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Caramel Box KATO's Today: Summer Tour "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" advertisement photo shoot clothes fitting.

Text taken from Kato's Today blog. Kato Masafumi is Caramel Box's director/president person. He’s pretty much in charge with the music part (according to wiki).


Summer Tour "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" Advertisement Photo shoot Clothes Fitting.

February 25, 2006


For the promotion of "Miss Dandelion" and "Ashita Anata Aitai" yesterday, I have been talking talking talking talking and talking nonstop about Chronos Jaunter's story, so for today, I thought I it's going to be about "Kenji Shima Tanken Ki"... But for the next "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" advertisement photo shoot, there's a clothes fitting.


Among Caramel Box, even among Nebula Projects, there are those that were originally fans, and those that become fans appearing, but Fukuda Mayuko-chan came from an agency.

Those that have seen "Byakuyakou" may have already became acquaintance with this amazing girl, but the normal Mayuko-chan is, if I were to describe her, she's a bit cheeky (an example for those who don't know).

How to say it, wisdom. Cheerfulness. But, fully loaded with charm for someone her age.

Therefore, before the planned photography session together, she took a commemorative shot together with Okada Tatsuya-ojisan.

Though Mayuko-chan has pretty much been in difficult dramas recently, but for her, she has been enjoying herself to the fullest (perhaps the story is also bit painful...) in the play by becoming a lively part of the team.

But but, she's actually a 5th grades elementary student. Though she will become a 6th grader in spring (even so, 6th grader!!).

She is only 2 years younger than my oldest son, Kouichi, but her presence is already that of a professional actress. (Not sure if his son is 2 years younger or if Mayuko is 2 years younger, so I just used context clue and guess it's Mayuko that's 2 years younger. Correct me if I’m wrong!)

The Mayuko-chan who says everything on her mind as it comes up, is leveled head to the point that you'll look at her fondly.

Even as I’m saying this, Okada Tatsuya-ojisan told her, "For this, this is said to be the rough design after we take the picture", somehow treating her like a child.

Hey hey hey~~~!!

Compared to you, this girl has already been in so many drama~~~!!

...... Well then, I'm looking forward to the photo shoot!!

However, with my circumstances, will I be able to go to the photo shoot?! I don't know~~~!!



- Since we are in a "Ame Yume" blog mood, a post back in 2006.

- I guessed on a lot of parts. Please do correct me if you find any mistakes.

- Still no “Flare” news. And now I’m back to school….  _ノ乙(、ン、)_ So I’ll probably post the stock translations from now on. Which reminded me, I still haven’t got around to translate her newest stage play interview…. ( ̄□ ̄;)!!


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Caramel Box KATO's Today: Yesterday and Today, Special Guest

Text taken from Kato's Today blog. Kato Masafumi is Caramel Box's director/president person. He’s pretty much in charge with the music part (according to wiki).


Yesterday and Today, Special Guest

August 16, 2013


A short entry for today.


Yesterday, Fukuda Mayuko-chan, who played 'Ame' in the first "Ame to Yume no Ato ni", came to watch.

After the performance, while crying sloppily, she talked about a lot of things.

Then, I discovered what Mayuko-chan wrote on her questionnaire today.

...... As I read it, I'm unable to stop my teary eyes......

She's such a good girl......

[Skipping the rest]



- Wow, I didn't realized that he also wrote something about her visiting as well. I was just visiting his blog to see his older entries to translate... ^^;;

- I really want to know what Mayuko wrote on the questionnaire that caused him to become teary eyes. So curious!!!

- Caramel Box members and Mayuko seems to be really close. He even congratulated Mayuko on her birthday this year.


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FLaMme Relay: Konno Mahiru (紺野まひる) → Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) → Koshino Ena (小篠恵奈)

Excerpts taken from Mamayuland BSS.


So on August 2nd for FLaMme Relay, Konno Mahiru asked Fukuda Mayuko:

“How is college life?

Did you entered a club?

Were you able to make friends?”


On August 17, Mayuko replied:

“I’m fully enjoying college life. I also got to meet wonderful friends and sempai.

Since I love bands, I entered the keion (light music) club.”


Then to Koshino Ena, Mayuko included in her question:

“I am indebted to you for the recent filming of the movie.”


When asked on twitter what the movie was about, Ena said it was for “Flare”. So we now know Koshino Ena is also part of the cast.



- I don’t know why French “Flare” production team is so secretive. Well, I guess I’ll just wait until the winter season for more “Flare” information.

- Mayuko’s answer make me remember that Kamiki also entered the keion club when he’s in high school.

- Konno Mahiru is currently working on “Naruyouni Narusa” with Shida Mirai.

- Koshino Ena…. She’s actually a pretty nice person, even though she seems really cool in the FLaMme Girl’s Party. XD


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Okada Tatsuya's Blog: Reunion

Translation from Okada Tatsuya’s ameblo. He is Fukuda Mayuko’s father in the “Ame to Yume no Ato ni” stage play.



August 16, 2013


Hello, this is Okada Tatsuya, the person who is famous for being strict.


If I were to evaluate myself, I'm a person that's usually easy to get along with everyone, but my inside is black.

That's how I would evaluate myself.

I've been living with such fake outward appearance.

But the inside is different.

The people around me regard me highly as a strict person.

(Still talking about the person himself)


Not showing a simple smile, always has on an intense expression, a gloomy person in this world.


* * * * *


"Tatsuya-san, aren't you being too deredere?" (deredere = lovestruck, in a daze)

"Are you okay? Your eyes is like a thread." (he's smiling, so his eyes are in a line)

"Yo! Dad! Get a hold of yourself!"


Such voices (perhaps jeers) came flying.

Everyone doesn't understand a thing.


Since I haven't seen my daughter in so long, this is just acting.


If it's my normal personality

"Hum, so how are you doing at work?" (he said it in a super casual way as if he doesn't care one way or the other)


"Let's talk about the prospects of Abenomics from here after"

I will probably want to say something like this.

And then tightly after much endurance, hug her with a smile.


Everyone don't get it at all.


* * * * *


The daughter who sat wailing at the guest seat, was at the dressing room without tears and full of smiles "I remembered so many things" she said.

And then, "As I heard Ame's line, I was surprised at myself that I'm able to remember the next lines. When I heard it, I also remember dad's face. Even though 7 years has already passed" she added.


Since it was her first stage play, she repetitively said the lines so many time, to the point that the story penetrated her body and her mind.

Those memories did not fade, but still exist.

Also, included in those memories is myself, it gave me a bit relief.


* * * * *


Even though by chance, first generation Take-san, played by Hisamatsu aniki (big brother) also came at the same performance.

As he came to the dressing room "I can find so many faults that it can filled up 3 college notebooks!" he said.

And then "Miura! Your chin is long!"

As always, he's full of silly things to say.

To become this stupid Aniki, and even exceeding him, I am appearing on this stage. (he's currently playing the Take-san role I think)


Let's never forget the summer from 7 years ago and this summer.



Well then, see you.



- Hahaha, he is so funny. I hope I was able to translate that humorous part of his entry.

- It's hard to imagine Mayuko wailing. (。 >艸<)

- I hope they took a picture together. Or maybe she'll take a picture with Yoshida Riko and she'll be in the photo book. *wishful thinking*


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Okada Tatsuya’s Blog: Father Daughter Story 2013

Translation from Okada Tatsuya’s ameblo. He is Fukuda Mayuko’s father in the “Ame to Yume no Ato ni” stage play.


Father Daughter Story 2013

August 15, 2013


Hello, this is dokkidoki Okada Tatsuya. (dokkidoki= sound of heartbeat, implying nervousness/excitement)


First generation Ame played by Fukuda Mayuko-chan.

The me who have perfectly changed into a doting father after acting together with her 7 years ago, have becoming weak toward her.

With that, this is an entry written about this doting father.

With a title “Father Daughter Story”, for this irregularly updated blog to changed, it’s a serious case.


[… skip…]


* * * * *

When this play started, I was wondering if I should contact her again.

Of course I want her to come and watch.

But, what to say, it’s awkward.

So with those thoughts, the Tokyo performances already passed its half way mark.

Unable to endure it any longer, I sent her an invitation mail.


The reply came.

“I’m thinking of going and watch when there are no schedule!”



By any chance, will she be able to go and have a drink after the performance end?


“By the way, how old is Mayu-chan?”


“I recently became 19 years old.”


“Then, you still can’t drink yet huh.”


“One more year left.”


I see.

Nevertheless, that girl who used to be an elementary student only has one year left before she can drink, somehow……

So, I’m already getting old.


After that, another mail came a short time later.


“I’ll come on OO day! I was thinking of going in secret (laughs)”



So that’s why you were being ambiguous.


“Hey! If I didn’t know that you will come, when the curtain goes up and I found you in the audience, my heart will stop! It’s a good thing I asked (laughs)”


And then.


“That’s exactly what I wanted to happen (laughs)”


Even if 7 years have passed, I am still in the palm of her hand.

* * * * *


There’s something called parents visitation day, but in this case, it’s daughter visitation day.


As the father’s heart is dokkidoki, he’s playing the role of the uncle.



Well then, see you.



- The current actress who is playing Ame for this year “Ame Yume” is Yoshida Riko.

- One of the cast tweeted that another of the old cast came on the same day that Mayuko decided to visit. Even after so many years, they are still close.

- Too bad Mayuko is still underage. Hopefully, she can still join them at the after party or something. I wondered if Kurokawa Tomoka also visit just like how she did for Mayuko’s AmeYume stage play.

- Why aren’t there any pictures?  ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ


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Sport Nippon May 16 2006: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Text taken from


The heroines from the new era of child roles (2)

Playing the protagonist's daughter in the drama "Last Present" (2004 NTV), the taciturn honor student in "Jyoou no Kyoshitsu" (2005 NTV), and the younger version of Ayase Haruka (21) in "Byakuyako" (2006 TBS) is Fukuda Mayuko (11). Her own presence and power of expressions are shining extraordinarily. Due to the depthless of her performance, the quality of the drama is tighten to a great extent. Consequence, due to that ability, she has many dark roles.

"I have a lot of unfortunate roles. I wonder why. But on the other hand, there are not many roles like that for children. That's why, I think well, it can't be help." she said coolly. Putting the responsibility of a dark role onto a child and cause the audiences to grieve, did she saw through the adult's simple way of thinking?

"I think there are a lot of genius child stars. Though I'll be happy if people don't call me that, but everyone does."

Even with her misfortune roles, she's a cheerful, smiling, and talkative 6th grader.

"I'm good at math, and bad at physical education. Though I like physical education, I'm bad at it. But, just recently, for some reason, I got a 5 for the first time on my physical education grades. It's my first time seeing it since I entered elementary school." she said with a truly delighted face. It seems that other than physical education, she pretty much got all 5 for the rest.

When she was 4 years old, she entered a theatrical company to take lessons. Her future dream is to either be a actress, own a cheesecake store, or a pet shop.

"But since for the pet shop, I'll have to sell the dogs away, so I'm unsure."

Right now, she's is acting as a mysterious girl from 30 years ago in "Teru Teru Ashita" (TVAsahi), and a girl that lost both her parents in the movie "Nihon Chinbotsu" that will be out in July 15, and both of whom are important roles for these works.

As her face become more known on TV recently, people also started to recognize her. However, "I'm not really happy. I think I want to be more normal. Like an actress that's relying more on acting skills, I want to be like that. Though I like acting, I think I also want to be a proper elementary student." Rather than a popular child actress, or simply a strong image of a precocious child, she is growing with her feet firmly on the ground.

(Reporter: Fujiwara Mayumi)




- My poor translation made myself laugh.

- Her comment on having dark/gloomy roles impressed me. Mayuko is right in that there are not a lot of roles like that for kids.

- Mayuko and her dream toward the future. XD;; And she's undecided about owning a pet shop because she have to sell the dogs. lol

- Hmm…. Well, I’ll say it later. But while waiting for more Fukuda Mayuko’s news, let’s watch her fanvid. :P A rare Matsui Kenta x Mayuko x Hongo Kanata pairing.

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Nikkei Entertainment! Girls Special 2008: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Text taken from



Top young actresses that are involved in movies are getting popular, and many are getting their break. From here on, we will introduce 5 actresses that acted in a 2007 movie, and are someone to look forward to for their acting ability and presence. They will no doubt be increasing in activities in 2008, and will become top actresses.


Movie Girl (2)

Fukuda Mayuko

Shone in her screen presence, with a translucence acting ability.

The movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~" she costarred with Kamiki Ryunosuke will be in theaters on December 15.

"Though the theme is first love, but for me, illness bring a family together, and the significant for Kamiki-san, who became a DJ, is the exchanges between a DJ and patients, are perhaps much bigger theme. I think just putting it as a simple love story is a waste."

She will appear in the 2008 "Death Note" spinoff, "L Change the World", as the heroine.

"Risking your life to protect the things you love, and the feelings of people are perhaps the theme. Though I don't have something (to protect) like that now, I hope to have it someday. With that being said, it also has the meanings of living and the meanings of dying."

With a peculiar aura, her activities in TV drama stand out, but she also love the movie set.

"Particularly, when I'm filming for a drama, I have a feeling that we are rushing through all sorts of meanings (themes). As for filming a movie, perhaps there aren't much of that rushing feelings compared to the drama... Since I received the script from the very beginning, the hunger to perform it makes me easy to do."



- I didn't realized I have a lot of interviews from 2007... It's just the pictures are pretty. (●♡∀♡) Pictures make it easy for me to translate... Yes, I'm that type of person who make initial judgment on physical appearances.

- I'm kind of curious who the rest of the girls are.


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2012-2013: 19 Years Old Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) No Longer A Child, But Not Yet An Adult (in Japan).

My title is getting redundant. I running out of ideas. ( ̄ω ̄;)

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 1: Life and Personality

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 2: Work.

2010 - 2011: The 16 Years Old Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

2011 - 2012: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) After 18 Years of Life


Fukuda Mayuko turned 19 years old today. It’s going to be her last year before she turns hatachi (20) and joins the adult world.

Happy 19th Birthday Fukuda Mayuko!!!

誕生日━(★´・x・ノノ '`゚チ'`゚チ ┌iii┐ ε-(・ε・´) フゥ-━ォメデトゥ♪

I think this year is mostly a private-life filled year for Mayuko. Sure, she has participated in various works, but the major part of the year was focused on her private life as it is her last year as a high school student and her first step as a college student. So many changes for Mayuko, but not much work-wise…

As 2012 ended and 2013 begins, Mayuko spent most of the time trying to enjoyed her last year as a high school student as she can. On March 1st, she graduated from high school. After enjoying a short break, she entered college at the beginning of April. True to her words, she moved out to live alone. She's currently going to Rikkyo University and is part of the Literature department. She's also part of the band circle of her school. Thanks to this, Mayuko decided to picked up practicing bass/guitar. As her personal experiences broaden, she also participated in a few works as well.




SUBARU Dramatic Cinema

If you weren’t aware already, SUBARU Dramatic Cinema’s host/image person is Kichise Michiko, who is in the same agency as Mayuko. Perhaps it’s thanks to that that she was asked for an interview, even though she didn’t have any work to promote at the time.

- The theme is a movie that changed your life. Mayuko’s choice is “Josee, the Tiger and the Fish”. To which, she mentioned liking Chizuru Ikewaki’s acting in the drama. It’s interesting because Mayuko has a lot of dramas/movies together with her, with the most notable is the taiga “Fuurin Kazan”, where they played mother and daughter for an episode.

- In the report on Facebook, they mentioned that Mayuko is quite health conscious as she’s currently interested in making juices. Her personal recommendation is banana, yogurt, and lemon juice mixed.




Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako Movie + SP Narration

In October, news were out about Mayuko’s new movie “Sakura, Futatabi no Kanaki”. Even though she is not the main protagonist, she still played a major part to the story as the high school mother. Other casts include Hirosue Ryoko, Inagaki Goro, Takada Sho, and Enami Kyoko.

The movie started showing in April 6th and concluded its run in early June. I’m not really sure how well it done in theater (number-wise), and to be quite honest, I don’t really care much about it. However, based on what had been said on twitter and reviews, people seems to think it was a good movie about death, rebirth, and motherhood.

- Utilizing Mayuko’s awesome voice to its maximum potential, she became the narrator for the SP of the movie.

- It’s the first time Mayuko becomes a mother. Not only that, a high school mother! In one interview, she said that it’s surprising that she became a mother before she even wear a wedding dress.

- Since it’s her first ever role as a mother, she has to do some researches through maternity books and her own mom. The rest is based on her imagination. However, thanks to the child actress, she was able to portrayed the role of a mother.

- Possible kiss scene(?) with Takada Sho. Her last kiss scene was with Nagase Tomoya for “Heaven’s Door”. Yes, it’s on the cheek there, but it still counts.

I wish I can write more about this, but since I haven’t watch the movie, I don’t really know what else to say. Let’s continue this next year… ♪(´ε` )




Shoujo to Tetsudou 2013 Spring Documentary

Before her graduation, Mayuko participated on a documentary about train. Its first showing is on February 27, and was rebroadcasted later. The filming took place from Feb 6 to Feb 11, with a total of 6 days. The documentary showed Mayuko’s last trip as a high school student through the Chugoku region. It displayed her interactions with the town and the people. This show is probably as private life as you can get, so I definitely recommend watching it.

- Mayuko discussed her decision to live alone after she graduated from high school. She also talked about her future plans of going to college for the first time here.

- Mayuko has no interest in herself, particularly taking self portrait, as we learned from this documentary.

- She is afraid of height. If you watch the making of for “Heaven’s Door”, you would already know this, but once again, she’s afraid of height.

- Her interactions with other people is one of the highlight of this documentary. I particularly like the conversations she had with the high school students. Because they are the same age, and facing the same kind of experiences (graduations), you can really feel the differences when they were talking compared with when she was talking to other adults. She’s able to talk so naturally with them.

- Mayuko likes kids. At some point, she even try playing rock-paper-scissor with a child at the adjacent car. There’s a part where she watches two girls taking pictures of incoming train, and exclaimed “how cute~”.

- Mayuko doesn’t want to grow up. Which is interesting, because when she was younger, she always said she wanted to grow up quickly.

- She doesn't usually order inari-zushi.

- After traveling on the train for a while and seeing the different trains, Mayuko also started to master the differences between them.

This is getting random. Those points are just from the top of my head. I don’t know if I covered all of them, so if you have time, watch it!  ( ̄ω ̄;)




Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa Stage Play + Comment

In March, right after her graduation, there was news that Mayuko will participates in a stage play called “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”. It has been 7 years since her last stage play, and even though she has always mentioned of wanting to participate in a stage play, it’s not until after she graduated from high school that she challenges stage play again. The play was shown from May 16 to may 26, a period of 10 days (including breaks), with a total of 15 performances. It’s a story about the relationships and bonds of 4 sisters. Beside from Mayuko, the other casts include Mitsushima Hikari, Ito Ayumi, and Kikuchi Akiko, with Mitsushima Hikari as the lead.

- Mayuko played the youngest, Haruna. Unlike her usual roles, Haruna is energetic.

- Based on the interviews and the comment, the casts seems really close. The four of them mentioned that it really feel like they are sisters. Even though they aren’t related by blood, they have a lot of similarities with each other. They also mentioned that they get together and have nabe after the practice sessions, and at times, almost missing the last train.

- The cast members ate mame daifuku every single day. Since Kikuchi Akiko love it so much, everyone brought them to the practice sessions. Even the audiences brought them as presents for the casts.

- The theater is a round stage type of theater, so 360 degree of audiences. As casts entered the stage, it seems as if they will also have to pass through the audiences. Because of that, the casts mentioned that it was difficult to project their voice so everyone can hear.

- In one interview, they asked what’s her motivator and Mayuko said it’s music. Even Mitsushima Hikari confirmed it by adding that she and a staff saw her before entering the practice building, Mayuko was smiling while listening to her music.

- Before the stage play started, Mayuko seems to be slightly anxious about it as one of the FLaMme Relay question to Yamaguchi Sayaka was about some advices about the stage play.





In February, there was news out she’s going to be in the Japan-France collaboration movie named “Flare”. Mayuko will be the protagonist named Flare, and her romantic interest is a 40 years old Frenchman named Jan, played by Valentin Bonhomme. Other casts include Hirose Alice, Tanimura Mitsuki, Yamaguchi Sayaka, etc… The movie will start screening in France in August, and in the winter for Japan.

- The movie is planned to be shown in Cannes. But apparently, it’s not shown this year… Perhaps it’s next year, I really don’t know. Either that or the movie was so boring that it’s not good enough to talk about. 【・ヘ・?】

- Since it’s a collaboration between Japan and France, the filming place has a lot of English, Japanese, and French spoken.

- The movie was filmed in January 2013, and its setting is mainly in Tokyo.

- A fan went to FLaMme Girls Party event, and on one of the paper about the recent going on, Yamaguchi Sayaka wrote about “Flare”, as well as her character’s connection to Mayuko’s role.

“With complex feelings, Flare developed a mental condition, and in the end, stabbed the woman that Jan is having a relationship with…”

“Yamaguchi plays the psychiatrist that is in charge of Flare at the rehabilitation institution.”

- So, yes, this movie is going to be something! First psycho role for Mayuko. Oh my, I just realized Mayuko is going to be a yandere in this one! Yandere Mayuko! Σ(゜ロ゜;)

Even though it’s supposed to be shown in August, there has been no other news so far. There’s not even a website up. I hope it will be up soon. By then, we’ll be able to get more information about the story.



Murakami Haruki Interviews

It seems as if Mayuko has more interviews about books this year. Of course, she never fail to mention her favorite author Murakami Haruki. Thanks to such obsessions, she was invited to participated on the mook (magazine book) about Murakami Haruki called “Murakami Haruki wo Shiritai”, which I’m guessing the English translation is “Haruki on My Mind”.

- Mayuko first discovered Murakami Haruki because she was hospitalized for 2 weeks when she was 14 years old.

- Her favorite book and the first book she read from him is “Kafka on the Shore”. Even now, she still reread it. The cat and the rock cover gave her a big impression/interest. Her father bought her books to pass the time and one of them was “Kafka on the Shore”. She read it in a single night.

- Because she was around the same age as the protagonist for “Kafka on the Shore” at the time, it really caught her attention.

- Mayuko credited his book as it broaden her views of the world.




FLaMme Mobile: "Otona ni Naru Mae ni..." and "Shiritai desu ka?"

After entering college, Mayuko stop writing in her mobile blog. Her last entry (45th) was in February 13, 2013.

- 2012 was an Olympics year, so Mayuko's excitement was very evident in one of her journal entry. She likes the athletes Uchimura Kohei (gymnastics) and Yoshida Maya (soccer). She's also mentioned that she's a soccer fan since watching World Cup in 2010.

- After a long period of no updates, as fans started to complain, Mayuko put out another entry. During the summer break, she and 18 of her classmates did a barbecue. Since it's their last year, as well as the last time they can enjoy themselves before the testing period, they wanted to do a lot of summer-like things. Mayuko ended up getting  a suntan.

- Since her graduation started to get nearer, Mayuko continues to talk about her feelings before she graduate for the series of entries after that. She always seems to be having a fun school life.

- In the midst of January, Mayuko's manager blog update with a picture of Mayuko, in the middle of filming her newest movie "Flare". Mayuko’s manager blog also recently updated with the talk about “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa” interviews.

- In order to promote the stage play, also posted the special edition video interviews for “Otona ni Naru Mae ni…”. The first episode was posted on youtube. The rests are on the mobile website. In it, she introduced the play as well as talk about her views on failures and other subjects.

- Recently, updated with Mayuko’s “Stage Play Q&A” Interview. At the end she said:

“Perhaps I’ll just stroll through life. I want to live like that.

I’m going forward freely in my own pace.

Until someone get angry.”

So I guess I can’t complain about her lacks of work anymore. (_ _|||)



Wow, I didn’t realized that I was able to write so much, even though she didn’t have that much works this year. (゜◇゜) My ability to BS something from nothing sometime amazed me.

Anyways, tomorrow (August 5) will be Ohgo Suzuka’s birthday, so… Happy Birthday!!! She’s 20!! HATACHIIII~ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Since she changed her agency earlier this year, Suzuka has been receiving quite a bit of works. It’s great to see her active, even if they are side roles. Hope to see her gradually getting more and more important roles the coming years as well.

I also hope Mayuko will get a drama soon. All this waiting is killing me.


On another note, Troublemaker: the Otome Game!!! キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

I’m so excited! Can’t wait!