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"Heaven's Door" Fukuda Mayuko-san (福田麻由子) Special Interview

Interview taken from Yap Cinemage. This is just a translation of the interview part and not the others (story, personal life of the writer, etc...).


Starring in “Heaven’s Door”, Fukuda Mayuko-san Special Interview

January 15 [Thu], 2009

Today, Yap! Cinemage has a special interview with Fukuda Mayuko-san who starred in the movie.

The movie's charm will be look at completely!



Please treat me well today. You're playing Harumi, who only has a bit of life left to live. If Fukuda-san has 1 month left to live, how will you be spending the time?

Fukuda Mayuko-san

Realistically, it's not enough to just do it in 1 month, but I want to be in a stage play once again. I was able to partake in a stage play before, and with the audiences in front of me, hearing their laughter and their applauses, it was a really amazing experience. Remember that memories make me want to stand on stage again. Also, I want to be idling about with my friends and family, so that's two things. (laughs)



How was costarring alongside Nagase Tomoya-san, who played Masato?


Nagase-san and I, we never once talk about how the story should be like. It's not as if that agreement to not talk about the story is deliberated, and it's not like we agree to it at a business-like meeting, but it's similar to an unspoken agreement. The first time we meet with each other was as Masato and Harumi. You can almost feel that newly created atmosphere as something great. For some reason, that mutual feeling of wanting to act together made it fun. I'm still young and inexperienced in the art of story, but because Nagase-san was able to look at me as Harumi, I was able to face him as if he's Masato for this film. That made me happy the most.

For this film, there are a lot of location shoots, so not only with Nagase-san, I was also with the staffs from morning until night and for a long time. So because of that, as the filming continues, I can feel our relationships deepen. There are many things I was able to learn from for this movie, so even if each parts and standpoints are different, since everyone acted together as one to create this film, I think it's amazing. It's really wonderful.



Since this movie has a lot of location shots, please tell me something that was the most difficult for you.


Though there are various difficulties... As a matter of fact, we filmed in Harajuku on our first day. Since it's the first day, the staffs are not used to the communication yet, and it was a guerrilla location shoot, so everything was all over the place... Furthermore, I haven't established Harumi in me yet, so everyone was in chaos (laughs).



When I watched the movie, I thought the last scene was really amazing. As for Fukuda-san, which scene is your favorite?


Me too, I love the last scene. In my opinion, this movie's greatest charm is the relationships between Harumi and Masato. So the last scene is a collection of it, or rather, I think it's a symbolic scene. Though there are no dialogue between the two of them, the subtle sense of distance ties each other's feelings together, and they understood each other without the need of words. I really like that feeling. Even while I was acting out that scene, I love it.



"Heaven's Door" is based on the "Knocking On Heaven's Door" movie, have you watch it?


I haven't watch the original movie. There was a work before that I appeared in with an original work. I watched the original and then read the script. When I did that, no matter what I do, I was captured by the original work. With the thoughts of the original work in me, I was unable to act. So this time, I decided to not watch the original movie and just go ahead and perform like that. For me, I don't really want it to be the Japanese version of "Knocking on Heaven's Door", but I want to create a brand new film. That was the feelings that I have while challenging this movie.



Please tell us the highlights of this movie.


Though hearing people say "This movie is great after watching it!" is already enough... For me, the feelings I get while watching it is everyone have different circumstances we leave behind, but that won't change. And also, everyone isn't equal. But with a time limit to our life, our actions in our circumstances, our thoughts, and the challenges that we see will change us. Because I am free from the restraints of time, that's why I can run away, and there are many challenges that I won't face. But for Harumi and Masato, their time are short, so I can feel that they really properly try to live the remainder of their time. I think the figures of them living for the moment is very cool, and I think that power to live will be able to reach everyone.



Lastly, please give a message to the fans who are looking forward to this movie.


Truthfully, the chances of hearing the thoughts of those that watched the movie is very rare... That's why, words such as "It was great" or "It was interesting" made me really happy. Because there are movie goers, that's why this movie was created, so that's not only the thoughts of the staffs and the actors, but it also contain the audiences. So with that said, I have a lot of feelings of "I'm very very thankful". In order to not forget this feelings, I want to perform more. Everyone, please enjoy watching "Heaven's Door".



Thank you very much for today.

Interview: Momo

Photography: Tsubu



- There are a lot of added and subtracted words in this translation, so it's definitely not correct. If you find something, please do tell me so I can fix it.

- I haven't translate a lot of interviews from "Heaven's Door". It's as I expected. It's hard! I think I'm just too lazy to think.

- The scenes at Harajuku was already talk about in the making off as well. Nagase was swamp with fans that they barely able to film it. But in the movie, it was shown for like a minute or something... I don't remember the exact time, but it was really short.


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