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Betsuni Futsu no Koi Filming Diary 12: 12th Day

From “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” Gallery.


This work was filmed for 2 weeks, from September 18, 2013 (Wednesday) to October 1 (Tuesday), in Biei, Hokkaido. These photos of the actors/actresses and staffs are taken by Ishida Naoki, our official cameraman. We’ll introduce you to the other side of filming.


■ September 29 (Sunday) 12th Day

We are also in the forest filming for this day. This time is from the shooting of the day before, a scene where Kaneko-san and Ando-san who are letting their feelings shown.

It’s an important scene that will affect the directions of their love, but Kaneko-san is so relaxed? He cheerfully talk and making the people around him calm down. By the way, the suspicious person at their right isn’t a thief, but the stylist, Tanaka Shie (nicknamed Shie).

Well then, it’s time for the real shoot! They successfully changed into their serious mode. And as expected, the direction of their love is…?

In the evening, we shot the climax scene at the nicknamed “Haruo and Ritsuko’s hills” in Rubeshibe district.

The filming preparation continued in a vast and spectacular 360 degree panorama scenery that’s just like Biei.

Using a high rider (aerial work platform) to thoroughly captured the scenery of the hills and town!

The person operating the gondola is! Doing a double feat of working the camera and naturally holding the level, that is the cinematographer Suzuki!

This time, we’re using the state of the art camera called “Alexa”.

It fully captured Biei’s scenery, the actors, and everything of the drama in high definition!

From one end to the other, the hill is completely a location shoot… In order to control the traffics, the staffs have to run around!

Happiness and pain… With all kind of feelings are packed into this complex scene, Kaneko-san and Ando-san’s expressions are also serious.

It’s finally just before the real shoot. The two are creating their feelings.

The filming ended safely. The brilliance sunset shining releasing the tension from before, the two also smile.

Co-starring together in a drama, they all became close. Because it’s the last day for Ando-san to film, even though Kobayashi-san and Fukuda-san didn’t have any filming, they rushed over.

After finishing all her cut, Ando-san finished her filming safely!

Ando-san, thank you for always showing your beautiful smile! (by everyone from the staffs)

On this day, Ando-san has to return to Tokyo, so everyone of the staffs created a passage to see her off!

“Kya~ It’s embarrassing! But I’m happy!” and Ando-san left, leaving behind her big smile. Take care~! See you again!

We changed location once again at night, filming in a barn of a famer family. This day had became one long day…

A scene with Kaneko-san and his niece, Sachi, played by Fukuda-san. Depicting a family relationship, it’s a fun and important scene.

It’s a challenging scene with repeated meetings and practices.

With their enthusiasm, an impressive and deeply moving scene was finished.

And with that, Fukuda-san also finished all her filming. As the cast one by one finished filming and returned home, the staffs became a bit more lonely. But playing this story’s key man, a difficult emotional high school girl, Fukuda-san was brilliant, really otsukaresama deshita!

Finally, a memorial photo with farmer Onami Keiji-san, who lent us the barn for the location shoot!



- This ends Fukuda Mayuko’s last appearance in this filming diary thing.

- I’m going to translate the rest, and I’m still going to tag her in the rest, since it’s about her drama.

- Two more to go!


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