Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Special Drama Set in Biei, 12/14 (Sat) ON AIR

News taken from Walkerplus.


With the pace of one drama a year, this year's HTB Hokkaido Television is set in the famous sight-seeing locations of Biei. A small love story about a pure heart, young farmer, Haruo (Kaneko Takatoshi), and the Ritsuko (Ando Sei) who came back to Biei from Tokyo.

The patchwork of fields spread through the hills as the setting, those that already came to Biei can experienced it again, and those that that haven't yet can view the highlighted beauty of Biei's scenery!?

With Biei as the stage, Maeda Shiro, the script writer, depicted a love story about the modern youth with an unfulfilled desire. "Using the subject of the subtle human relations that can be seen and can't be seen, the pleasant landscape of Biei and the bright and refreshing character of Kaneko-san together made this exquisite atmosphere" director Sugiyama said. Once again, there are many comical scenes, while the drama continue to play out, occasionally, it'll make you laugh, and in a blink of time, 85 minutes passed.

As for Haruo, who played by Kaneko-san, "While acting in this, there are changes of nuances in many of the scenes. And though there are hardships, in the scenes together with Ritsuko, I really feel as if I'm falling in love".

HTB Special Drama "Betsuni Futsu no Koi" will be broadcast on December 14 (Sat) at 1:55 PM. With the exception of Hokkaido, the airtime will be different, so please check the homepage.



Betsuni Futsu no Koi Trailer



- It’s kind of late, since the drama was already broadcasted… But, Mayuko’s news is Mayuko’s news.

- Added the trailer as well, since I haven’t post it until now.

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- No news yet about when it’s going to be broadcast nationwide yet. If worst come to worst, we can always wait for the DVD. Hopefully, someone from Hokkaido can post it.

- With the inactivity and disappearance of Mayukodaisuki from tumblr, another tumblr site is up and running for Mayuko by the name of FukudaMayuko. Check it out if you haven’t.

- Hmm… By the way, due to personal reasons, I just want to keep this straight. I’m not a fan from Hong Kong. If you’re reading this blog using the instead of the All I can say is that it’s the wrong address. ಥ_ಥ


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