Friday, August 16, 2013

Okada Tatsuya’s Blog: Father Daughter Story 2013

Translation from Okada Tatsuya’s ameblo. He is Fukuda Mayuko’s father in the “Ame to Yume no Ato ni” stage play.


Father Daughter Story 2013

August 15, 2013


Hello, this is dokkidoki Okada Tatsuya. (dokkidoki= sound of heartbeat, implying nervousness/excitement)


First generation Ame played by Fukuda Mayuko-chan.

The me who have perfectly changed into a doting father after acting together with her 7 years ago, have becoming weak toward her.

With that, this is an entry written about this doting father.

With a title “Father Daughter Story”, for this irregularly updated blog to changed, it’s a serious case.


[… skip…]


* * * * *

When this play started, I was wondering if I should contact her again.

Of course I want her to come and watch.

But, what to say, it’s awkward.

So with those thoughts, the Tokyo performances already passed its half way mark.

Unable to endure it any longer, I sent her an invitation mail.


The reply came.

“I’m thinking of going and watch when there are no schedule!”



By any chance, will she be able to go and have a drink after the performance end?


“By the way, how old is Mayu-chan?”


“I recently became 19 years old.”


“Then, you still can’t drink yet huh.”


“One more year left.”


I see.

Nevertheless, that girl who used to be an elementary student only has one year left before she can drink, somehow……

So, I’m already getting old.


After that, another mail came a short time later.


“I’ll come on OO day! I was thinking of going in secret (laughs)”



So that’s why you were being ambiguous.


“Hey! If I didn’t know that you will come, when the curtain goes up and I found you in the audience, my heart will stop! It’s a good thing I asked (laughs)”


And then.


“That’s exactly what I wanted to happen (laughs)”


Even if 7 years have passed, I am still in the palm of her hand.

* * * * *


There’s something called parents visitation day, but in this case, it’s daughter visitation day.


As the father’s heart is dokkidoki, he’s playing the role of the uncle.



Well then, see you.



- The current actress who is playing Ame for this year “Ame Yume” is Yoshida Riko.

- One of the cast tweeted that another of the old cast came on the same day that Mayuko decided to visit. Even after so many years, they are still close.

- Too bad Mayuko is still underage. Hopefully, she can still join them at the after party or something. I wondered if Kurokawa Tomoka also visit just like how she did for Mayuko’s AmeYume stage play.

- Why aren’t there any pictures?  ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ



  1. sau đó còn bài tự saikai nữa cũng nhắc đến mayuko đấy, bạn có định dịch ko? ^ ^

  2. Tat nhien la dich. Nhung gio hoi luoi nen nghi mot ti. (;´∀`)