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JUNON April 2006: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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She played the younger version of Ayase Haruka's character in the drama "Byakuyako". Raised in a strict environment, she killed her mother in order to protect the boy she likes from being convicted of murder. That splendid acting was displayed by Fukuda Mayuko-chan.

"It was difficult. I wasn't able to feel sympathy for her. Rather than becoming a murderer, I'm unable to go to that extreme since I don't have anyone I like. ‘Is the feeling like this? Or rather, is it like this?’ I asked the director a lot of questions like this, and was able to act it out after hearing the various answers."

Just her words resembled that of an adult actress, she's very levelheaded.

"At school, I'm generally the peacemaker. Rather than like to study, I hate that I can't. I particularly like arithmetic, so to be able to answer the questions on the test make me happy. But I'm bad at physical education. I'm slow at running, but it's not that I'm bad at it, I just can't do it (laughs). I don't hate it."

Could it be, she hates losing?

"That's true. I would feel bitter for a game, for example. It's not even losing to another person, but when I'm by myself, I'll erase it and throw it away (laughs). But after that I picked it up again while feeling like I need to continue, and that bitterness returns once again (laughs)."

Her normal expression is cheerful and amusing... But the girl in "Byakuyako" is taciturn and reserved, as if a different person! Just that is the evidence of her acting ability.

"I started working pretty much when I was 4 years old and entered a theater troupe. Though I don't remember much of it, but while watching television, I like to sing and dance along. When I started taking lessons, I was told ‘Your dance and singing are good’. From then on, I learned both of them from the theater troupe at once."

As she began to attend school in March, on her first audition, she was chosen to be in a CM. After that, works started to pile up one by one.

"When I thought of a person's feeling, I turn completely into them. Acting is fun. But, if I'm unable to continue working, I want to be an owner of a cake shop. The reason? Because they are delicious (laughs)"

With her entertaining way of talking, you can feel her wittiness.

"I like talking (laughs). That's why I'm also good at making friends. The trick is how to start a conversation! For example, when you see someone's belonging, you can ask them ‘That's cute! Where did you get it?’"

Though we are looking forward to her growth to become an actress, as a girl, she is cheerful and amiable person, a fun Mayuko-chan. You can tell she'll become someone big.

(Interview: Ohno Naomi)



TBS "Byakuyako" Producer Ishimura Akihito's comment about Fukuda Mayuko

When I watched the drama "Last Present" with Fukuda-san, I thought her eye power is strong! And after meeting her, her acting is really good that it's overpowering. Fukuda-san's best appeal is her presence. Because it's not something that she has to exert her power for, so that will definitely her strongest assets as an actress. After this, I want to see her in a role that "only she can do because she's Fukuda Mayuko". I think she is an actress that can do it.


- Young Mayuko is just so cute. I think I need to learn from her way of making friends.

- I didn't know that she was chosen on her first audition. That's pretty impressive. I am curious on how many she failed though.

- Thanks to "3 Maime no Bodyguard", I didn't think she was good at singing (maybe also thanks to the acting). So I was surprised to hear that people complimented her in her singing and dancing. The other time we hear her singing is in "10 Promises to My Dog", but it doesn't make an impact to be honest. Okay, now we need to see this with our own eyes. I just wish she accepts a drama about music already. She even want one.

- According to a FLaMme’s manager, the date for “Flare” to be release will be delayed. But I have a feeling we will hear news about it soon.

- Also, Ootani-san (super loyal JPN fan) asked what’s going on with Mayuko recently (since there are no updates). The reply was that will soon go into a renewal.

- Mayuko’s manager also updated the blog on today, with the title of “Maintenance”, so we can guess that there are going to be a few changes soon. As for the content of the blog post? Well, I’ll write it in a different entry when I have time.

- Lastly, while we all are waiting for news about “Flare” and Mayuko’s life, let’s fill our time of waiting with a fan made video. :)

- This time, a shoujo ai story starting Mayuko/Honoka Miki and Shida Mirai/Kojima Fujiko by the talented cie-chan. :) Enjoy!

- The second is a story about the recent trendy love square, starting Kamiki Ryunosuke, Shida Mirai, Hongo Kanata, and Mayuko. Made by the equally talented nishoken. (This video almost slipped my mind. ^^;; Sorry)



  1. I wonder why Flare got delay. Does it possess any prohibited or sentitive scenes, doesn't it?

    About her ability to sing, I think it was the past. She may be cute when she sang and danced back then but I don't think she has been practiced much later on. I just wanna listen to her piano's skill then :p.


    1. Probably not. I mean I'm not sure about the French, but the Japanese has such a variety of genres that I can't think of a reason why it would be delayed because of that. Unless it's going against the current politics or something. I don't think Japan is like Korea, where things are much more conservative.

      Personally, I think it's because the director is busy promoting his other movie that it's not a good time to show it in theater yet. That would be like having both his movies competing against each other. The only thing we can do is wait. :/

      I would think she has time to karaoke. And seeing that she always go watch live concerts, from both commercially known bands and indies, I'm sure that she has plenty of chances to "sing", even if it's amaturish. The thing is that her voice has always been grave and deep, so I'm surprised that people praise her singing (even from back then). But you maybe right. She may have been so busy with other things that sage hasn't have time to practice. Well, it would make sense, since she even said it herself that she doesn't want to be an idol, but an actress.

      But YES YES YES, I really want to see her play the piano. Any instrument would be great for me. XD

    2. Alright, I can fall head over heal in love with any musicians of any types. They are just... AMAZING XD.

      Actually, I half-expect something new from her since it's summer break.

      FLARE is always so secretive its way out. I wonder why? Is that a cooperated project? It must be promoted wider than it has been. But generally, they don't seem to be very open about her news and works.

      Patient is virtue. Always. :))

      Btw, do you know the release date for Kanako? I checked the official website but i found nothing. Since It was out the the theater in April so I thought we're about time for DVD release, isn't it?


    3. Me too, I like people that can play their own instruments and be in tune. That's something impossible for me. ^^;

      I also expected some news as well, but it's her first year in college, so I'm not surprised that there are nothing. If there are no jobs the next few years, then that will definitely be alarming.

      Yes, Flare is the cooperative work. I think that since the previous work of the director was somewhat an Indie, so I think this may be one as well. That's probably why there haven't been any advertisements about it. Then again, well, maybe it's still in its finishing stage, so there are nothing to show yet. Well, hopefully it will be shown in Japan at the pointed time.

      I checked the website and it said they were still showing it in theater at the end of July, so yeah, we still have to wait. ^^;;

  2. I don't know that it was shown in such a long time, maybe we can watch it at the end of this year ;___;


  3. >_<;; Me too, at least by October November or something. :x