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Sport Nippon May 16 2006: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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The heroines from the new era of child roles (2)

Playing the protagonist's daughter in the drama "Last Present" (2004 NTV), the taciturn honor student in "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu" (2005 NTV), and the younger version of Ayase Haruka (21) in "Byakuyako" (2006 TBS) is Fukuda Mayuko (11). Her own presence and power of expressions are shining extraordinarily. Due to the depthless of her performance, the quality of the drama is tighten to a great extent. Consequence, due to that ability, she has many dark roles.

"I have a lot of unfortunate roles. I wonder why. But on the other hand, there are not many roles like that for children. That's why, I think well, it can't be help." she said coolly. Putting the responsibility of a dark role onto a child and cause the audiences to grieve, did she saw through the adult's simple way of thinking?

"I think there are a lot of genius child stars. Though I'll be happy if people don't call me that, but everyone does."

Even with her misfortune roles, she's a cheerful, smiling, and talkative 6th grader.

"I'm good at math, and bad at physical education. Though I like physical education, I'm bad at it. But, just recently, for some reason, I got a 5 for the first time on my physical education grades. It's my first time seeing it since I entered elementary school." she said with a truly delighted face. It seems that other than physical education, she pretty much got all 5 for the rest.

When she was 4 years old, she entered a theatrical company to take lessons. Her future dream is to either be a actress, own a cheesecake store, or a pet shop.

"But since for the pet shop, I'll have to sell the dogs away, so I'm unsure."

Right now, she's is acting as a mysterious girl from 30 years ago in "Teru Teru Ashita" (TVAsahi), and a girl that lost both her parents in the movie "Nihon Chinbotsu" that will be out in July 15, and both of whom are important roles for these works.

As her face become more known on TV recently, people also started to recognize her. However, "I'm not really happy. I think I want to be more normal. Like an actress that's relying more on acting skills, I want to be like that. Though I like acting, I think I also want to be a proper elementary student." Rather than a popular child actress, or simply a strong image of a precocious child, she is growing with her feet firmly on the ground.

(Reporter: Fujiwara Mayumi)




- My poor translation made myself laugh.

- Her comment on having dark/gloomy roles impressed me. Mayuko is right in that there are not a lot of roles like that for kids.

- Mayuko and her dream toward the future. XD;; And she's undecided about owning a pet shop because she have to sell the dogs. lol

- Hmm…. Well, I’ll say it later. But while waiting for more Fukuda Mayuko’s news, let’s watch her fanvid. :P A rare Matsui Kenta x Mayuko x Hongo Kanata pairing.

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