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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) "L Change The World" Interview

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Holding the key to the case and working together with L (Matsuyama Kenichi), she is Nikaido Maki, played by Fukuda Mayuko. Even though she's just only 13 years old, from TV dramas ("Jyoou no Kyoshitsu", "Byakuyakou", etc...) to much discussed movies ("Nihon Chinbotsu", "Little DJ/ Chiisana koi no Monogatari", etc...), her performance as an actress continuously come into focus. But, during the interview, we were able to take a peek at the frankness of a first year junior high student and her cheerful face.


Fukuda Mayuko Interview

"Being a junior high student is hard, yes (laughs)"

-- Did you like the original "Death Note"?

"I went to see the movie with my friends. And I also read the original work. The various aspects such as Light, L, Misa, justice, and evil that are shown is interesting. When you're watching a movie, you generally can feel empathy, regrets, or enjoyments, but for "Death Note", I feel like I'm watching it objectively."

-- This time you're playing a girl that's fill with revenge after seeing her father killed before her eyes, how is acting as her?

"It was painful. To hate someone is a really painful and sad thing. I became depressed after finishing the take...... For 1 full day of filming that scene, my mental state became really low. Normally, during the break in filming, as the 'Cut' is sounded, I'm able to break away from my role. However, for this time, if I break away from Maki even just a bit, I became depressed, so there are many times I have to stay as Maki."

-- Matsuyama-san is one of the many wonderful casts, what is your impression in costarring with them?

"Matsuyama-san is a really strange person! I really love the drama "Sexy Voice and Robo", and even now, I often watch it again. When I met Matsuyama-san, it seems like it's right after the photo shoot for the drama, so the real person was Robo-ish. While I was thinking perhaps the real person is just like this, as we started filming for "L", he became a bit different...... Which is the real Matsuyama-san, I don't know even now (laughs).

Also, I often talk together with Kudo Youki-san. Kudo-san also started acting from a young age. When you started acting at that age, you often don't know what other people are feeling, so I was given advices on that and other things. It was enlightening."

-- You had your first challenge in stage play (Engeki Shudan Caramel Box "Ame to Yume no Ato ni") in 2006 right? Are there differences in performing in a TV drama, movie, or stage play? From the viewpoint of performing the story, are they the same?

"From the viewpoint of performing, they are the same, but for TV and movie, they are works that are reflected on screen. So to compare them and stage play, there are differences. Films are also difficult, but even before acting in a stage play, things such as projecting my voice is difficult. But since it's "live", the stage play is pretty nice. Receiving loud applauses after finishing the play made me really happy. Of course, it's not directed just at me, but that applause after 2 hours of performance is not some something that you can get with films. I'm really glad I was able to experience it."

-- You seems to be addicted to that applause.

"Well...... When I think about it now, it's a mystery why I took up the offer to do the stage play (laughs). At first, I thought ‘Since it's my first, I'll just do it as I'm able to’ and enjoyed myself, but as the public performance got nearer, my thoughts became ‘I need to do this better’, and slowly become afraid...... That's why, if I'm asked whether I want to do stage play again, I have to think about it.

-- So far, you have a lot of hard roles, but as we talk, I feel like you're a really cheerful girl. Is it difficult to act a role that's a gap to your normal personality?

"Merging with my self, or should I say...... playing a role that's close to myself is hard. Perhaps, it's easier to become a role that's different from myself. Recently, for the movie "Little DJ" and "10 Promises to My Dog", they are characters that have parts that resembles myself, but in such cases, they also have a new feelings to them.

-- You entered junior high last spring, but you seem to have a lot of serious roles right?

"That's true, pretty much all of them (laughs). I often hear people tell me, 'You're unexpectedly talkative.'"

-- Is it hard to work and go to school at the same time?

"Even though it was also difficult during elementary, but since starting junior high, it's even more difficult. The lessons became harder, the job of the person in charge is different, the teachers from each subjects are also different...... Being a junior high student is hard, yes (laughs). But, nonetheless, because I really like acting, so I'm having fun when I'm performing."



- Interview from "L Change the World" period.

- I know she talked about her experiences in the stage play during her "Heaven's Door" period, but I didn't know she talked about it during "LCtW" as well.

- Difficult to act as herself, that would explain the awkwardness of "Little DJ". But I rather like "10 Promises" actually. I think she was more natural there.

- So some of the young actresses from FLaMme recently got ameblo. One fan asked the manager when Mayuko is going to get her own. To which, the manager replied that since the two actresses are in demand, they were able to get ameblo. As for Mayuko, well, she’s not in demand enough…


- So I was thinking, for those that have twitter, please let your demands be heard by sending a message to flamme_ject. You can also send a message to them using the email method with flamme_ject blog, or even youtube page.

- I’ve been so disappointed by flamme, but at the same time I feel bad by that because it would goes against what Mayuko believes how she should live her life. (−_−;)

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