Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mitsushima Hikari (満島ひかり) Ito Ayumi (伊藤歩) Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Kikuchi Akiko (菊池亜希子) "Special Edit" Engekijin no Real Interview

Text taken from Nikkan-engekijin.


Mitsushima Hikari, Ito Ayumi, Fukuda Mayuko, Kikuchi Akiko

"What's your source of energy?"

Fukuda: It's music for me.

Mitsushima: When we talk about music, she has a really happy expression on her face. For Mayuko-chan, I happened to see her walking toward the theater, and she was smiling while wearing her earphone (laughs). It's not just me, but the staff-san who saw it said "she's really smiling as if she's really happy". Even though she's just ordinarily walking.

-- It's as if you're listening to the happy sound of music right?

Fukuda: If I was doing that, please tell me (laughs).

Mitsushima: As for me, before the real performance, I touch everyone. I brush past them.

Ito: Coming contact with everyone is nice. I'm the same, but recently, we did those together with the flowers we received right? Those times are really nice!

-- Did those, with the flowers?

Mitsushima: We clean up the dying leaves from the flowers that we received.

Ito: We prepared it to be pretty again. Though we have been doing it since morning, and we pretty much didn't talk, but somehow, it's has that, right?

Mitsushima: True true.

Ito: Like an assembly line, the silence is nice, but because it's us 4 that we're able to do it. I think that's pretty nice.

Mitsushima: With the four of us, when one person korokorokoro (being lazy/rolling around) the next person will join. Just the other day, while I was sleeping on the bed (on the stage), Akiko-chan suddenly flop down and said "I  want to sleep on the bed too!", like that (laughs).

-- (laughs). Lastly, Kikuchi-san, please tell us about yours.

Kikuchi: Well, it's mame daifuku!

Fukuda: She received mame daifuku from everyone.

Kikuchi: When I told everyone that "I love mame daifuku", everyone started bringing them to the practice session. Even when the performance started, the audiences brought us mame daifuku.

Mitsushima: We pretty much ate mame daifuku everyday.

Fukuda: There's not a day without it.

-- Did you get tired of eating them every single day?

Kikuchi: Nope. My interior is enormous.

Fukuda: It's because not all of them are the same.

-- Ah~, so there are different varieties.

Mitsushima: We ended up knowing a lot (about the different kinds).

Ito: We also received a mame daifuku stomach band. Akiko-chan designed them.

Kikuchi: It's an originally made stomach band. It's getting popular (laughs). I'll do my best to spread mame daifuku to the world.



- Translating this made me so hungry. I want some mame daifuku!

- I guess this is an extra part of the 8th Engeki Book interview for the stage play “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”... Still waiting for someone to post the full scans/text.


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