Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Caramel Box KATO's Today: Yesterday and Today, Special Guest

Text taken from Kato's Today blog. Kato Masafumi is Caramel Box's director/president person. He’s pretty much in charge with the music part (according to wiki).


Yesterday and Today, Special Guest

August 16, 2013


A short entry for today.


Yesterday, Fukuda Mayuko-chan, who played 'Ame' in the first "Ame to Yume no Ato ni", came to watch.

After the performance, while crying sloppily, she talked about a lot of things.

Then, I discovered what Mayuko-chan wrote on her questionnaire today.

...... As I read it, I'm unable to stop my teary eyes......

She's such a good girl......

[Skipping the rest]



- Wow, I didn't realized that he also wrote something about her visiting as well. I was just visiting his blog to see his older entries to translate... ^^;;

- I really want to know what Mayuko wrote on the questionnaire that caused him to become teary eyes. So curious!!!

- Caramel Box members and Mayuko seems to be really close. He even congratulated Mayuko on her birthday this year.



  1. cho mình hỏi bạn có biết cách nào download 3 maime của mayuko không? tình hình là link down trên raredorama chết mất rồi >"<

    1. Ban thu link nay xem.

    2. ha, cảm ơn nhe