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Audition Nov 2007: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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Together with the season of the flowers, the "base" charms of teenage generation actresses can be tied together with [White+]. For the 7th edition, Fukuda Mayuko-san is someone who has the translucence and acting ability that can attract people who are watching. From the end of the year and hereafter, she will appears as the leading character in 3 movies. Just like a large flower, the bud of her talent is starting to blossom.


-- Do you remember your first work?

Fukuda: I don't really remember. I'm sorry (laughs). The first work day that I do remember is for "Last Present". When I went to the audition, director Iwamoto Hitoshi was there. Though I still like director Iwamoto even now, I first thought that this drama is going to be fun.... Perhaps (laughs).

-- Why did you liked director Iwamoto?

Fukuda: The shows that I thought "It's interesting" are pretty much by director Iwamoto. Like "Nurse no Oshigoto" or "Ashita Tenki ni Naare".

-- You're also working together with director Iwamoto for "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu" and "Enka no Jyoou".

Fukuda: Though he laughs as he talk to us about the scene, director Iwamoto doesn't explain it too long, and it's easy to understand. Even his speech, as he is laughing, even as you just get a little bit of it, it's as if it stays in your heart.

-- The drama "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu" became a very popular work.

Fukuda: I was surprised when my friends and everyone told me they all watched it. Because I worked since I was a child, it's natural for me to be surrounded by work, so I don't usually hear talks about my work at school. That's why I'm really grateful, or rather, I'm happy to be able to continue with it naturally. But for "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu", I was told "It was interesting!" by everyone. Rather just thinking the drama is interesting by myself, having everyone telling me that made me even more happy.

-- Do you think your character is difficult?

Fukuda: About this. Because Amami-san, the director, the staffs, as well as so many people working all together that it becomes easy to do. Also, being together regularly with the kids that acted as my classmates, I became close to them. With so many people around me, I think perhaps I was able to take a part in it. Even though it's a strong role individually, but because there are many people in this story, I think I was able to be Hikaru (character's name).

-- In the following drama "Byakuyakou", you acted as a girl with complicated circumstances.

Fukuda: Rather than a special turning point, I felt as if I'm slowly changing (myself) with each, but "Byakuyakou" is very impressive. For that, it's the one that give me the most sense of accomplishment. Even though I'm only in episode 1 (for 2 hours), I totally immense myself into Yukiho (character's name). There's really a sense of becoming her.

-- What does the sense of becoming her feel like?

Fukuda: There are times when we are filming and when we are not, so even if I'm not her when I hear "Yoi, start!", I was able to naturally becoming her.

-- When you became her, the role is heavy isn't it?

Fukuda: That's true. As I always become her, it became tiring (laughs), so I preferred to change back. That changing back is pretty quick as well.

-- After this, the movies you appeared in will be open in theaters one by one. The movie that will open at the end of the year is "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", you will be acting as the heroine for the first time.

Fukuda: When I read the script, it's as if I can feel everyone's warm feelings. Every characters have someone they thought about, you can see it all completely, so it really warm my heart and I was deeply moved by it. It's a work that I really like.

-- Did you have any troubles?

Fukuda: There are scenes where I was wrapped in bandages. I don't really understand how it feels like to have a full body injury. But I must become that person, that was difficult. There are also scenes with crutches, but because Tamaki (character's name) is a girl that can work the crutches skillfully, I spent my free time practicing. Because I want my action to be natural, I pretty much walk together with the crutches.

-- It seems like you're filming a different movie now.

Fukuda: That's right. Even if I'm filming 1 work, it's still 1, kind of like that. This is the first time I feel this amount of nervousness at the filming location. My character is a girl who experienced something painful, and even though she doesn't cry over it, it's as if I will ended up crying after the filming end. I can't say it skillfully, but even though it's fun, it's painful, like that. But since it's a nice feeling of tension, different from laughing and having fun, I feel as if I can enjoy doing it.

-- Then, are you totally addicted to the world of movies now?

Fukuda: That's right. Movies are great. For movie, it's true that there's a specific release date, but it also has a strong atmosphere of "I need to watch this now before the movie stop showing" compared to that of television. Also, since we are able to see the story from the beginning to the end, it's easy to understand the feelings of the characters. I feel like it's easier to become the character in movie.

-- What is acting for Fukuda-san?

Fukuda: Hmm... Everyone asked me this. It's like this even from before, but I guess it's a part of living. I think myself as still being a student, so when people asked about my occupation, in order for me to answer "middle school student", I want to live like that. Like the people who want to be a professional ballerina, they will practice ballet, I want to do it just like that.

-- So you want to be an actress in the future?

Fukuda: Yes, that's right. At present (laughs). Though it's like I think it's better not to decide on it like that.

-- Do you have an actress that you look up to?

Fukuda: Yes. Shinohara Ryoko-san and Ohgo Suzuka-san. Both of them are good at their drama. Though Shinohara-san is able to naturally does her drama, when you look at her role "Eh~!!" it's totally different. Suzu-chan is... Ah, I just naturally called her "Suzu-chan" on my own (laughs), but her facial expressions is really lovely!"

-- It seems as if you may have a chance to do a magazine interview together with her!

Fukuda: Yes!! Please let me. I love "Sexy Voice and Robo", starting from the first broadcast, the images of Robo continuously stream in my room every day!

-- Please tell us about the Fukuda family who raised this reliable person.

Fukuda: My father, mother, and 2 dogs. A Chihuahua named Lulu, and a miniature dachshund named Melon. I got the Chihuahua because I wanted to keep a pet when I was in first grade. As for the dachshund, it doesn't look at me as the head of the household, but like a friend. They are not just "my dog", but I have to train and take care of them.

-- Were you able to train them?

Fukuda: Erm~ (wry smile). (Raising her hands) They are able to do like this, jump, and touch. Recently, they're able to crawl. I lay on my bed with my face down, and say "crawl!" then did it together with them (laughs).

-- Isn't it lonely when you have to be away from home for work a lot? Even if your mother went together with you before.

Fukuda: She can't anymore. Homesick? I don't really feel that, since I like to stay in the hotel. We don't really talk about work at home. They don't really ask me anything. "Don't you think tomorrow came fast?" just this much.

-- Please tell us about your life at school.

Fukuda: I'm a representative committee member. I do things like leading the class meetings, lining people up for the morning assembly, and giving warnings (laughs). It's not because I was influenced by the things from "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu"!

-- It's as if you're in a school drama in real life.

Fukuda: It's fun to see each and everyone's responsibility. During a class meeting, looking at each of their thinking faces, and gradually putting in their inputs, those things make me happy.

-- Isn't it difficult to both work and study?

Fukuda: I tried my best. I like studying. I'm good at science. You know there's a reason why the water that was dropped on the table is in the shape of a circle. Isn't it fun. Also, I really like reading the ingredients from the back of the juice pack.

-- Are you the type to be picky about food?

Fukuda: Not really... Perhaps I am. I basically like everything. But, even though it said 100% fruit juice, I won't permit it if it's practically have preservatives in it! My dad once bought fruit juice for me, but since it only has 2% fruit juice, "If it's not 100%, I don't want it!" I said and didn't drink it. 100% fruit juice is better (laughs)!

-- Perhaps you're very meticulous?

Fukuda: Sometimes I'm very stubborn. It's not that I'm always like this. When I talk with my friend, but if she wants to do something else, I'll think she just wants to do something fun. But occasionally, there are things that I can't forgive. At school, there's a book for committee members to write in, and even though the teacher will correct it, "My way is better!" and wrote it the way that I want it to be read. It's because if I don't agree with it, I wouldn't want to read it!

-- It seems like you're currently obsessed over music.

Fukuda: Since watching "Papa to Musume no Nanokakan", I'm having a YUKI-chan boom. Other than that, my number 1 are Porno Graffitti and Shiina Ringo.

-- The lyrics and the melodies are both a bit mature.

Fukuda: I like both and also their voices. Just like that, even though it's a bit high, it's not shrilly, I like that type of voice. Though I also really like the melody, but I definitely like the lyrics. It's like, both of them are not just glossing over things. Things like "if you try your best, your dream will come true", I really hate such things. Because if that was true, then everyone would have become professional baseball players. But, Porno Graffitti and Shiina Ringo wrote really nice lyrics. It really touched my heart. (Looking at her manager) Say, what are you laughing at!!

-- Do you sing both of them at karaoke?

Fukuda: I went to karaoke with my friends a lot. When that happened, everyone will know Porno Graffitti, but not many know Shiina Ringo. So since it's bad if I sing a song nobody know, it's mostly Porno. But when I go with my family, it's mostly Shiina Ringo. My dad also like her.

-- Do you hang out with your friends a lot when you're off?

Fukuda: No, it's pretty much homework. Whenever we hang out, it's after we are finished with our homework. Since my friend invited me, I went and hang out with my friends. Normally, we stroll around the station, and just take purikura, but just that is really fun! While chatting, seeing an outfit and say that's cute, then passed through, just doing that is fun.

-- This summer, what kind of memories did you made?

Fukuda: I wonder~, I finished my homework, and worked. Ah, since it's my birthday previously, even though it's summer break, my friends brought me presents. Though presents are also good, but like "You guys didn't forget!". I was happy.

-- Even though you just turned 13 years old, please tell me your ideal image of an adult woman.

Fukuda: A person with lovely character, no matter what you see, even the appearance, is lovely. That's why, how do I say it, I want to be a person who can love everyone. Because if I can't love myself, I can't love other people.


Fukuda Mayuko Survey! 51 Questions

01. Favorite flower? Lily

02. Favorite season? Autumn

03. Favorite color? Black, white, red

04. Favorite animal? Dog

05. Favorite movie? "Unfair the movie"

06. Favorite saying? If you try, there’s nothing you cannot accomplish. If you don’t try, there’s nothing you can accomplish. Anytime you loose your way, just try to do it.

07. Favorite food? Squid, melon

08. One thing you'll definitely bring if you're on a deserted island? iPod

09. Favorite body part? Eyebrows, fingers

10. Something you want to do when you turned 20 years old? I want to try going to a beauty-treatment clinic (a super beauty salon)

11. The food you want to eat on the final night of the earth? Squid

12. Do you cross the street if the light is blinking? I'll cross it.

13. First thing you do when you wake up in the early morning? Drink water

14. Do you believe in divination? I don't believe in it

15. If you were to compare yourself to an animal? Monkey

16. The thing you want the most now? CD

17. A place you want to live when you're old? Hokkaido, or a place with a lot of nature

18. How old were you when you learned that Santa Claus doesn't exist? 4th grade in elementary

19. How old do you want to live? 77 years old

20. The first CD you bought? Porno Graffitti "THUMP X"

21. Nickname? Mamayu~, Mamayuko

22. How many times you check your mail a day? There are days where I don't check it at all, but around 10 times.

23. Are you the type to confess to the person you like? I think I'll probably confess

24. Something you want to receive as a present from your sweetheart? Keychain or bracelet, matching things

25. Where do you want to go for a date? Aquarium

26. What age do you want to get marry? 27 years old. I want to give birth before I'm 30, because may turned out bad if I'm not young (laughs)

27. The person you respect? Shinohara Ryoko-san, Ohgo Suzuka-san

28. Out of everyone, who do you want to meet the most now? Ohgo Suzuka-san

29. The thing you're scared of the most in this world? Fire

30. What you bought recently? CD. Tokyo Jihen "OSAKA"

31. Favorite artist? Porno Graffitti, Shiina Ringo

32. How many CD do you own? Around 50

33. Dog or cat? Dog

34. A job you want to try other than being an actress? Someone working behind the scene for music

35. Current obsession? Music, particularly YUKI-chan

36. Optimistic or pessimistic? Basically optimistic, but I'm a realist. I don't try to have too much expectation.

37. Best subject? Science

38. Eyesight? Around 0.5

39. Your pace at a beauty parlor? I don't go at all. I cut my hair at work.

40. Your favorite rice ball ingredient? Walleye Pollock roe

41. Favorite book? Hata Takehiko "Detective Novel"

42. Keitai ringtone? Incoming is "Melissa", Mail is "Ageha Chou" (both from Porno Graffitti)

43. How many kids do you want to have after marriage? 2 kids

44. Favorite sport? Basketball

45. Your collection? CD

46. A country you want to try going to? Switzerland

47. Your favorite place in the metropolitan area? My hometown. A place that's more country than the city.

48. Can you touch insects and frogs? Definitely not!

49. What kind of jinx do you believe in? Nothing

50. How do you sleep? (Upside down? Face up?) Sideway

51. What kind of image do you have for the color white? Milk




- Wow, this translation took me forever to finished. I usually took me 1 hour for most of my translation, but this one took me at least 5 hours. It's so long!! I think the other Audition translations took me around the same time. Why are they so long? I don't even know. Anyways, I have a lot of mistakes since I didn't really get a lot of the difficult parts, conjugations and what not. My brain was probably fried at some point.

- Sorry, I don’t know the specific placements of the pictures, so I just kind of arranged it in no particular order.

- So much information in this interview.

- She was already thinking of living alone so early. And isn’t her parents really casual with her?

- I wondered why she’s scared of fire. I wondered if something happened. The closest thing to “fire” that I remembered her working with is for “Nihon Chinbotsu”.

- I like the 51 Q&A since it also said a lot about her personality as well. It made sense that she want to be part of her representative committee member. She is really the type of person who likes to do things her way, and definitely not like the rest.

- I wondered if Mayuko want to concentrate and get used to college life the first year before she accepts more works, similar to Ohgo Suzuka.



  1. Wow so much information!!! :D

    So "Lulu" and "Melon" huh (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) cute dog names~

    1. When she was younger, she usually mentioned that she has 3 dogs. Now (at least in this interview), she only said 2. I wondered if one of them died. :<

  2. What a comprehensive one, great job!

  3. she has really nice pictures here XD

    I must say she is very mature herself considering her answer. Is there any 12 year old girl gave out the idea of getting married at the age of 27 and giving birth before 30 for the sake of her children? Not me and many other girls :D but just that my liking to her.

    p/s: I'm the one who have just as you for '3 maime' recently. I have my concern to her for quite a long time but not really involve in any fandom. Is that good for me to hang out here a bit more ^ ^V


    1. I also agree with you on that. I didn't know she was well informed about the biology/genetic aspect of a woman. On the other hand, it made sense that she like science. XD;;

      It's good! It's totally welcome! Feel free to ask me anything (I don't know much, but I'll try my best to answer). XD

    2. yeah! Her fond of reading and science must be reason for that. I first took my eyes on her about the time of 2009.

      Well, I've grown up with anime, manga and many Japanese stuff but it's just I didn't have many chances to access to internet up until I entered university so Japanese dramas/ movies is quite new to me. I watched her first in L change the world and accidentally crossed Byakuyako (i watched it full in Thai subtitles on youtube, I hadn't known how to download and found subtitles at that time). I haunted me a very long time.

      I watched her again in 10 promises to my dog without recognize her and lost my chance to listen to her voice act in Mai Mai Miracle once.

      Later, I watched little DJ and Goemon. I felt her amazing to full out a sweet puppy (kind of) first love in goemon in amount of less than 10 minutes (I dislike the types of too flashy movies and I forced through it because of superb cast) but don't really like Tamaki in Little DJ since her overuse of laugh and smile force Tamaki out of her charm, however, I starts to notice Kamiki from there (i didn't know he is the young yoshitsune from taiga XD).

      When I watched Chibi Maruko-chan, I recognized her immediately. Well, I watched Q10, future diary and kagi for her (I ended kagi officially after 2nd episode), soredemo is for Eita. :">

      I checked her website, asianwiki and dramawiki regular but not her fandom but I'm here right now thank to a bridge named Kamiki Ryunosuke. I watched some of his work randomly (like fukuda mayuko and many other actresses/actors i like since I never like somebody because of one movie/drama only) from Little DJ, SPEC, bloody monday, taira (I always checked new taiga dramas and asadora, some Japanese is very surprised when I told them that XD and had my bias on yoshitsune. He is rarely one of a few japanese historical figures I remember because of manga :)) and Kamiki took the roles of him twice is something at least to me).

      After that, I watched kaze no garden because my friend said that it's one of her favourite (she's not japanese dramas' fan and quite a picky one) and fell for him again (i didn't know he there). And, the number of his work with ghibli totally brought me.

      Recently, I watched aikurushii and kogure. His first kiss in aikurushii (stupid yeh?) made me feel like watching Little DJ again.

      However, it's just until one of my friend (who is also a japanese fan gave a early happy birthday message to Mayuko on facebook), I decided to download Little DJ again and spent my weekend search for some of Mayuko information with Little DJ as clue. I jump to a swamp :'(

      I read all of fanfic of them from livejournal of yukitan (do you by chance know her) and check for all interview of them in tag Little DJ. Well, right now I fan of two of them seperately and together. I haven't watched their interview with other actors/actresses so I don't know for sure but it's fine for me since I enjoy their works and talent. I hope that Mayuko will have a joyful and productive university's life and continues her path as an actress afterwards.

      Wait for sakura futatabi, flare and hope for a drama to come out. :))


    3. WOWOWOW~!!! Thank you so much for telling me your journey to become a fan of both of them!! XD (I like listening to those kind of things, weird I know).

      I also agreed with you so so much about Goemon! It's such a great love story done in only 10 minutes. I was really surprised by the chemistry between her and the person who played Goemon.

      It's funny, for Kamiki, I noticed him from Yoshitsune, but didn't actually become an official fan of him until after I watched TGQ and Little DJ. XD;; But I know what you mean, they are both great actor/actress! I'm really happy to get to know more fans of theirs.

      Fufufu, though it's not really a secret and I'm sure most people already knew, but I'm yukitan. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading. >:3 I actually started writing them because, I figured nobody is going to write fic about Mayuko... So I will do it!! (*_*) There are actually some great writers though, but they haven't been writing recently. T^T At least there are still those that make fanvids. XD

    4. It's fine since I also like listening to other stories. I don't think it's all and correctly, just what I remembered at that moment.

      but WOW! You're Yukitan, really? I like your penname. It brings a sense of purity and cuteness :)) I like your one-shot, they tend to... short, funny and sweet. Shin2Dan is another story (I will tell you more about that long fic when I have time).

      I haven't watched TGQ yet for sure. It seems well-known and both couple of RyoMirai and KamiMirai are also famous from that, I think. So far, I have no interest to that drama so maybe later.


    5. I tend to like mystery genre, so I started watching TGQ. I think it helps that there was a SP to help transition it over to the drama.

      Fufu, well, since you already read Shin2 Dan, you already figured I got the name from there. It's actually not a penname, but just a username for lj. Most of my usernames I used are based on people that I like. For Yukitan, the Tan part is actually my cousin's name. XD;; But I'm glad you like the oneshots. :) They are easy to read. lol I'll be patiently waiting for your thoughts/criticisms on Shin2 Dan (whenever you have time). >:3

  4. well, I figured out that I've watched more mayuko's works than kamiki's if we add summer snow and gimme heaven (i like Miyazaki Aoi :>) and kamikaze (haven't finished it :<)

    Also, I love she eyed him fiercely as he called her mummy and the slap from his mom scene. I can well understand why most of her roles are dark or painful ones ^ ^

    1. Hehe, I also really like the slap scene. Definitely one of my favorite from the movie.

      I think I watched more of Kamiki's drama, but I remember more of Mayuko's drama. XD;; So weird.

      I haven't seen gimme heaven yet. I think I need to give it a try one of these days.

    2. yeah, when I first saw the scene Tarou called her Mummy and her reaction caught me totally. It's just i felt a bit disappointed with her role of Tamaki later on. However, the slap scene take my interest back XD, not to mention the adults are good.

      I usually watch movies since dramas are too many, each season we have a new dozen of them. Also, I choose to watch them randomly: crossing them on a forum, reading som reviews, good cast or recommedations or a picture of their scene or characters or maybe sudden interest.

      I think yoshitsune is the earliest dramas of kamiki I have watched. I know mukodono and some others but just the name. Surprisingly, I have watched almost all of his voicing works including piano no mori and don't like the voice of takako there :)). Also, I researched for 'hoshi wo katta hi' and found out discontentedly that It is allowed to watch at the museum only :'(

      I watched his movies: tooku no sora, little DJ, spec and kirishima (I chose to watch it because I thought It was eccentric :>) and surely wait for kenshin (haven't known who will be Tomoe yet). Well, I like Tomoe and pray for a good actress have that role (Maybe Mayuko, her interaction with Satou Takeru in Q10 are good XD )


    3. I definitely agree with you. The adults are great. That first meeting scene got me laughing though. But yeah, she was pretty awkward playing a happy role. Even in the manga, Tamaki was more like gentle and slightly mature.

      Funny, I don't really watch a lot of movies, because I have an attention span of a goldfish. If it's anything that's longer than 1 hour, I get bored easily. So the only time I watch movie is if the reviews are really good, and the majority of the casts can actually act. I also have the same problems with dramas that are more than 1 hour long for their first episode.

      With the exception of Mayuko, I haven't seen most of Kamiki's earlier movies or voice works. I think I only seen his Ghibli ones (since I took a class on Ghibli's film and they showed the movies in class, except for the museum ones) and Piano no Mori. I haven't even seen Summer Wars. ^^;; So I think that's pretty amazing that you're able to watch them!

      I can't wait for Kenshin as well. Kamiki in an action role will definitely be interesting! It's funny to mentioned Mayuko as one of the posible choice for Tomoe, because a few of my friends on twitter has mentioned wanting her to be Tomoe due to their (Takeru) interactions in Q10. XDDD;; Well, whatever will happen will happen, I guess. I just hope it's someone REALLY good.

    4. Tomoe is mature types of character, she must look a bit more mature than Satou Takeru but not to old (since she is just about 18, um, I'm not sure). Most of the current young actresses get the pure/cute/lovely image that does not suit this character, I prefer Mayuko :))

      I'm currently re-watching soredemo and come back with my obssession of Oda Kazusama-san :'(


    5. Lol, I had that song in my car for months before I removed it. It's a great song.