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Nikkei Entertainment March 2007: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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New Generation Actress Profile Vol. 10

Fukuda Mayuko

From the 12 years old who holds the power to attract you to the screen, to the genuine young actress.


As an elementary actress relying only on acting, she is completely well known.

As you remembered her playing the younger version of the heroine with a darkness in her heart in "Byakuyako" (TBS), she's also playing the innocent Onee-san in "Chibi Maruko-chan" (FujiTV). Her performance in the movie, "Nihon Chinbotsu", also became popular. Having a forceful power to pull you into the screen, in "Enka no Joou", not only playing as the protagonist's younger self, but also a mysterious girl that only the adult protagonist can see, Sachiko. In addition, she serves as a guide at the beginning of each episode to introduce the story, acting as "1 person with 3 jobs".

"In the midst of the adult actors, I still can't pit my performance against them, so rather than thinking about that, I want to enjoy myself. In order for me to feel that as I'm watching, I think it's best if the fun, or rather, the enjoyment is able to be conveyed."

Even though she's only 12, her acting history is long. Starting out with "Summer Snow" when she was 5 years old, she appeared along side with her soon to be sempai at the same agency, Hirosue Ryoko. Her performance as a girl with a heart disease was able to capture her agency's president's heart. Recently, we are more aware of her transition to an actress.

"From the time of 'Byakuyako', I started to think about things in details. Even so, at time when I'm perplexed in the end, I'll first go back to read the script and think about it once again (laughs)."

Contrast to the usual cool faces that suited her as an actress, normally, she has an impressive innocent smile and cheerful personality of a young girl. At school, she is type to assertively announce her candidacy as a committee member, and even her speech is like that of an honor student.

"Able to see the performances of my seniors at point blank (upfront and personal), and moreover, able to return the lines that are directed toward me, it's a valuable experience. Even with that much, doing this work bring me great happiness and meanings."

She will become a junior high student starting in the spring. From a popular child actress, she is stepping forward to become a genuine actress. This year is going to be a momentous year.


Forecast Map of her Future

She's playing the heroine for the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~" that will open in theater on July. From here on out, she will certainly increase in acting as the young heroine. In the future, we can expect her to be a heroine that can lead her male counterparts, similar to Koyuki and Shibasaki Kou. Though we're expecting her to be in a lot of serious works, looking at her, she seems to suits roles that are mysterious, a girl with psychic ability that can draw you in with her presence, or a talented artist with charisma.


Profile (in 2007)

Name: Fukuda Mayuko

Birthplace: Tokyo

Birthdate: August 4, 1994

Height: 151cm

Hobby: Recently, I'm into Porno Graffiti. There are 120 songs in my iPod.

Usual order at a Family restaurant: I'll order various food, but for drink, it's black tea.



- I'm kind of sad when they talk about her future predictions. It seems as if there are less and less works for Mayuko as she grows up.

- It's interesting, I think they are pretty on the mark for the type of roles for Mayuko.

- Mysterious = Pretty much all her roles recently

- Girl with psychic ability = Q10 (kind of, she came from the future)

- Talented artist = this has not happen yet. I'm waiting for the day... Maybe “Saigo no Tsubasa”, it's kind of artistic.

- I find it interesting that they compared her with Koyuki and Shibasaki Kou. I can see why they say it, since she has that independent type of atmosphere similar as them. But… I wish we have more roles for comparison. I feel like Mayuko is not as versatile as I want her to be. So she’s still not there yet.

- The part where they said her performance as a girl with an illness captured the FLaMme’s president, it is really true? *so proud*  ( ̄ー ̄)



  1. I'm kind of sad when they talk about her future predictions. It seems as if there are less and less works for Mayuko as she grows up. mte. She started getting typecasted somewhere along the way Orz

    But! Mayuko's New Year message gives me hope >.< I just wish they would come sooner..

    1. You tend to always be right, so I'll listen to you. lol