Monday, August 19, 2013

FLaMme Relay: Konno Mahiru (紺野まひる) → Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) → Koshino Ena (小篠恵奈)

Excerpts taken from Mamayuland BSS.


So on August 2nd for FLaMme Relay, Konno Mahiru asked Fukuda Mayuko:

“How is college life?

Did you entered a club?

Were you able to make friends?”


On August 17, Mayuko replied:

“I’m fully enjoying college life. I also got to meet wonderful friends and sempai.

Since I love bands, I entered the keion (light music) club.”


Then to Koshino Ena, Mayuko included in her question:

“I am indebted to you for the recent filming of the movie.”


When asked on twitter what the movie was about, Ena said it was for “Flare”. So we now know Koshino Ena is also part of the cast.



- I don’t know why French “Flare” production team is so secretive. Well, I guess I’ll just wait until the winter season for more “Flare” information.

- Mayuko’s answer make me remember that Kamiki also entered the keion club when he’s in high school.

- Konno Mahiru is currently working on “Naruyouni Narusa” with Shida Mirai.

- Koshino Ena…. She’s actually a pretty nice person, even though she seems really cool in the FLaMme Girl’s Party. XD


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