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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” Random Updates 2: Maruyama Kotose Official Blog STAY GOLD

Long title.

Taken from Maruyama Kotose’s Official Blog “STAY GOLD”. Maruyama Kotose played as Fukuda Mayuko’s best friend, Michiko, from HTB special drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”.

She has 3 entries (technically 4, but the last is mainly pictures) about her experiences as she filmed for the special drama, and surprisingly Mayuko was mentioned. Of course, I’m just going to translate the drama filming part, and omit the pictures since I’m lazy they are… Well, you can look at the pictures from her blog.


- FM = Fukuda Mayuko

- F = Fukuda? I’m guessing based on her last entry.

- AS = Ando Sei

- K = Kitaro?

- KK = Kobayashi Kinako

- FY = Fujita Yumiko

- KT = Kaneko Taketoshi

- T = ?

- H = ?



Crank In

September 21, 2013


Wake up today at 5:30 in the morning!



Then at 6:00, to the clothes fitting room ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌( ̄◇ ̄)┘


First meeting with FM-san (^∇^)

Changed clothes, hair and make up

With help


After it’s finished, breakfast!


The appearance is like this!



After checking out of the hotel

Standby in the lobby ^_^

While waiting

Talked with AS-san about various things (^^)


And so left the hotel at 8:00!


Ride the location bus!


Eventually my hair

And like this my costume is also

Changed (^◇^;) laughs


Filming location is at the station

Crank in!


After affirming the shoot and movement


Real shoot (^ω^)


It was so hot (^^;;

Because I may get sunburn

I was always under the black umbrella

Thanks to it (´・_・`)



Acting naturally

Is so hard…


During the waiting time

With FM-san

We talked a lot (^_^)☆

Like love stories. laughs


The filming ended around 11:00 (o^^o)


After changing clothes, I went on JR

[skip the rest]



Script Reading for the Stage Play

September 23, 2013


After leaving EGG

Ride the JR

Come back to Biei again ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


This time, I came alone!

Up until the station

Then met with the location bus!


With K-san and KK-san

First meeting!

K-san said

“The casts will go for a drink, do you want to come?”


And invited me, but


“Sorry, I’m still 17 years old…”


Controlling myself ・°・(ノД`)・°・

I want to

Talk with everyone~…

I want to grow up quickly! >_<


Until I get to my room

I was taught a lot of things

From KK-san…

Such a nice person (。>0<。)


By the way, it’s a single person room this time!


And so

Tonight dinner

Is not a buffet

But a location bento!


After eating

To the hot spring by myself!



Before at the men and women exchanging

Open air bath

I wasn’t able to see the moon (ノ_・。)


But F-san and F-san’s manager is there

We talked a lot

So I wasn’t lonely (^^)


After the bath is cocoa ( ̄▽ ̄)


Going to bed at 12:30 midnight Zzz…(*´?`*)。o○




Crank Up

September 24, 2013


At 6:00 today

Got a call from the staff-san

Bolted awake w


Since we are moving ahead 30 minutes today

The schedule also pushed ahead




After eating

Clothes changed!



After is make up!



Since she was next to me

I chatted with AS-san (^ν^)


After I’m finished

FM-san and

FM-san’s manager-san and

Make up artist-san

We talked a bit

Then I checked out of the hotel!



After confirming the lines



Leaving the hotel at 9:00!



After arriving at the location

I pretty much on standby in the location bus!


The fields are amazing~!



After that, even with the short distance

Movement of cars surprised me w


The wind was so strong while filming

It was difficult (; ̄ェ ̄)


When we did the real shoot

It started blowing harder ^_^;


My hair was BUWA~

Flying everywhere

So from the many make up artist-san

I received help (・・;)


And then,

After doing this scene

Is my crank up!


So fast~ (´・_・`)

Well, since I don’t appear much…


I was surrounded by

The wonderful staff-san

And the wonderful casts

I did my last greeting

I received flowers from the director (;_;)



“We’ll be lonely…”


Faking crocodile tears

Said a funny staff-san w


FM-san is

Close to my age

We’re always in the scene together

That’s why

I was able

To talk to her the most…

We also went to the bath together…

And talked about love stories…

It was really fun! (T_T)


She’s really nice

And easy to talk to…


I hope we will see each other again somewhere!

And if possible

I want to costar together with her again!


FM-san also


“You’re already done!?

So fat! I’ll get lonely!”


She said to me

I was happy (;_;)


“I want to take a picture together!”


I requested

So the cameraman at the filming place

Took a two-shot

For us (;_;)



I believe

We’ll be seeing each other somewhere again…


Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


Even to the director

Took a picture with me

And gave me a handshake T^T

During the filming

I pretty much unable to follow the direction

I’m very sorry (T_T)

I was able to received a lot of leadership

From the director…


Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


Chatted with me

T-san and H-san (;_;)

Greeting me many times

Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


The costume-san

Is very interesting and kind…

With this chance

I want to try learning

Scuba vocabulary w


Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


Make up-san

Always worry about me

And fixed me up…

I was able to talk about many fun things…

I want to talk more about the bed stories… laughs


Thank you very much. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


My costar



The much awaited invitation

That I turned down…

Definitely, once I become an adult

I want to go drinking together!



She’s really too beautiful…

Because she chatted with me at the lobby

I was really happy (T_T)



Walking together with me

Until my hotel room

Teaching me the short cut

In any case, you’re so kind (T_T)



During the return trip on the location bus

Chatting with me for the first time…

A very wonderful person!

Even to the end, in front of the station

“Be healthy!”

Receiving those words

I was really happy (T_T)


As for KT-san

I didn’t have a chance to talk together…

And we didn’t really greet each other much

It’s too bad (T_T)


These several days

I was in debt

To everyone.


The experiences of laughter


A really nice feeling

It was a wonderful filming location.


To be able to have a great experience

It was fun!


Though my time on the filming location

Was short

Just thinking about not coming here again

Make me sad…



Please do your best

For the remainder of the filming!


I’ll cheer you on in Sapporo!


If it’s possible

To work together again

I think it’ll be nice!


Thank you very much!



By the way

What kind of filming is this for

I’ll tell you on the 26th!



- Her entry was so long… And she keeps skipping lines… ^^;; And her pictures… Now you see why I didn’t put the pictures right?

- She mentioned Mayuko so many times!!! (´∇ノ`*)ノI’m so glad I found this. Too bad she didn’t post the two-shots she had with Mayuko. Oh well.


Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” Random Updates 1

From HTB website.

Special Drama

HTB Special Drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”

With her dream of becoming an actress was crushed,  Ritsuko (Ando Sei) return to her hometown. A farmer still harboring an unrequited love, Haruo (Kaneko Taketoshi). And at that place, a love god, or rather, a wandering man (Kitaro) appeared…! A special drama set in Biei.

December 14, 2013 (Sat) 1:55~3:20pm



From What’s New BLOG.

<<Notice>> HTB Special Drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” 12/14 Broadcast!

HTB special drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” will be broadcast on December 14 (Sat) 1:55~3:20 pm (85 minutes locally in Hokkaido).


The Ferris wheel from Miyama Pass Art Park will also make an appearance!


Starting from 1995, one HTB special drama was produced, this year marked the 17th production.

In 2006, “Omugi machi de Tsukamaete” from Kamifurano was shown.


The production this time is in the center of Hokkaido, setting in the healing fields of “Biei”.

At the foot of Daisetsuzan with the grand nature as the backdrop, it’s written by the current best in Japan Maeda Shiro.

Perhaps it’s actually tiny, but for the person that’s concerned, it’s a very serious “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”.


What type of scene will the Ferris wheel from the Art Park appear… Everyone, please watch!

※Miyama Pass Art Park opened from December 1, 25th year of Heisei (2013) to March 31, 26th year of Heisei, until the winter season end.



From Kamifurano Homepage.

Date picture taken: September 24, 2013 (Tues)

【Shooting of the drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”】

The filming of the special drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” from HTB (Hokkaido Television) was located around the area of Woody Life from Miyama Pass.

With an impressive view of nature of Daisetsuzan mountain range at their back, “Even though it’s simple, for everyone that’s concerned, it’s a very serious “Futsu no Koi” showing a love drama. Though the setting is mainly in Biei, there are some scenes that were taken from the neighborhood.

The casts are Kaneko Taketoshi-san, Ando Sei-san, Kobayashi Kinako-san, Kitaro-san, Fujita Yumiko-san, and others. The script is by Maeda Shiro-san. It’s planned to be broadcast in December, with an 85 minutes running time. Please, be sure to watch.



From Maruyama Kotose’s twitter. (Just translating the important part)

[Notice] I will appear on December 14 (Sat) 13:55~15:20 HTB Special Drama “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”! The lead is played by Kaneko Taketoshi-san! I played Machiko, the best friend of Fukuda Mayuko-san’s Sachi. Though I don’t have a lot of lines, please watch! I’ll probably announce this several times!



- A very sloppy entry.

- Now we know the synopsis and Mayuko’s character’s name.

- Thanks to a lot of people that I got them from.

- Too lazy to link.

- Now, on to the second part!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “Betsuni Futsu no Koi” Release Date

Short entry. ^^;;

Much thanks to Doden2013 for this.


From Kaneko Takatoshi’s official page:

December 14 (Sat) 13:55~15:20 ※Hokkaido area

HTB Special Drama

“Betsuni Futsu no Koi”

Starring: Kaneko Takatoshi



- Disappointing! (*≧m≦*)

- Why only Hokkaido area?

- What about nationwide?

- Oh well, I think I’ll depend on Kantsuki-san again for the video. (*・)σσσ(*゜Д゜*)

- I hope they will make an official site for the SP.


Monday, November 18, 2013

HTB HANATARE NACS Staff Room: Tadaima~

Thanks to Ootani-san from Mamayu Land for the head up!

Finally information about Fukuda Mayuko’s new work!!



October 31, 2013


Sorry for not writing after a long time

I just came back from shooting and editing the drama.

Finally going back to the normal day to day things, this is Sugiyama.

Though a part was already published, the drama this time is set in Biei, a small love story between a man and a woman.

The title is “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”. (Rough translation: “Not Exactly an Ordinary Love”)

Not really ordinary…

It’s a title that really pique your interest (laughs).

Since it’s still early for the broadcast day and news release, I can’t really write much

But the script is by the high profile playwright from various fields, Maeda Shiro-san, who had won several prizes from his drama and story.

He wrote the popular “Yokomichi Yonosuke”, and soon, his newest work will open to the public

He has also became a popular author in the world of films.

His novel is really interesting, so please check it out.

The lead is Kaneko Takatoshi-san.

A while ago, for the show “Subarashii Seikai” that starred Otoo-kun, he appeared as a guest.

With a refreshing and bright passion, he’s a wonderful person.


I’m just going to reveal a bit of the drama

“Unfolding on the large patchwork of hills, a man and woman small love story.

Though they are unable to spend their time in a cloudy and sunny like life,

And yet in their own special way living while facing forward, an ordinary story.”

Doesn’t that pique your interest? (laughs)

Though I can’t say much, it’s planned to be broadcast in Hokkaido at the end of this year,

Those that feel like it, please be sure to tune in.


Ah, since we can’t make you wait for too long, I’ll say it first.

This time, everyone from team NACS… will not all appear!

To make the reason clear.

It’s because there are no role for old man in their 40s (laughs)


The coming broadcasting season will be with Ozumi-san’s “BudoNami (short name?)”

The film location is in Sorachi area.

If you look from the map, with the mountain in between, it’s close to each other.


And, well…

Though we were pretty much blessed with the weather,

Sometime, Why? there are urgent dark clouds covered the sky.

The rain came at bad timing.

Such clouds always came floating from the direction of Sorachi (laughs).

No~, it’s so troublesome! Sensei (laughs).


But appearing in this drama is an actress from Sapporo that are quite close with Oizumi-san, Kojima  Tatsuko-san (currently part of theater troupe Eleven Nines) said something one day.

“There’s a message from Yo-chan, he’s worried and said ‘has Sugiyama-san blow a fuse yet?’”

I’m happy. Thank you.

No matter how busy I am, there are always people that are worried about me.

Such a nice person.

Rather than (sending the message) directly to the person, but do it indirectly, that kindness is just like him.

Thank you very much.

The other day, I met with him on Hanatare, though I can’t say it,

And today, I wrote a thank you reply!


In conclusion, the stories that are set in my much loved Hokkaido, “BudoNami” and “Betsuni Futsu no Koi”, I hope both will become great works.



You guys are waiting for it right… For the DVD announcement, please wait a bit more.

I didn’t forget about it!!



- Bad translation. Please tell me!

- Mayuko’s new work is about love!!! ^^;; Too bad I don’t think she’s the heroine this time around.

- The script writer wrote “Yokomichi Yonosuke” as well as “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”. I hope it will be interesting.

- He said it will be shown in Hokkaido, I really hope they will broadcast in nation wide as well. Perhaps it will be shown much later (like next year) or something nationwide.

- The filming for BudoNami, or “Budou no Namida” started from September 15 to sometimes December. I wondered if the casts visit each other. XD;; (My dream of Sometani Shota and Mayuko meeting). >:3

- News~! Yay~!

- More waiting~!! Boo~!

- While waiting, let’s continue our fanvid run.

- A quite rare Shida Mirai and Fukuda Mayuko video by the awesome cie-chan. *w*

- And then after much begging and praying and sending brain waves, we got a rare Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko oneshot fanfic, titled “disaster button”, by the wonderful Shiki.

- Mayuko fandom is working hard this week! Thank you thank you all!! m(_ _)m I have been slacking.

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Caramel Box KATO's Today: Fukuda Mayuko-chan (福田麻由子) from this morning. "Kimi ga Ita Jikan Boku no Iku Jikan"

Text taken from Kato's Today blog. Kato Masafumi is Caramel Box's director/president person.


Fukuda Mayuko-chan From This Morning. "Kimi ga Ita Jikan Boku no Iku Jikan"

March 27, 2008

On TBS this morning, Fukuda Mayuko-chan made an appearance in "Hanamaru Market"!!

On it, I can't think of her as being a first year junior high student!!

Somehow, isn't she such a level-headed and straight forward actress.


The other day, when I came to watch "Kimi ga Ita Jikan Boku no Iku Jikan", she also came. But because the play might be different if everyone knew that she's coming ahead of time, she gave the actors and actresses a surprised visit, and rushed into the dressing room once the play ended. Once the curtain call was finished, the actors and actresses came back to the dressing room, and while screams were heard, they had a happy reunion with Mayuko-chan.


Her height naturally overtook Kobayashi Chie.

Furthermore, her legs became lo~~~~~~nger!!

Even for today's "Hanamaru Market" talk, topics about her parents also came up, but they are really wonderful parents. For Mayuko-chan to be so dependable and refreshing, I think it's due to the characteristics of her parents.


She'll definitely get more and more works. Right Mayuko-chan?



- I want to translate Hanamaru Market now. Well, maybe one of these days, I’ll stop procrastinate and actually do it. ^^;;


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SPA! May 2006: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Text taken from




People with Edge

Fukuda Mayuko (actress)

This, this is... An amazing child actress appeared!


Causing the people who watched episode 1 of "Byakuyako" (TBS) to cry, playing a dark role in "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu" that showed her thorough acting that even make professionals buzz. This 11 years old who's popular with CM and drama, this summer, she will be experiencing the stage play with "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" by Yu Miri, and her movie "Nihon Chinbotsu" will soon be open in theaters. Even so, we'll show you her true face of the current popular "genius child actress"!!

-- Right now you are 11 years old. 6th grades?

Mayuko: Yes. I'll be a junior high student next year.

-- When you're filming for the drama version of "Chibi Maruko-chan", you're playing Onee-chan right? Everyone are exactly like the manga!! In the Sakura family, everyone except Mayuko-san are wearing a wig, so was it interesting working with such figure of everyone?

Mayuko: It's always fun (laughs). But the filming only took 1 month, I was in 5th grades during that time, so there are so many things that I can't remember from that long ago.

-- That long ago!? Several months ago is that long ago?

Mayuko: That's right. Even a month earlier, is a really long time.

-- Even though you're just barely 11 years old, but 1 month is already a great period of time. Well then, what about when you started working in your kindergarten period?

Mayuko: That's a really long time ago!

-- Do you forget everything after you finished with your project?

Mayuko: I think it's because I don't drag out my character. Since I have a lot of gloomy roles, if I continue to drag them out, I can't do anything else, in my case (laughs).

-- It's true that you keep getting gloomy roles. Particularly for "Byakuyako", where you have child prostitution and murdered your mother, there haven't been another heavy role to that extent. Did you hesitate?

Mayuko: At first, even though the role is like this, I didn't understand what kind of character she is even with the explanations. When I read the script, I finally understand what kind of character she is, and I wanted to try to do it. Though my job is to act, it's the most enjoyable. I like it. That's why I want to try acting a role that hasn't been done before. By doing that, I came to understand that there are people like this, so I want to try many different roles.

-- For "Byakuyako", what kind of advices did the director gave you?

Mayuko: The director told me "Because she's a strong girl", so I remembered that.

-- For you, what is a "strong person" to Mayuko?

Mayuko: Though you have your own opinion, you also can be patient. A person that can understand others' feelings. Just speaking out your own thoughts is simply selfish.


-- In "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu", you're playing a girl who can't make friends, but in real life, it seems totally different.

Mayuko: I'm sorry, it's totally different from my image (laughs).

-- Do you hate to be treated as a child?

Mayuko: Sometimes. There are times where I thought, I know what you're doing.

-- Since "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu" casts are practically children, how was working with them?

Mayuko: I guess I preferred working with mostly adult casts. Amami Yuki-san, who has to say so much dialogues, was amazing. It's enlightening. But for the children, I have part of me that view them as rival, so I can't really put my all into it. I want to be more carefree.


-- Have you tried working on a period drama?

Mayuko: A person that serve the higher position would be nice.

-- A servant?

Mayuko: Yes. I want to try it. Since I'm inexperience with wearing a wig.


-- You're good in math right?

Mayuko: Once I learned the math formula, I will be able to answer the question. No matter what the question is, I'll definitely understand it. But, as for kanji, if I don't know it, I can't recall it no matter how many times I think about it. For Japanese, even though the teacher said "You can use such feeling to write it", but I would think what kind of "such" is she talking about!

-- You don't like things that are too vague.

Mayuko: I will become irritated.

-- Did you also feel agony when you read modern poetry?

Mayuko: I really like modern poetry. I also like reading the lyrics from songs, I like it more than listening to songs.


-- What about physical education?

Mayuko: Though I'm bad at it, I like it. Or rather, for me, my reflexes are REAL~~~~~LY bad.

-- You really put your all in that "REAL~~~~LY.

Mayuko: My legs are horribly slow. I'll also have to give up on jumping, that's why I'm weak in dodge ball.


-- Did you do a play for your school recital?

Mayuko: We did a play last year, but I had a small role. I think people who are child actors usually can't become the lead.

-- If your school did "Byakuyakou", I don't think anyone would match.

Mayuko: I don't act for school. But since I like talking, I'm thinking of becoming a broadcast committee member.


-- Now, there are dangers when children are outside, it's a suffocating era. In that case, is there something that you don't want to hear the adult telling you?

Mayuko: My parents told me "You better not go home alone". The adult, or the people that caused such crimes, I think they are idiots. Creating crimes because you're frustrated, even more than before, you become worst.


-- What do you carry in your bag when you go to work? Cellphone?

Mayuko: I have that. But since my friends don't have it, I only use it to contact my mother.

-- What kind of cellphone? Since it's your personal belonging, do you choose the cute one?

Mayuko: Color and shape, and how easy it is to push the buttons.

-- You put a lot of importance in functions! You seems to like science.

Mayuko: Other than that, I also always carry an iPod. I love Porno Graffitti the most that I bought the single collection.


-- Is there something you want now? Clothes?

Mayuko: Hmm, I don't really want clothes that much. Right now, the thing I want the most is a dictionary. Japanese kanji one. Since there are a lot of words that the one I used in elementary school doesn't have.

-- You're not like how you are in "Byakuyakou" at all!

(Interviewer: Perii Ogino)


- This is another interview where I like the picture. Pretty pictures~

- Please tell me if there's anything that doesn't make sense, or if my translation is incorrect.

- The interviewer sound so excited.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Heaven's Door" Fukuda Mayuko-san (福田麻由子) Special Interview

Interview taken from Yap Cinemage. This is just a translation of the interview part and not the others (story, personal life of the writer, etc...).


Starring in “Heaven’s Door”, Fukuda Mayuko-san Special Interview

January 15 [Thu], 2009

Today, Yap! Cinemage has a special interview with Fukuda Mayuko-san who starred in the movie.

The movie's charm will be look at completely!



Please treat me well today. You're playing Harumi, who only has a bit of life left to live. If Fukuda-san has 1 month left to live, how will you be spending the time?

Fukuda Mayuko-san

Realistically, it's not enough to just do it in 1 month, but I want to be in a stage play once again. I was able to partake in a stage play before, and with the audiences in front of me, hearing their laughter and their applauses, it was a really amazing experience. Remember that memories make me want to stand on stage again. Also, I want to be idling about with my friends and family, so that's two things. (laughs)



How was costarring alongside Nagase Tomoya-san, who played Masato?


Nagase-san and I, we never once talk about how the story should be like. It's not as if that agreement to not talk about the story is deliberated, and it's not like we agree to it at a business-like meeting, but it's similar to an unspoken agreement. The first time we meet with each other was as Masato and Harumi. You can almost feel that newly created atmosphere as something great. For some reason, that mutual feeling of wanting to act together made it fun. I'm still young and inexperienced in the art of story, but because Nagase-san was able to look at me as Harumi, I was able to face him as if he's Masato for this film. That made me happy the most.

For this film, there are a lot of location shoots, so not only with Nagase-san, I was also with the staffs from morning until night and for a long time. So because of that, as the filming continues, I can feel our relationships deepen. There are many things I was able to learn from for this movie, so even if each parts and standpoints are different, since everyone acted together as one to create this film, I think it's amazing. It's really wonderful.



Since this movie has a lot of location shots, please tell me something that was the most difficult for you.


Though there are various difficulties... As a matter of fact, we filmed in Harajuku on our first day. Since it's the first day, the staffs are not used to the communication yet, and it was a guerrilla location shoot, so everything was all over the place... Furthermore, I haven't established Harumi in me yet, so everyone was in chaos (laughs).



When I watched the movie, I thought the last scene was really amazing. As for Fukuda-san, which scene is your favorite?


Me too, I love the last scene. In my opinion, this movie's greatest charm is the relationships between Harumi and Masato. So the last scene is a collection of it, or rather, I think it's a symbolic scene. Though there are no dialogue between the two of them, the subtle sense of distance ties each other's feelings together, and they understood each other without the need of words. I really like that feeling. Even while I was acting out that scene, I love it.



"Heaven's Door" is based on the "Knocking On Heaven's Door" movie, have you watch it?


I haven't watch the original movie. There was a work before that I appeared in with an original work. I watched the original and then read the script. When I did that, no matter what I do, I was captured by the original work. With the thoughts of the original work in me, I was unable to act. So this time, I decided to not watch the original movie and just go ahead and perform like that. For me, I don't really want it to be the Japanese version of "Knocking on Heaven's Door", but I want to create a brand new film. That was the feelings that I have while challenging this movie.



Please tell us the highlights of this movie.


Though hearing people say "This movie is great after watching it!" is already enough... For me, the feelings I get while watching it is everyone have different circumstances we leave behind, but that won't change. And also, everyone isn't equal. But with a time limit to our life, our actions in our circumstances, our thoughts, and the challenges that we see will change us. Because I am free from the restraints of time, that's why I can run away, and there are many challenges that I won't face. But for Harumi and Masato, their time are short, so I can feel that they really properly try to live the remainder of their time. I think the figures of them living for the moment is very cool, and I think that power to live will be able to reach everyone.



Lastly, please give a message to the fans who are looking forward to this movie.


Truthfully, the chances of hearing the thoughts of those that watched the movie is very rare... That's why, words such as "It was great" or "It was interesting" made me really happy. Because there are movie goers, that's why this movie was created, so that's not only the thoughts of the staffs and the actors, but it also contain the audiences. So with that said, I have a lot of feelings of "I'm very very thankful". In order to not forget this feelings, I want to perform more. Everyone, please enjoy watching "Heaven's Door".



Thank you very much for today.

Interview: Momo

Photography: Tsubu



- There are a lot of added and subtracted words in this translation, so it's definitely not correct. If you find something, please do tell me so I can fix it.

- I haven't translate a lot of interviews from "Heaven's Door". It's as I expected. It's hard! I think I'm just too lazy to think.

- The scenes at Harajuku was already talk about in the making off as well. Nagase was swamp with fans that they barely able to film it. But in the movie, it was shown for like a minute or something... I don't remember the exact time, but it was really short.