Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FLaMme Relay: Fujiwara Reiko (藤原令子) → Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) → Konno Mahiru (紺野まひる)

Taken from Mamayu-Land BBS.


On September 29th, Fujiwara Reiko sent a question to Fukuda Mayuko through FLaMme Relay:

"The Mayuko-chan who has different sense than me.

Recently, what's the newest thing that's on your mind??"


On October 11, Mayuko replied to her:

"Recently, my mind are filled with vocabulary words.

Among them, the things that I just learn about are...

Kuroi Uta

Yoshiki Risa-san

Oyasumi Punpun

Hip stretch


Gumi. Chocolate. Pine

Boys on the Run


To Reiko, Mayuko said

"I want to have a good talk together with you. Please grill for me when we have yakiniku."


Then, a question to Konno Mahiru (who's known to write about her cooking on her FLaMme mobile blog):

"I'm cooking for myself"

She then asked for a healthy recipe recommendation.



- Recently, Mayuko has been interacting a lot with the newer actresses in her company. :) Even though it’s seems like it’s only through FLaMme mobile, I’m glad.

- The description for Mayuko’s “OtonaMae” blog is “Things that she’s interested in at the moment.” So Reiko must have used that as the base of her questions, since Mayuko haven’t been writing her blog at all recently. ^^;;

- When I search up the names she mentioned, there are several versions, so I’m not sure which she meant.

- Gumi. Chocolate. Pine is based on a manga, which revolved around music. There’s also a live action adaption which I’m guessing is an adaptation.

- For Lettuce, I’m guessing she’s talking about the band, rather than the vegetable.

- For Boys on the Run, of course there’s a live action drama and movie adaptation on the manga just recently. However, I’m thinking she’s talking about the manga rather than the drama. Or perhaps the movie… I don’t know.

- I’m surprised she mentioned so many manga. She once said she doesn’t read that much manga.

- I don’t know what she mean about Kuroi Uta. I thought it may be a song, or a band, but the only thing that came up is the theme song for the game Drakengard 3 sang by Aoi Eir. Maybe Mayuko is a hard core gamer and we don’t know anything about. :/ Well, Mayuko did said she like to play games when she was a kid.

- Mayuko and her single life style. She has always been health conscious way before, so not surprised by this.

- I guess she must be studying hard if things on her mind are vocabulary words. ^^;; When will we see her next work?



  1. She really has been interacting more with the newer actresses~
    There was Koshino Ena & now Fujiwara Reiko :D

    So much music-related stuff hehe
    (still hoping and wishing she'll have a music-themed work >.<)

    Games makes me think of Hongo Kanata since he's a hardcore gamer xD It's just my delusional biased mind, but imagining him influencing her with this still amuses me hahaha

    1. Maybe he introduced her to the game! Haha Delusional as well. XD

      I wish they give her a music-themed drama already. She already mentioned that she want to do one. ;_;

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    1. Sadly, it's a Japanese-mobile only service.