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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” Random Updates 2: Maruyama Kotose Official Blog STAY GOLD

Long title.

Taken from Maruyama Kotose’s Official Blog “STAY GOLD”. Maruyama Kotose played as Fukuda Mayuko’s best friend, Michiko, from HTB special drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”.

She has 3 entries (technically 4, but the last is mainly pictures) about her experiences as she filmed for the special drama, and surprisingly Mayuko was mentioned. Of course, I’m just going to translate the drama filming part, and omit the pictures since I’m lazy they are… Well, you can look at the pictures from her blog.


- FM = Fukuda Mayuko

- F = Fukuda? I’m guessing based on her last entry.

- AS = Ando Sei

- K = Kitaro?

- KK = Kobayashi Kinako

- FY = Fujita Yumiko

- KT = Kaneko Taketoshi

- T = ?

- H = ?



Crank In

September 21, 2013


Wake up today at 5:30 in the morning!



Then at 6:00, to the clothes fitting room ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌( ̄◇ ̄)┘


First meeting with FM-san (^∇^)

Changed clothes, hair and make up

With help


After it’s finished, breakfast!


The appearance is like this!



After checking out of the hotel

Standby in the lobby ^_^

While waiting

Talked with AS-san about various things (^^)


And so left the hotel at 8:00!


Ride the location bus!


Eventually my hair

And like this my costume is also

Changed (^◇^;) laughs


Filming location is at the station

Crank in!


After affirming the shoot and movement


Real shoot (^ω^)


It was so hot (^^;;

Because I may get sunburn

I was always under the black umbrella

Thanks to it (´・_・`)



Acting naturally

Is so hard…


During the waiting time

With FM-san

We talked a lot (^_^)☆

Like love stories. laughs


The filming ended around 11:00 (o^^o)


After changing clothes, I went on JR

[skip the rest]



Script Reading for the Stage Play

September 23, 2013


After leaving EGG

Ride the JR

Come back to Biei again ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


This time, I came alone!

Up until the station

Then met with the location bus!


With K-san and KK-san

First meeting!

K-san said

“The casts will go for a drink, do you want to come?”


And invited me, but


“Sorry, I’m still 17 years old…”


Controlling myself ・°・(ノД`)・°・

I want to

Talk with everyone~…

I want to grow up quickly! >_<


Until I get to my room

I was taught a lot of things

From KK-san…

Such a nice person (。>0<。)


By the way, it’s a single person room this time!


And so

Tonight dinner

Is not a buffet

But a location bento!


After eating

To the hot spring by myself!



Before at the men and women exchanging

Open air bath

I wasn’t able to see the moon (ノ_・。)


But F-san and F-san’s manager is there

We talked a lot

So I wasn’t lonely (^^)


After the bath is cocoa ( ̄▽ ̄)


Going to bed at 12:30 midnight Zzz…(*´?`*)。o○




Crank Up

September 24, 2013


At 6:00 today

Got a call from the staff-san

Bolted awake w


Since we are moving ahead 30 minutes today

The schedule also pushed ahead




After eating

Clothes changed!



After is make up!



Since she was next to me

I chatted with AS-san (^ν^)


After I’m finished

FM-san and

FM-san’s manager-san and

Make up artist-san

We talked a bit

Then I checked out of the hotel!



After confirming the lines



Leaving the hotel at 9:00!



After arriving at the location

I pretty much on standby in the location bus!


The fields are amazing~!



After that, even with the short distance

Movement of cars surprised me w


The wind was so strong while filming

It was difficult (; ̄ェ ̄)


When we did the real shoot

It started blowing harder ^_^;


My hair was BUWA~

Flying everywhere

So from the many make up artist-san

I received help (・・;)


And then,

After doing this scene

Is my crank up!


So fast~ (´・_・`)

Well, since I don’t appear much…


I was surrounded by

The wonderful staff-san

And the wonderful casts

I did my last greeting

I received flowers from the director (;_;)



“We’ll be lonely…”


Faking crocodile tears

Said a funny staff-san w


FM-san is

Close to my age

We’re always in the scene together

That’s why

I was able

To talk to her the most…

We also went to the bath together…

And talked about love stories…

It was really fun! (T_T)


She’s really nice

And easy to talk to…


I hope we will see each other again somewhere!

And if possible

I want to costar together with her again!


FM-san also


“You’re already done!?

So fat! I’ll get lonely!”


She said to me

I was happy (;_;)


“I want to take a picture together!”


I requested

So the cameraman at the filming place

Took a two-shot

For us (;_;)



I believe

We’ll be seeing each other somewhere again…


Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


Even to the director

Took a picture with me

And gave me a handshake T^T

During the filming

I pretty much unable to follow the direction

I’m very sorry (T_T)

I was able to received a lot of leadership

From the director…


Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


Chatted with me

T-san and H-san (;_;)

Greeting me many times

Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


The costume-san

Is very interesting and kind…

With this chance

I want to try learning

Scuba vocabulary w


Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


Make up-san

Always worry about me

And fixed me up…

I was able to talk about many fun things…

I want to talk more about the bed stories… laughs


Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


My costar



The much awaited invitation

That I turned down…

Definitely, once I become an adult

I want to go drinking together!



She’s really too beautiful…

Because she chatted with me at the lobby

I was really happy (T_T)



Walking together with me

Until my hotel room

Teaching me the short cut

In any case, you’re so kind (T_T)



During the return trip on the location bus

Chatting with me for the first time…

A very wonderful person!

Even to the end, in front of the station

“Be healthy!”

Receiving those words

I was really happy (T_T)


As for KT-san

I didn’t have a chance to talk together…

And we didn’t really greet each other much

It’s too bad (T_T)


These several days

I was in debt

To everyone.


The experiences of laughter


A really nice feeling

It was a wonderful filming location.


To be able to have a great experience

It was fun!


Though my time on the filming location

Was short

Just thinking about not coming here again

Make me sad…



Please do your best

For the remainder of the filming!


I’ll cheer you on in Sapporo!


If it’s possible

To work together again

I think it’ll be nice!


Thank you very much!



By the way

What kind of filming is this for

I’ll tell you on the 26th!



- Her entry was so long… And she keeps skipping lines… ^^;; And her pictures… Now you see why I didn’t put the pictures right?

- She mentioned Mayuko so many times!!! (´∇ノ`*)ノI’m so glad I found this. Too bad she didn’t post the two-shots she had with Mayuko. Oh well.



  1. Interesting entry, it seems FlaMme protects FM well. FM still likes the topic of "love story", just a topic-trick or somehow reflects her mindset?

    1. Mayuko always love talking about love stories. X3

  2. I think it is both. She loves that topic and it's easy to talk to girls of that age about 'love' then :P