Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” Random Updates 3

From atca.jp.

HTB Special Drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” 12/14~ is broadcasted ☆


One of the location from the soon to be broadcasted HTB Special Drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”, located in Biei, was at Ashikawa Airport. For the Ashikawa airport scene, we had a cooperation performance from the staffs at the film commission and the extras. Please don’t miss it!


【Broadcasting date】


Hokkaido: December 14, 2013 (Sat) 1:55 P.M.


National wide broadcasting schedule is here http://www.htb.co.jp/betsukoi/schedule.html


HTB Special Drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” HP http://www.htb.co.jp/betsukoi/index.html

On September 21, 2013, the state of the location filming at Ashikawa airport.


After the shoot on that day, the sky of Ashikawa airport was dyed in the beautiful colors of the sunset.




From Maruyama Kotose’s tweets after the broadcast.

Betsuni Futsu no Koi. Playing my bestfriend is Fukuda-san, who is a kind person that it was fun performing together. The memories of us entering the onsen together came back w Able to talk with Ando-san, Kitaro-san, Kobayashi-san, Kojima-san, Fujita-san, Kaneko-san, and others respected actors made me very happy. I hope one day, we’ll work together again.”


Came home! Actually,

Right now, is the first time I’m watching the recording on TV. laughs

The wind was so strong at the location for this scene, it was really hard~ (・_・;

I have to received many helps from hair-makeup-san for my hair and face…

And of course, Biei’s nature is beautiful~.

It became apparent in my heart~. laughs”


And a compilation of pictures from her friend (of course, with Mayuko).




Also, from Lyuuta Ligeirinho Suda’s facebook, who is Mayuko’s martial arts master!!! He talked specifically about Mayuko’s jump kick scene.

On the day of the broadcast:

“From 1 minutes and 12 seconds (about the trailer), you can see my disciple who people who know will recognize, Fukuda Mayuko-san displaying “that” jump kick!!! Even though people from Tokyo won’t be able to see this broadcast!!!



The day after broadcast date:

“I taught the actress, Fukuda Mayuko-san, about the important points about jump kick at the filming location, she was able to steadily cleared them. I’m happy~.

With the pivot leg properly bend and using the capoeira style to kick while using the hand to guard, the kicking leg should stretched out from a bent position in order to input damage. Also, in order for the other person to not be able to fight back, the landing from the jump should be directly bellow… She’s really amazing~ I guess it’s true that actor/actress are very serious.

Furthermore, for just one scene, feeling that guidance is necessary, she directly contacted me. Even though it was short, she was a good disciple. I’ll support her!

Lending a helping hand, doesn’t it give inspiration to your skipjack’s spirit(?).

Once I get permission from her, I’ll upload the photos on my blog~




- I think the most impressive part is that she actually directly contacted him for helping with the jump kick scene. Wondered where she knew him from… 3 Maime?

- Mayuko is on her way to become a martial arts master! She got the slapping and judo throw from “3 Maime no Bodyguard”, and now she learned the jump kick from “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”. ♥ I hope she’ll do more roles like this!



- I hope they’ll agree to let him post up the pictures!!



- By the way, I’m not from Hong Kong… Make sure your address is from a blogspot.com instead of blogspot.hk. I feel like this is going to be my catchphrase from not on…


  1. WOW I'm impressed! Mayuko really gave it her all for this character. It's giving me hope that someday she'll be known as a versatile actress *O*
    More roles like this please! violent >>> gloomy hahahah

    I hope the trainer and Maruyama Kotose can share their pics of Mayuko~

    1. I totally agree with you. I hope she will have more drama works next year!

      I wish they did. Come on FLaMme, you're not supposed to be the next Johnny.

  2. I think I know whereas she takes that master's contact from. Let take a look at his twitter :p



    1. Ah, that's good that they still keep in contact.

  3. It's not necessary to be Gouriki (well, do not remember her name exactly) since he does have some connections with showbiz like support in dramas and magazines and stuff. But, it's good if they keep contacts and I hope with other casts as well XD

    Here, I found an review. あの高校生役の女の子輝いていた。


    Kyaa~! Is that about Mayuko? :"))


    1. Well, yes, he is somewhat involved in the showbiz world, but if Mayuko doesn't have any other connection, then how would she directly contact him. That was my reasoning. :P

      Sound like her alright. XD;; Too bad he only wrote one line about Mayuko. T__T;; I am glad he took notice of her though.

    2. Yeah, Mayuko could take the contact from somebody else but Gouriki's picture taken as cover so she is the most obvious way it seems.

      The writer doesn't seem to know Mayuko at all then it is not bias to praise her acting. I prefer stranger's words than fan's somehow. ^ ^


    3. I, on the other hand, in this world with so little fans, I'll take any I can get. There are both pros and cons in those that are bias and those that are not, so it doesn't really matter to me. XD