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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) & Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) "Piano no Mori" Interview

Interview from the backed up "Piano no Mori" website: Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko.


Amamiya Shuhei/Kamiki Ryunosuke

I started to really play the piano! If I play as much as Kai-kun and Shuhei-kun, I think it will feel good...


Q. Are there any similarities with you and Amamiya Shuhei?

I think we are similar because we have the "not want to lose" mentality. Like losing at a game, or if my friend did 2 or 3 more push ups than me, though they are all trivia, my friend tell me with a normal face "you lost", inside my heart, I'll think "I won't be losing next time". Unknowingly I'm pretty competitive. The same can be said for Shuhei-kun toward Kai-kun. Also, after Shuhei-kun changed school and become nervous when he was told "Come and play the piano in the forest", I think those parts are similar.

Q. You seem to have a lot of things in common with your character, so how did you create your character?

As I read and reread the script many times, I thought about Shuhei-kun's feelings. Why did Shuhei-kun said such things at this time, I thought about them.

Q. Since you're voicing for "Piano no Mori", please tell us an story about music.

I started to really play the piano! If I play as much as Kai-kun and Shuhei-kun, I think it will feel good. Because my mom used to play the piano, I thought she might teach me. Due to my mom's influences even from before, I often listen to Chopin and the songs that's in this movie like "Minute Waltz". That's why, when I was decided to work on this movie, my mom happily said "Since it's the piano, it's going to be a classic!!"

Q. Please send a message to everyone.

I completely turned into Shuhei. I think this movie is a movie where everyone can enjoy, so please invite your family and friends and go watch the movie.






Maruyama Takako/Fukuda Mayuko

As I read the script, I gradually came to like Takako that I wanted to quickly start voicing her... I also come to like piano a bit more.


Q. Please tell us how you felt when you learned you were casted as Takako.

Since it's my first challenge as voice acting for an anime, I was looking forward to it. Though I have heard of the original manga for "Piano no Mori", I don't really know anything about what kind of character Takako is. As I read the script, I gradually came to like Takako, that I wanted to quickly start voicing her. What I like about Takako is that she's doing her best playing the piano for someone she likes, or for someone to be happy. She's always thinking about someone else. Even though she seems to be selfish, you can't hate her. That straight forward frankness is what I like about her.

Q. Please tell us a similarity between you and your character.

Because I also have 3 dogs, that whenever I feel down, just being together with them helped me heal. So I really understand her feelings. Also, her violent mood swings, and saying what she thinks straight away is also some similarities, so it was easy (to get into character). Since it's my first time voice acting for an anime, for example, it's difficult when I have to make breathing sounds, because I must act it out loudly. When acting with my own feelings, I'm glad that I got the OK.

Q. Since you're working on "Piano no Mori", please tell us a story related to music.

When I was young, I took piano lessons. But now that I don't have much time, I wasn't able to practice, so I didn't improve. As I tried voicing the scenes, for some reasons, I immediately started playing the piano again. Perhaps it's because the Takako in me wants to burst out, I thought I should keep with it. I also come to like piano a bit more. I really like Beethoven. Just with the title and music, I like that you're able to visualized the images. Right now, I'm practicing "Fur Elise", but other than that, I also like a lot of other songs.

Q. Please send a message to everyone.

Since it's my first time doing voice acting for an anime, there are a lot of difficult parts, but I was able to become Takako and did my best to enjoy acting as her. I'm happy even if just this feeling is able to be receive. I think this is a charming film. Please enjoy watching it.






- It feels kind of weird translating Kamiki’s interview after a long time…

- Since I can’t find an already upload to an easy to embed video server, here’s Ueto Aya and Kamiki doing an interview for their “Piano no Mori” movie. At one part, Aya was asked if she were to turned into a guy, what does she want to do, and she answered she want to be reborn as Odagiri Joe and she wants to pick up girls. The interviewer then asked, what about a guy like Kamiki, and she quickly say no (Kamiki’s excited and then shocked face… Hahaha), because he’s not a good seducer. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

- I wish Mayuko has a drama that showcase her piano skills. Kamiki already has plenty, now it’s Mayuko’s turn!

- Chopin’s Minute Waltz

- And Beethoven’s Fur Elise


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