Saturday, August 17, 2013

Okada Tatsuya's Blog: Reunion

Translation from Okada Tatsuya’s ameblo. He is Fukuda Mayuko’s father in the “Ame to Yume no Ato ni” stage play.



August 16, 2013


Hello, this is Okada Tatsuya, the person who is famous for being strict.


If I were to evaluate myself, I'm a person that's usually easy to get along with everyone, but my inside is black.

That's how I would evaluate myself.

I've been living with such fake outward appearance.

But the inside is different.

The people around me regard me highly as a strict person.

(Still talking about the person himself)


Not showing a simple smile, always has on an intense expression, a gloomy person in this world.


* * * * *


"Tatsuya-san, aren't you being too deredere?" (deredere = lovestruck, in a daze)

"Are you okay? Your eyes is like a thread." (he's smiling, so his eyes are in a line)

"Yo! Dad! Get a hold of yourself!"


Such voices (perhaps jeers) came flying.

Everyone doesn't understand a thing.


Since I haven't seen my daughter in so long, this is just acting.


If it's my normal personality

"Hum, so how are you doing at work?" (he said it in a super casual way as if he doesn't care one way or the other)


"Let's talk about the prospects of Abenomics from here after"

I will probably want to say something like this.

And then tightly after much endurance, hug her with a smile.


Everyone don't get it at all.


* * * * *


The daughter who sat wailing at the guest seat, was at the dressing room without tears and full of smiles "I remembered so many things" she said.

And then, "As I heard Ame's line, I was surprised at myself that I'm able to remember the next lines. When I heard it, I also remember dad's face. Even though 7 years has already passed" she added.


Since it was her first stage play, she repetitively said the lines so many time, to the point that the story penetrated her body and her mind.

Those memories did not fade, but still exist.

Also, included in those memories is myself, it gave me a bit relief.


* * * * *


Even though by chance, first generation Take-san, played by Hisamatsu aniki (big brother) also came at the same performance.

As he came to the dressing room "I can find so many faults that it can filled up 3 college notebooks!" he said.

And then "Miura! Your chin is long!"

As always, he's full of silly things to say.

To become this stupid Aniki, and even exceeding him, I am appearing on this stage. (he's currently playing the Take-san role I think)


Let's never forget the summer from 7 years ago and this summer.



Well then, see you.



- Hahaha, he is so funny. I hope I was able to translate that humorous part of his entry.

- It's hard to imagine Mayuko wailing. (。 >艸<)

- I hope they took a picture together. Or maybe she'll take a picture with Yoshida Riko and she'll be in the photo book. *wishful thinking*