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Betsuni Futsu no Koi Filming Diary 13: 13th Day

From “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” Gallery.


This work was filmed for 2 weeks, from September 18, 2013 (Wednesday) to October 1 (Tuesday), in Biei, Hokkaido. These photos of the actors/actresses and staffs are taken by Ishida Naoki, our official cameraman. We’ll introduce you to the other side of filming.


■ September 30 (Monday) 13th Day

Nicknamed “Haruo’s town” as the stage, we start with the picture that was shown at the beginning of the drama.

It’s a bit unfortunate, but the weather since morning is a light drizzle… Because of the muddy ground and its easy to change, the setups had to be checked carefully before continue on.

Kaneko-san listened passionately to the detailed farming work advices from the field’s owner, Oonami Tarou-san.

The important scene that determined the first impression of the show. The staff is passionately in a preparation meeting.

How will the sound of running and sweat be express after the sound recording? From the sound effects, Mimura is laughing while thinking about it.

Normally, this is a no trespassing field. In order to prevent dangerous foreign bacteria from entering, the staff have to put on plastic bag on their boot, a careful counter-measure against bacteria. (Assistant director Hayashi)

This is the first scene where Kobayashi-san ride the bike toward the field.

For Kobayashi-san, who never got a license before, specifically got a moped license for this drama!

All the staffs thank this actor’s soul!

After the staff took a photo, Kobayashi-san re-affirmed her majestic figure!

The scene where Kaneko-san plough the field in the tractor was also a challenge! He looks pretty good right? Ah, it’s a bit far away so we wouldn’t really know (laughs)

For filming the great important opening cut, the high rider (Aerial work platform) once again made an appearance.

Running up with all her might on the great slope of the gravel road is Kobayashi-san. Counting from the rehearsal and the real shoot, she dashed 5 times for us… Otsukaresama desu!

The world’s Takeshi” or rather the cinematographer Suzuki doing autopilot to film the opening scene.

It’s an important cut where the title “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” will be added on, since it’s a shot like a gem taken by only one person, please don’t miss it.

Once the cut was taken and the director yelled “OK!”, Kobayashi-san unintentionally let out a smile of relief.

With this scene is the last filming for Kobayashi-san, she perfectly performed as this story’s other leading part, showing both the bright and painful acting! Otsukaresama deshita for that long period of time!

Haruo’s (Kaneko-san) helmet is placed in the carrying  tray of the Super Cup.

Coupled with the sentimental of the soon to finished filming, perhaps it’s my own imagination, but a little heartrending float in the air?

Taking shelter from the rain at the red roof of a cabin that’s can be called a symbol of Haruo’s field? Or just looking out at something?

Or rather playing hooky? (Production assistant – Hirao)

Discovered a stag beetle (♀)! By somebody’s prank, it lies in the smack middle of assistant director Nakanishi’s back…

On this night is the barbecue gathering from the kindness of Biei’s town hall! With most of the casts already returned to Tokyo and the next day is the last day of filming, Kaneko-san is the only one left. With an absurd request of “Do something!” from the staff, he liven up the venue with his spirit of service. Both the vegetable and the meat are completely from Biei’s blessing! It was delicious!


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