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SPA! May 2006: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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Fukuda Mayuko (actress)

This, this is... An amazing child actress appeared!


Causing the people who watched episode 1 of "Byakuyako" (TBS) to cry, playing a dark role in "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu" that showed her thorough acting that even make professionals buzz. This 11 years old who's popular with CM and drama, this summer, she will be experiencing the stage play with "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" by Yu Miri, and her movie "Nihon Chinbotsu" will soon be open in theaters. Even so, we'll show you her true face of the current popular "genius child actress"!!

-- Right now you are 11 years old. 6th grades?

Mayuko: Yes. I'll be a junior high student next year.

-- When you're filming for the drama version of "Chibi Maruko-chan", you're playing Onee-chan right? Everyone are exactly like the manga!! In the Sakura family, everyone except Mayuko-san are wearing a wig, so was it interesting working with such figure of everyone?

Mayuko: It's always fun (laughs). But the filming only took 1 month, I was in 5th grades during that time, so there are so many things that I can't remember from that long ago.

-- That long ago!? Several months ago is that long ago?

Mayuko: That's right. Even a month earlier, is a really long time.

-- Even though you're just barely 11 years old, but 1 month is already a great period of time. Well then, what about when you started working in your kindergarten period?

Mayuko: That's a really long time ago!

-- Do you forget everything after you finished with your project?

Mayuko: I think it's because I don't drag out my character. Since I have a lot of gloomy roles, if I continue to drag them out, I can't do anything else, in my case (laughs).

-- It's true that you keep getting gloomy roles. Particularly for "Byakuyako", where you have child prostitution and murdered your mother, there haven't been another heavy role to that extent. Did you hesitate?

Mayuko: At first, even though the role is like this, I didn't understand what kind of character she is even with the explanations. When I read the script, I finally understand what kind of character she is, and I wanted to try to do it. Though my job is to act, it's the most enjoyable. I like it. That's why I want to try acting a role that hasn't been done before. By doing that, I came to understand that there are people like this, so I want to try many different roles.

-- For "Byakuyako", what kind of advices did the director gave you?

Mayuko: The director told me "Because she's a strong girl", so I remembered that.

-- For you, what is a "strong person" to Mayuko?

Mayuko: Though you have your own opinion, you also can be patient. A person that can understand others' feelings. Just speaking out your own thoughts is simply selfish.


-- In "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu", you're playing a girl who can't make friends, but in real life, it seems totally different.

Mayuko: I'm sorry, it's totally different from my image (laughs).

-- Do you hate to be treated as a child?

Mayuko: Sometimes. There are times where I thought, I know what you're doing.

-- Since "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu" casts are practically children, how was working with them?

Mayuko: I guess I preferred working with mostly adult casts. Amami Yuki-san, who has to say so much dialogues, was amazing. It's enlightening. But for the children, I have part of me that view them as rival, so I can't really put my all into it. I want to be more carefree.


-- Have you tried working on a period drama?

Mayuko: A person that serve the higher position would be nice.

-- A servant?

Mayuko: Yes. I want to try it. Since I'm inexperience with wearing a wig.


-- You're good in math right?

Mayuko: Once I learned the math formula, I will be able to answer the question. No matter what the question is, I'll definitely understand it. But, as for kanji, if I don't know it, I can't recall it no matter how many times I think about it. For Japanese, even though the teacher said "You can use such feeling to write it", but I would think what kind of "such" is she talking about!

-- You don't like things that are too vague.

Mayuko: I will become irritated.

-- Did you also feel agony when you read modern poetry?

Mayuko: I really like modern poetry. I also like reading the lyrics from songs, I like it more than listening to songs.


-- What about physical education?

Mayuko: Though I'm bad at it, I like it. Or rather, for me, my reflexes are REAL~~~~~LY bad.

-- You really put your all in that "REAL~~~~LY.

Mayuko: My legs are horribly slow. I'll also have to give up on jumping, that's why I'm weak in dodge ball.


-- Did you do a play for your school recital?

Mayuko: We did a play last year, but I had a small role. I think people who are child actors usually can't become the lead.

-- If your school did "Byakuyakou", I don't think anyone would match.

Mayuko: I don't act for school. But since I like talking, I'm thinking of becoming a broadcast committee member.


-- Now, there are dangers when children are outside, it's a suffocating era. In that case, is there something that you don't want to hear the adult telling you?

Mayuko: My parents told me "You better not go home alone". The adult, or the people that caused such crimes, I think they are idiots. Creating crimes because you're frustrated, even more than before, you become worst.


-- What do you carry in your bag when you go to work? Cellphone?

Mayuko: I have that. But since my friends don't have it, I only use it to contact my mother.

-- What kind of cellphone? Since it's your personal belonging, do you choose the cute one?

Mayuko: Color and shape, and how easy it is to push the buttons.

-- You put a lot of importance in functions! You seems to like science.

Mayuko: Other than that, I also always carry an iPod. I love Porno Graffitti the most that I bought the single collection.


-- Is there something you want now? Clothes?

Mayuko: Hmm, I don't really want clothes that much. Right now, the thing I want the most is a dictionary. Japanese kanji one. Since there are a lot of words that the one I used in elementary school doesn't have.

-- You're not like how you are in "Byakuyakou" at all!

(Interviewer: Perii Ogino)


- This is another interview where I like the picture. Pretty pictures~

- Please tell me if there's anything that doesn't make sense, or if my translation is incorrect.

- The interviewer sound so excited.



  1. But for the children, I have part of me that view them as rival

    I can't help but think that she especially meant Shida Mirai ^ xD

    1. That's what I thought too. It kind of make me sad that she said she preferred working with adults more. >_<;;

  2. I think I wrote a comment here before :<

    We have a ghost-like photo here (the one has green background).

    The interview sounds like usual her: practical, serious, straight with short-term memory and sometimes too into her own world (ignore the interviewer questions about science) but sweet (just think about don't openly use your cellphone because your friends don't have one).

    The interviewer may be her fan as well :3


    1. I agree with you about the photo! And that soft illuminating light surrounding her... X3

      Yup, it's another pretty normal interview with Mayuko. I like the interviewer actually, she's so positive.