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Caramel Box KATO's Today: Summer Tour "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" advertisement photo shoot clothes fitting.

Text taken from Kato's Today blog. Kato Masafumi is Caramel Box's director/president person. He’s pretty much in charge with the music part (according to wiki).


Summer Tour "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" Advertisement Photo shoot Clothes Fitting.

February 25, 2006


For the promotion of "Miss Dandelion" and "Ashita Anata Aitai" yesterday, I have been talking talking talking talking and talking nonstop about Chronos Jaunter's story, so for today, I thought I it's going to be about "Kenji Shima Tanken Ki"... But for the next "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" advertisement photo shoot, there's a clothes fitting.


Among Caramel Box, even among Nebula Projects, there are those that were originally fans, and those that become fans appearing, but Fukuda Mayuko-chan came from an agency.

Those that have seen "Byakuyakou" may have already became acquaintance with this amazing girl, but the normal Mayuko-chan is, if I were to describe her, she's a bit cheeky (an example for those who don't know).

How to say it, wisdom. Cheerfulness. But, fully loaded with charm for someone her age.

Therefore, before the planned photography session together, she took a commemorative shot together with Okada Tatsuya-ojisan.

Though Mayuko-chan has pretty much been in difficult dramas recently, but for her, she has been enjoying herself to the fullest (perhaps the story is also bit painful...) in the play by becoming a lively part of the team.

But but, she's actually a 5th grades elementary student. Though she will become a 6th grader in spring (even so, 6th grader!!).

She is only 2 years younger than my oldest son, Kouichi, but her presence is already that of a professional actress. (Not sure if his son is 2 years younger or if Mayuko is 2 years younger, so I just used context clue and guess it's Mayuko that's 2 years younger. Correct me if I’m wrong!)

The Mayuko-chan who says everything on her mind as it comes up, is leveled head to the point that you'll look at her fondly.

Even as I’m saying this, Okada Tatsuya-ojisan told her, "For this, this is said to be the rough design after we take the picture", somehow treating her like a child.

Hey hey hey~~~!!

Compared to you, this girl has already been in so many drama~~~!!

...... Well then, I'm looking forward to the photo shoot!!

However, with my circumstances, will I be able to go to the photo shoot?! I don't know~~~!!



- Since we are in a "Ame Yume" blog mood, a post back in 2006.

- I guessed on a lot of parts. Please do correct me if you find any mistakes.

- Still no “Flare” news. And now I’m back to school….  _ノ乙(、ン、)_ So I’ll probably post the stock translations from now on. Which reminded me, I still haven’t got around to translate her newest stage play interview…. ( ̄□ ̄;)!!


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