Monday, November 18, 2013

HTB HANATARE NACS Staff Room: Tadaima~

Thanks to Ootani-san from Mamayu Land for the head up!

Finally information about Fukuda Mayuko’s new work!!



October 31, 2013


Sorry for not writing after a long time

I just came back from shooting and editing the drama.

Finally going back to the normal day to day things, this is Sugiyama.

Though a part was already published, the drama this time is set in Biei, a small love story between a man and a woman.

The title is “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”. (Rough translation: “Not Exactly an Ordinary Love”)

Not really ordinary…

It’s a title that really pique your interest (laughs).

Since it’s still early for the broadcast day and news release, I can’t really write much

But the script is by the high profile playwright from various fields, Maeda Shiro-san, who had won several prizes from his drama and story.

He wrote the popular “Yokomichi Yonosuke”, and soon, his newest work will open to the public

He has also became a popular author in the world of films.

His novel is really interesting, so please check it out.

The lead is Kaneko Takatoshi-san.

A while ago, for the show “Subarashii Seikai” that starred Otoo-kun, he appeared as a guest.

With a refreshing and bright passion, he’s a wonderful person.


I’m just going to reveal a bit of the drama

“Unfolding on the large patchwork of hills, a man and woman small love story.

Though they are unable to spend their time in a cloudy and sunny like life,

And yet in their own special way living while facing forward, an ordinary story.”

Doesn’t that pique your interest? (laughs)

Though I can’t say much, it’s planned to be broadcast in Hokkaido at the end of this year,

Those that feel like it, please be sure to tune in.


Ah, since we can’t make you wait for too long, I’ll say it first.

This time, everyone from team NACS… will not all appear!

To make the reason clear.

It’s because there are no role for old man in their 40s (laughs)


The coming broadcasting season will be with Ozumi-san’s “BudoNami (short name?)”

The film location is in Sorachi area.

If you look from the map, with the mountain in between, it’s close to each other.


And, well…

Though we were pretty much blessed with the weather,

Sometime, Why? there are urgent dark clouds covered the sky.

The rain came at bad timing.

Such clouds always came floating from the direction of Sorachi (laughs).

No~, it’s so troublesome! Sensei (laughs).


But appearing in this drama is an actress from Sapporo that are quite close with Oizumi-san, Kojima  Tatsuko-san (currently part of theater troupe Eleven Nines) said something one day.

“There’s a message from Yo-chan, he’s worried and said ‘has Sugiyama-san blow a fuse yet?’”

I’m happy. Thank you.

No matter how busy I am, there are always people that are worried about me.

Such a nice person.

Rather than (sending the message) directly to the person, but do it indirectly, that kindness is just like him.

Thank you very much.

The other day, I met with him on Hanatare, though I can’t say it,

And today, I wrote a thank you reply!


In conclusion, the stories that are set in my much loved Hokkaido, “BudoNami” and “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”, I hope both will become great works.



You guys are waiting for it right… For the DVD announcement, please wait a bit more.

I didn’t forget about it!!



- Bad translation. Please tell me!

- Mayuko’s new work is about love!!! ^^;; Too bad I don’t think she’s the heroine this time around.

- The script writer wrote “Yokomichi Yonosuke” as well as “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”. I hope it will be interesting.

- He said it will be shown in Hokkaido, I really hope they will broadcast in nation wide as well. Perhaps it will be shown much later (like next year) or something nationwide.

- The filming for BudoNami, or “Budou no Namida” started from September 15 to sometimes December. I wondered if the casts visit each other. XD;; (My dream of Sometani Shota and Mayuko meeting). >:3

- News~! Yay~!

- More waiting~!! Boo~!

- While waiting, let’s continue our fanvid run.

- A quite rare Shida Mirai and Fukuda Mayuko video by the awesome cie-chan. *w*

- And then after much begging and praying and sending brain waves, we got a rare Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko oneshot fanfic, titled “disaster button”, by the wonderful Shiki.

- Mayuko fandom is working hard this week! Thank you thank you all!! m(_ _)m I have been slacking.


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