfully, there was a rumor that Waka-sensei and Kanae-san went to Scalaza Movie Theater.

What movie did you watched?

I’ve always been curious about it.

That’s why even though it’s shocking, I feel like of course it’s like this.

I’ll come with my mother to your wedding.

I wondered how beautiful you will look in a wedding dress. Someday, I also want to wear it.

With that said, I’ll look forward to see you on that day.

Please throw your bouquet toward me.

Umino Tamaki


She thought back to the time three years ago. The fun things and the painful things swirled together in her mind. The meeting with Tarou-kun, and the parting……

Tamaki is uneasy about sending her reply. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again, but I will end up remembering the times spent together with Tarou-kun. It has been three years. To see Dai-sensei, Waka-sensei, Kanae-san, Tarou-kun’s father and mother, will we be able to laugh and talk…?

The television in the living room is streaming the “Giants vs. Hiroshima night game. In the batter box stood Giant’s Roy White. Chachacha. Chachacha. The same rhythmic tune cheering the Giants as that time. The player that she always supported together with Tarou-kun, Ou, is no longer number four. That position is transferred to White, a player from America. If it were Tarou-kun, how would he do today’s live broadcast?

Whenever it has the chance, her mind will return to that time. There are times when she searched for it. There are also times when it became something she ignored. The memories of those times are fun, but in reality, it’s extremely sad.


Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 2

Little DJ: The Story of Umino Tamaki Part 3 (End)