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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) "Furuhata Chugakusei" Interview

Text taken from “Furuhata Chugakuseibaike's page.


Fukuda Mayuko (Tobe Asuka)

Q. How do you feel when you heard the story the first time?

It's a really popular work isn't it. When I first heard there's going to be a junior high version, I was really shocked. My mom always told me that she loves the Furuhata series.

Though there's a Furuhata series, the story is about his junior high days, and also an original work, so the script was really interesting.

Q. Please tell us what you felt when you read the script, as well as what kind of girl Asuka is.

The main character, Furuhata-kun, seems like a really cool person, but there are parts of him that's like a junior high student. While watching Yamada-kun's plays, he was able to delve a bit deeper into the character, I really like that that subtle humane side.

The girl I acted as is Asuka. Up until now, I have had many obedient roles, or roles that don't show much emotions, so if I were pushed to say it, she is such type of role. But, I always think of it as wanting to show the inner part of her humane side rather than just appearances. So I think it's the same this time as well.

Asuka's character is not very cute (laughs). She's rebellious in a way. But that parts that is not cute is cute for me. We haven't film the scenes where Asuka and Furuhata-kun become close, but just that part, it feels as if her heart is trembling a bit. That way of "trembling" isn't cute (laughs). Though she's not really adult-like, how to say it, it's a subtle age (laughs).

Q. What's your impressions of your costars?

For Yamada-san, it seems like he has a younger sister my age, so perhaps it's because of that that he felt like a really nice older brother for me. The way he talks is also gentle. Tamoto-kun is really cheerful, and is on good term with Yamada-kun. The three of us would talk about school... It's youth (laughs).

Though not just this time, but I think everyone is amazing. We went to many different locations, talk about the different camera angles, like "The camera should be filming like this", and learn little by little. But going in to character while also have to keep in mind of the camera is really hard. I think it's amazing that everyone was able to naturally do it.

Q. How is the filming location?

Director Kawano is a very cheerful person. The filming place is a place where everyone work on the drama, but because the director is cheerful, that's why it became fun. The filming location this time is extremely fun, so I think it's partly due to the director. While being in that cheerful atmosphere, the tempo of the filming usually go forward on its own. The tempo is really good, that's why the atmosphere is also great.

Q. Lastly, please give a message to the people who are looking forward to the drama.

Tamura Masakazu-san's Furuhata Ninzaburo's different way of talking is very similar, but it's not as if it's a mimic of him. Since Yamada-kun is making it his own, there's a commonness to Tamura-san's Ninzaburo.

For the people of my own generation, as well as those who haven't watch the Furuhata series, I think we will still be able to enjoy the drama. Taking advantage of this, I think perhaps we'll be able to continue on to enjoy watching the Furuhata-series.

As for me, while reading the script, I found it to be really interesting, so I hope many people will watch it. The fun feelings that everyone put into filming will be shown in this work. I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.



- Only translating Mayuko's part since she's the only one that specifically talked about her costars. So disappointed that the other two didn't say anything about her.

- Translation may be incorrect, please tell me.

- I did not know Yamada has a sister Mayuko's age. That's so weird. I thought she's a lot younger for some odd reason.

- Before Kanata-niichan, apparently, there’s Yamada-niichan. (。 >艸<)

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  1. Before Kanata-niichan, apparently, there’s Yamada-niichan. (。 >艸<) THIS! hahaha!