Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” Release Date

Short entry. ^^;;

Much thanks to Doden2013 for this.


From Kaneko Takatoshi’s official page:

December 14 (Sat) 13:55~15:20 ※Hokkaido area

HTB Special Drama

“Betsuni Futsu no Koi”

Starring: Kaneko Takatoshi



- Disappointing! (*≧m≦*)

- Why only Hokkaido area?

- What about nationwide?

- Oh well, I think I’ll depend on Kantsuki-san again for the video. (*・)σσσ(*゜Д゜*)

- I hope they will make an official site for the SP.



  1. A, flooded with information >ᴗ<

    Just busy recently and Vietnamese teacher's day means hanging out till late. :))

    I just wanna check on her news for sakura futatabi and have a lot to read now. Well, hokkaidou onlyth and she is not heroine here. I can't be helped then. I don't know why but feeling relieved. Maybe because I still want her have romance drama/movie with a young, promising actor (´-`)


    1. Hehe, I agree with you. I'm okay with her not being the heroine, but I wish it can be broadcast nation wide. :x

    2. It seems her character and the kohai end up together with a fake kiss (hope that another 4 years we don't have a confession states that it is real).

      Just recognize that she has many co-star born in 1993: jouu no kyoushitsu, the most tragic couple in Byakuyaku (Yuuki), sweet first love (Kamiki), lead-to-nowhere (friend)ship (Yamada), Nako in Maimai shinko and the boy this time too.

      Another older boy in younger role... Not much into romance but beautiful written and (happy) open ending.

    3. NOOO Spoilers!! I haven't finish watching it yet, just half way! ;_;

      Those were the good old days. lol

  2. Local drama specials sometimes get aired nationwide a while after they ran locally.

    1. I figured that. But why does it have to take longer. They might as well just air it the same time, since everyone (or at least the ones that will watch) will be watching anyways.

      Yes, I also know nationwide broadcasts have their own set of schedules that they need to abide by.

      Just ranting. :P

  3. Watched 'kiri no hi'. Keep it torrent for nearly a month and yesterday, suddenly, a seeder.

    How to say: ' a hidden gem'

    I'm not good at reviewing things but I'm touched. The actor in step-father role is amazing. I hate him at first but the scene when he saw Mayuko's character and they shared a look and she shed tears. It's just unforgetable and many other things.

    I don't expect much of this special but I'm deeply impressed.


    1. Kiri no Hi is one of my favorite Mayuko's work. And yes, the dad was amazing (that's why he received the award). :)