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Nikkei Entertainment March 2007: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

As usual, text taken from


New Generation Actress Profile Vol. 10

Fukuda Mayuko

From the 12 years old who holds the power to attract you to the screen, to the genuine young actress.


As an elementary actress relying only on acting, she is completely well known.

As you remembered her playing the younger version of the heroine with a darkness in her heart in "Byakuyako" (TBS), she's also playing the innocent Onee-san in "Chibi Maruko-chan" (FujiTV). Her performance in the movie, "Nihon Chinbotsu", also became popular. Having a forceful power to pull you into the screen, in "Enka no Joou", not only playing as the protagonist's younger self, but also a mysterious girl that only the adult protagonist can see, Sachiko. In addition, she serves as a guide at the beginning of each episode to introduce the story, acting as "1 person with 3 jobs".

"In the midst of the adult actors, I still can't pit my performance against them, so rather than thinking about that, I want to enjoy myself. In order for me to feel that as I'm watching, I think it's best if the fun, or rather, the enjoyment is able to be conveyed."

Even though she's only 12, her acting history is long. Starting out with "Summer Snow" when she was 5 years old, she appeared along side with her soon to be sempai at the same agency, Hirosue Ryoko. Her performance as a girl with a heart disease was able to capture her agency's president's heart. Recently, we are more aware of her transition to an actress.

"From the time of 'Byakuyako', I started to think about things in details. Even so, at time when I'm perplexed in the end, I'll first go back to read the script and think about it once again (laughs)."

Contrast to the usual cool faces that suited her as an actress, normally, she has an impressive innocent smile and cheerful personality of a young girl. At school, she is type to assertively announce her candidacy as a committee member, and even her speech is like that of an honor student.

"Able to see the performances of my seniors at point blank (upfront and personal), and moreover, able to return the lines that are directed toward me, it's a valuable experience. Even with that much, doing this work bring me great happiness and meanings."

She will become a junior high student starting in the spring. From a popular child actress, she is stepping forward to become a genuine actress. This year is going to be a momentous year.


Forecast Map of her Future

She's playing the heroine for the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~" that will open in theater on July. From here on out, she will certainly increase in acting as the young heroine. In the future, we can expect her to be a heroine that can lead her male counterparts, similar to Koyuki and Shibasaki Kou. Though we're expecting her to be in a lot of serious works, looking at her, she seems to suits roles that are mysterious, a girl with psychic ability that can draw you in with her presence, or a talented artist with charisma.


Profile (in 2007)

Name: Fukuda Mayuko

Birthplace: Tokyo

Birthdate: August 4, 1994

Height: 151cm

Hobby: Recently, I'm into Porno Graffiti. There are 120 songs in my iPod.

Usual order at a Family restaurant: I'll order various food, but for drink, it's black tea.



- I'm kind of sad when they talk about her future predictions. It seems as if there are less and less works for Mayuko as she grows up.

- It's interesting, I think they are pretty on the mark for the type of roles for Mayuko.

- Mysterious = Pretty much all her roles recently

- Girl with psychic ability = Q10 (kind of, she came from the future)

- Talented artist = this has not happen yet. I'm waiting for the day... Maybe “Saigo no Tsubasa”, it's kind of artistic.

- I find it interesting that they compared her with Koyuki and Shibasaki Kou. I can see why they say it, since she has that independent type of atmosphere similar as them. But… I wish we have more roles for comparison. I feel like Mayuko is not as versatile as I want her to be. So she’s still not there yet.

- The part where they said her performance as a girl with an illness captured the FLaMme’s president, it is really true? *so proud*  ( ̄ー ̄)


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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) & Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) "Piano no Mori" Interview

Interview from the backed up "Piano no Mori" website: Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko.


Amamiya Shuhei/Kamiki Ryunosuke

I started to really play the piano! If I play as much as Kai-kun and Shuhei-kun, I think it will feel good...


Q. Are there any similarities with you and Amamiya Shuhei?

I think we are similar because we have the "not want to lose" mentality. Like losing at a game, or if my friend did 2 or 3 more push ups than me, though they are all trivia, my friend tell me with a normal face "you lost", inside my heart, I'll think "I won't be losing next time". Unknowingly I'm pretty competitive. The same can be said for Shuhei-kun toward Kai-kun. Also, after Shuhei-kun changed school and become nervous when he was told "Come and play the piano in the forest", I think those parts are similar.

Q. You seem to have a lot of things in common with your character, so how did you create your character?

As I read and reread the script many times, I thought about Shuhei-kun's feelings. Why did Shuhei-kun said such things at this time, I thought about them.

Q. Since you're voicing for "Piano no Mori", please tell us an story about music.

I started to really play the piano! If I play as much as Kai-kun and Shuhei-kun, I think it will feel good. Because my mom used to play the piano, I thought she might teach me. Due to my mom's influences even from before, I often listen to Chopin and the songs that's in this movie like "Minute Waltz". That's why, when I was decided to work on this movie, my mom happily said "Since it's the piano, it's going to be a classic!!"

Q. Please send a message to everyone.

I completely turned into Shuhei. I think this movie is a movie where everyone can enjoy, so please invite your family and friends and go watch the movie.






Maruyama Takako/Fukuda Mayuko

As I read the script, I gradually came to like Takako that I wanted to quickly start voicing her... I also come to like piano a bit more.


Q. Please tell us how you felt when you learned you were casted as Takako.

Since it's my first challenge as voice acting for an anime, I was looking forward to it. Though I have heard of the original manga for "Piano no Mori", I don't really know anything about what kind of character Takako is. As I read the script, I gradually came to like Takako, that I wanted to quickly start voicing her. What I like about Takako is that she's doing her best playing the piano for someone she likes, or for someone to be happy. She's always thinking about someone else. Even though she seems to be selfish, you can't hate her. That straight forward frankness is what I like about her.

Q. Please tell us a similarity between you and your character.

Because I also have 3 dogs, that whenever I feel down, just being together with them helped me heal. So I really understand her feelings. Also, her violent mood swings, and saying what she thinks straight away is also some similarities, so it was easy (to get into character). Since it's my first time voice acting for an anime, for example, it's difficult when I have to make breathing sounds, because I must act it out loudly. When acting with my own feelings, I'm glad that I got the OK.

Q. Since you're working on "Piano no Mori", please tell us a story related to music.

When I was young, I took piano lessons. But now that I don't have much time, I wasn't able to practice, so I didn't improve. As I tried voicing the scenes, for some reasons, I immediately started playing the piano again. Perhaps it's because the Takako in me wants to burst out, I thought I should keep with it. I also come to like piano a bit more. I really like Beethoven. Just with the title and music, I like that you're able to visualized the images. Right now, I'm practicing "Fur Elise", but other than that, I also like a lot of other songs.

Q. Please send a message to everyone.

Since it's my first time doing voice acting for an anime, there are a lot of difficult parts, but I was able to become Takako and did my best to enjoy acting as her. I'm happy even if just this feeling is able to be receive. I think this is a charming film. Please enjoy watching it.






- It feels kind of weird translating Kamiki’s interview after a long time…

- Since I can’t find an already upload to an easy to embed video server, here’s Ueto Aya and Kamiki doing an interview for their “Piano no Mori” movie. At one part, Aya was asked if she were to turned into a guy, what does she want to do, and she answered she want to be reborn as Odagiri Joe and she wants to pick up girls. The interviewer then asked, what about a guy like Kamiki, and she quickly say no (Kamiki’s excited and then shocked face… Hahaha), because he’s not a good seducer. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

- I wish Mayuko has a drama that showcase her piano skills. Kamiki already has plenty, now it’s Mayuko’s turn!

- Chopin’s Minute Waltz

- And Beethoven’s Fur Elise


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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) & Mizusawa Nako (水沢奈子) "Maimai Shinko" Interview

Text taken from


Fukuda Mayuko Interview

For 2 days, from November 14-15 2009, the movie "Maimai Miracles" has prescreening in Yamaguchi prefecture.

On the 14th, two stage greetings for the movie took place at Warner Mycal Cimema in Houfu city. On the 15th, a talk and live meeting also took place at the Aspirante in Houfu! On both days, the place is crowded with many people.

In such a busy schedule, we were able to get an interview and message from Fukuda Mayuko-san, who is playing the leading part.


The movie is finally screening at Houfu, what's your thoughts?

I'm nervous!

The movie will start to screen country wide soon, so as everyone from Houfu is watching this movie, I hope I'm able to convey the dialect and the atmosphere well.

Rather than else where, I'm the most nervous here.


What's your impression of Takagi-sensei?

Though Takagi-sensei = Shinko-chan, but I also have pictures with maimai (hair antenna thing) (laughs)

So I have an affinity feeling for her (laughs)


How was playing as the main character, Shinko-chan?

To be able to participate in this film, I'm really happy.

Also, my father is actually from Yamaguchi prefecture as well as my grandfather, who is still living in Houfu city of Yamaguchi prefecture.

That's why I'm happily accepted the work (laughs).

I was able to fulfill my filial piety (laughs).


It's really fated (laughs). Have you visit Yamaguchi prefecture when you were younger?

I visited 1-2 times a year.

I always went to my favorite Tokuyama zoo, and before coming back, I looked forward to buying Houfu's kamaboko (laughs)

It's delicious (laughs)


(Laughs) Since we're talking about the local places, please tell us about the lines that you have to speak in Yamaguchi dialect.

At first, I have my dad read it to me, but the era is different so it's difficult.

The director is particular about the words they used during year 30 of Showa period, so I listened to the recordings from those day to practice.

Even at the dubbing location, we act with the guidance of a dialect teacher.


What kind of girl do Fukuda-san see Shinko-chan as?

Shinko-chan is really cool!

For me, when talking to people for the first time, I'm unable to be honest and frank about many things. But for Shinko-chan, even when she's worried or feeling down, she's true to herself 100% no matter what!

That is very cool.


Please tell us your favorite scene and line.

At the end of the movie, where Shinko-chan and Kiiko-chan talk together in the street at night.

Holding a flashlight with the battery almost out, Shinko-chan asked "Are you scared?" and even though she's a bit scared, Kiiko-chan answered "Since Shinko-chan is here, I'm okay". That scene and that dialogue between the two of them is really wonderful, I love it.


Lastly, please everyone give us a message.

As you watch the movie, even just bit, there will be something that will reach everyone, and can be thought about.

Also, if you're able to think "It's good", I think that's already plenty enough.

Even for me as I watch this movie, I came to realize that friendships are important. And I thought that I want to support my family.

As many people watch this, I hope they will be able to reflect on the warmth of a family, and how amazing it is to play with your friends.

Because it's really is a lovely movie, for many to come to know of this movie, I'm happy if those that watch it will lend their power.

Please try to tell it to various people.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!


Thank you very much.



Mizusawa Nako Interview

On October 9, 2009, playing Kiiko, Mizusawa Nako-san came to Houfu city for a charity screening of "Maimai Miracles".

Though she is currently working on movie, drama, and gravure, it's her first challenge at voice acting.

We asked a few questions from her.


What's your first impression of Houfu?

When I came yesterday, it was raining, so I wasn't able to see much of the scenery.

But as I woke up this morning, it's nice and sunny, and there's so much greenery!

Just like in the movie, I saw a lot of nice mountain, as if I come to "Maimai" world!


After meeting Takagi-sensei, what's your impression of her?

When I asked her of her age, I was surprised. I'm fascinated by her beauty. I thought she has power, and really energetic (laughs).


How's your first challenge at voice acting?

Matching the silence with the images of the anime, and changing the tension of the voice into different type was difficult.

I worried over how I should do it, but I was reassured to have Fukuda Mayuko-san, who played Shinko-chan, and other voice actors being together with me.

Thanks to that, I was able to enjoy it, and grow accustomed to it.


Fukuda-san's dialogues are in dialect, so what do you think of Yamaguchi prefecture's dialect?

It's cute! Like "shichoru" (laughs)

My character used the standard dialect, so I'm jealous of everyone that used the dialect to speak.

Though it seems difficult, I want to try it (laughs)


What do you think of Kiiko-chan, whom you played as?

Even though her mother died, in the movie, she doesn't show sad facial expression in a great extend. But even so, she's hurt. With that, moving from Tokyo to a place she never knew of so she's insecure. Her image has that of a shy girl.

But as she slowly surround herself to Shinko-chan and other cheerful friends, her heart also open up. At the core, she's a very honest and gentle girl.


And if you were to compare her to you?

If I were to choose, I'm more of Shinko-chan's cheerful type (laughs).


What's your favorite scene?

The part where everyone play at the pond, and also the scene where Shinko-chan, her little sister, and Kiiko ate the wine filled chocolates (laughs)

There were chocolate at the dubbing location, so the three of us ate it as we perform!

It was fun and profoundly memorable (laughs)


About the movie

It's filled with fantasy!

It shows the world of children is a really fun place, and there are a lot of scene where they are playing.

Playing in the mud, and running around in the wheat field that's like the sea.

I've never experience it as a child, so it's really lovely that I became envious of them (laughs)

I thought it must be great living in the year 30 of the Showa period.

This year, though Houfu experienced a difficult disaster, I hope this movie will be able to cheer up those that watch.


Thank you very much.



- Really awkward translation, so do correct me if I’m wrong.

- In July 2009, Houfu of Yamaguchi experienced sediment disaster (mudslide-ish) due to heavy rain. So I think Nako is talking about that.


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Mitsushima Hikari (満島ひかり) Ito Ayumi (伊藤歩) Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Kikuchi Akiko (菊池亜希子) "Special Edit" Engekijin no Real Interview

Text taken from Nikkan-engekijin.


Mitsushima Hikari, Ito Ayumi, Fukuda Mayuko, Kikuchi Akiko

"What's your source of energy?"

Fukuda: It's music for me.

Mitsushima: When we talk about music, she has a really happy expression on her face. For Mayuko-chan, I happened to see her walking toward the theater, and she was smiling while wearing her earphone (laughs). It's not just me, but the staff-san who saw it said "she's really smiling as if she's really happy". Even though she's just ordinarily walking.

-- It's as if you're listening to the happy sound of music right?

Fukuda: If I was doing that, please tell me (laughs).

Mitsushima: As for me, before the real performance, I touch everyone. I brush past them.

Ito: Coming contact with everyone is nice. I'm the same, but recently, we did those together with the flowers we received right? Those times are really nice!

-- Did those, with the flowers?

Mitsushima: We clean up the dying leaves from the flowers that we received.

Ito: We prepared it to be pretty again. Though we have been doing it since morning, and we pretty much didn't talk, but somehow, it's has that, right?

Mitsushima: True true.

Ito: Like an assembly line, the silence is nice, but because it's us 4 that we're able to do it. I think that's pretty nice.

Mitsushima: With the four of us, when one person korokorokoro (being lazy/rolling around) the next person will join. Just the other day, while I was sleeping on the bed (on the stage), Akiko-chan suddenly flop down and said "I  want to sleep on the bed too!", like that (laughs).

-- (laughs). Lastly, Kikuchi-san, please tell us about yours.

Kikuchi: Well, it's mame daifuku!

Fukuda: She received mame daifuku from everyone.

Kikuchi: When I told everyone that "I love mame daifuku", everyone started bringing them to the practice session. Even when the performance started, the audiences brought us mame daifuku.

Mitsushima: We pretty much ate mame daifuku everyday.

Fukuda: There's not a day without it.

-- Did you get tired of eating them every single day?

Kikuchi: Nope. My interior is enormous.

Fukuda: It's because not all of them are the same.

-- Ah~, so there are different varieties.

Mitsushima: We ended up knowing a lot (about the different kinds).

Ito: We also received a mame daifuku stomach band. Akiko-chan designed them.

Kikuchi: It's an originally made stomach band. It's getting popular (laughs). I'll do my best to spread mame daifuku to the world.



- Translating this made me so hungry. I want some mame daifuku!

- I guess this is an extra part of the 8th Engeki Book interview for the stage play “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”... Still waiting for someone to post the full scans/text.


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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) "L Change The World" Interview

Interview taken from



Holding the key to the case and working together with L (Matsuyama Kenichi), she is Nikaido Maki, played by Fukuda Mayuko. Even though she's just only 13 years old, from TV dramas ("Jyoou no Kyoshitsu", "Byakuyakou", etc...) to much discussed movies ("Nihon Chinbotsu", "Little DJ/ Chiisana koi no Monogatari", etc...), her performance as an actress continuously come into focus. But, during the interview, we were able to take a peek at the frankness of a first year junior high student and her cheerful face.


Fukuda Mayuko Interview

"Being a junior high student is hard, yes (laughs)"

-- Did you like the original "Death Note"?

"I went to see the movie with my friends. And I also read the original work. The various aspects such as Light, L, Misa, justice, and evil that are shown is interesting. When you're watching a movie, you generally can feel empathy, regrets, or enjoyments, but for "Death Note", I feel like I'm watching it objectively."

-- This time you're playing a girl that's fill with revenge after seeing her father killed before her eyes, how is acting as her?

"It was painful. To hate someone is a really painful and sad thing. I became depressed after finishing the take...... For 1 full day of filming that scene, my mental state became really low. Normally, during the break in filming, as the 'Cut' is sounded, I'm able to break away from my role. However, for this time, if I break away from Maki even just a bit, I became depressed, so there are many times I have to stay as Maki."

-- Matsuyama-san is one of the many wonderful casts, what is your impression in costarring with them?

"Matsuyama-san is a really strange person! I really love the drama "Sexy Voice and Robo", and even now, I often watch it again. When I met Matsuyama-san, it seems like it's right after the photo shoot for the drama, so the real person was Robo-ish. While I was thinking perhaps the real person is just like this, as we started filming for "L", he became a bit different...... Which is the real Matsuyama-san, I don't know even now (laughs).

Also, I often talk together with Kudo Youki-san. Kudo-san also started acting from a young age. When you started acting at that age, you often don't know what other people are feeling, so I was given advices on that and other things. It was enlightening."

-- You had your first challenge in stage play (Engeki Shudan Caramel Box "Ame to Yume no Ato ni") in 2006 right? Are there differences in performing in a TV drama, movie, or stage play? From the viewpoint of performing the story, are they the same?

"From the viewpoint of performing, they are the same, but for TV and movie, they are works that are reflected on screen. So to compare them and stage play, there are differences. Films are also difficult, but even before acting in a stage play, things such as projecting my voice is difficult. But since it's "live", the stage play is pretty nice. Receiving loud applauses after finishing the play made me really happy. Of course, it's not directed just at me, but that applause after 2 hours of performance is not some something that you can get with films. I'm really glad I was able to experience it."

-- You seems to be addicted to that applause.

"Well...... When I think about it now, it's a mystery why I took up the offer to do the stage play (laughs). At first, I thought ‘Since it's my first, I'll just do it as I'm able to’ and enjoyed myself, but as the public performance got nearer, my thoughts became ‘I need to do this better’, and slowly become afraid...... That's why, if I'm asked whether I want to do stage play again, I have to think about it.

-- So far, you have a lot of hard roles, but as we talk, I feel like you're a really cheerful girl. Is it difficult to act a role that's a gap to your normal personality?

"Merging with my self, or should I say...... playing a role that's close to myself is hard. Perhaps, it's easier to become a role that's different from myself. Recently, for the movie "Little DJ" and "10 Promises to My Dog", they are characters that have parts that resembles myself, but in such cases, they also have a new feelings to them.

-- You entered junior high last spring, but you seem to have a lot of serious roles right?

"That's true, pretty much all of them (laughs). I often hear people tell me, 'You're unexpectedly talkative.'"

-- Is it hard to work and go to school at the same time?

"Even though it was also difficult during elementary, but since starting junior high, it's even more difficult. The lessons became harder, the job of the person in charge is different, the teachers from each subjects are also different...... Being a junior high student is hard, yes (laughs). But, nonetheless, because I really like acting, so I'm having fun when I'm performing."



- Interview from "L Change the World" period.

- I know she talked about her experiences in the stage play during her "Heaven's Door" period, but I didn't know she talked about it during "LCtW" as well.

- Difficult to act as herself, that would explain the awkwardness of "Little DJ". But I rather like "10 Promises" actually. I think she was more natural there.

- So some of the young actresses from FLaMme recently got ameblo. One fan asked the manager when Mayuko is going to get her own. To which, the manager replied that since the two actresses are in demand, they were able to get ameblo. As for Mayuko, well, she’s not in demand enough…


- So I was thinking, for those that have twitter, please let your demands be heard by sending a message to flamme_ject. You can also send a message to them using the email method with flamme_ject blog, or even youtube page.

- I’ve been so disappointed by flamme, but at the same time I feel bad by that because it would goes against what Mayuko believes how she should live her life. (−_−;)

- On a happier note, with the production of Troublemaker otome game underway, the creator suggested an idea for those that want to play the game earlier than the intended release date. I’m taking this straight from the tumblr page.

If you submit a manip, fic (oneshot, drabble, etc..) or fanvid of Fukuda Mayuko with either Yamada Ryosuke, Hongo Kanata or Nakajima Yuto.
Or ALL of them for that matter…

You get to play the game earlier! (^ _ ^)v

- So yes, if anyone is interested, please feel free to join and/or spread the words. If you have any questions or concerns, please directed them to the tumblr page.

- Lastly… YaMayu x MayuNata x MaYuto video, thanks as always to the talented Cielo-san. If you feel excited/inspired/tempted/urges/creative juice flowing after watching this, please do submit something!


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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) "Furuhata Chugakusei" Interview

Text taken from “Furuhata Chugakuseibaike's page.


Fukuda Mayuko (Tobe Asuka)

Q. How do you feel when you heard the story the first time?

It's a really popular work isn't it. When I first heard there's going to be a junior high version, I was really shocked. My mom always told me that she loves the Furuhata series.

Though there's a Furuhata series, the story is about his junior high days, and also an original work, so the script was really interesting.

Q. Please tell us what you felt when you read the script, as well as what kind of girl Asuka is.

The main character, Furuhata-kun, seems like a really cool person, but there are parts of him that's like a junior high student. While watching Yamada-kun's plays, he was able to delve a bit deeper into the character, I really like that that subtle humane side.

The girl I acted as is Asuka. Up until now, I have had many obedient roles, or roles that don't show much emotions, so if I were pushed to say it, she is such type of role. But, I always think of it as wanting to show the inner part of her humane side rather than just appearances. So I think it's the same this time as well.

Asuka's character is not very cute (laughs). She's rebellious in a way. But that parts that is not cute is cute for me. We haven't film the scenes where Asuka and Furuhata-kun become close, but just that part, it feels as if her heart is trembling a bit. That way of "trembling" isn't cute (laughs). Though she's not really adult-like, how to say it, it's a subtle age (laughs).

Q. What's your impressions of your costars?

For Yamada-san, it seems like he has a younger sister my age, so perhaps it's because of that that he felt like a really nice older brother for me. The way he talks is also gentle. Tamoto-kun is really cheerful, and is on good term with Yamada-kun. The three of us would talk about school... It's youth (laughs).

Though not just this time, but I think everyone is amazing. We went to many different locations, talk about the different camera angles, like "The camera should be filming like this", and learn little by little. But going in to character while also have to keep in mind of the camera is really hard. I think it's amazing that everyone was able to naturally do it.

Q. How is the filming location?

Director Kawano is a very cheerful person. The filming place is a place where everyone work on the drama, but because the director is cheerful, that's why it became fun. The filming location this time is extremely fun, so I think it's partly due to the director. While being in that cheerful atmosphere, the tempo of the filming usually go forward on its own. The tempo is really good, that's why the atmosphere is also great.

Q. Lastly, please give a message to the people who are looking forward to the drama.

Tamura Masakazu-san's Furuhata Ninzaburo's different way of talking is very similar, but it's not as if it's a mimic of him. Since Yamada-kun is making it his own, there's a commonness to Tamura-san's Ninzaburo.

For the people of my own generation, as well as those who haven't watch the Furuhata series, I think we will still be able to enjoy the drama. Taking advantage of this, I think perhaps we'll be able to continue on to enjoy watching the Furuhata-series.

As for me, while reading the script, I found it to be really interesting, so I hope many people will watch it. The fun feelings that everyone put into filming will be shown in this work. I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.



- Only translating Mayuko's part since she's the only one that specifically talked about her costars. So disappointed that the other two didn't say anything about her.

- Translation may be incorrect, please tell me.

- I did not know Yamada has a sister Mayuko's age. That's so weird. I thought she's a lot younger for some odd reason.

- Before Kanata-niichan, apparently, there’s Yamada-niichan. (。 >艸<)

- To watch the drama special, please go to

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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) - Prolog vol. 24 Talent Introduction

Images and text taken from Prolog site.


Fukuda Mayuko

In the QUOQ CM, ignoring the transferred QUOQ-kun, breaking the glasses in the corridor while cleaning up, and having to stand in the corridor is "Yuko-chan", played by Fukuda Mayuko-chan. Beside from appearing many other commercials, she's also acting in many dramas with difficult circumstances and difficult roles, such as the girl with a heart disease in "Summer Snow", and a girl who's parents are divorced in "Ai no Ie" and "Last Present". We were able to talk to the girl that's leading in her generation of child actors/actresses.



Name: Fukuda Mayuko

Agency: Tokyo Jidougeki dan

Birthdate: Heisei 6, August 4

Height & Weight: 131cm 25kg

Blood type: B

Hobby: drawing, talking

Special Skills: Laughing, making friends

Main Accomplishments:

- 1998 CM "Kentucky Fried Chicken" (debut work)

- 2000 Drama "Summer Snow"

- 2003 Drama "Ai no Ie ~Nakimushi Sato to 7-nin no ko~"

- 2004 CM "QUOQ"

- 2004 Drama "Last Present ~Musume to Ikiru Saigo no Natsu~"

Extracted from "Jikihitsu Survey". Data are from June 12, 2004.


Excerpt from the Interview

~ Drama "Ai no Ie" ~

YE: How was the drama "Ai no Ie" that you did last year?

Mayuko: It was really fun. Because there are a lot of kids there, the break time was really fun, and so is the filming time. Since I'm not by myself, I wasn't nervous at all. Well, normally I don't really get nervous (laughs).

YE: How would you compare your character with your normal self?

Mayuko: Though I felt that her levelheaded-ness is a bit different from myself, but her cheerfulness is similar.


~ Movie "Kamikaze Girls" ~

YE: You were in "Kamikaze Girls" for 5 minutes right?

Mayuko: That's right.

YE: How was it?

Mayuko: I really have to go to Shimotsuma to film. It's really full of rice paddies. I thought it was really amazing, and I want to try living there.

YE: So that's what you thought. Don't you think living in the city is good as well?

Mayuko: No, I think that sort of countryside with a lot of natures are good, but we don't have to go to another city.


~ Dog Goods ~

SO: I heard you are collecting dog goods.

Mayuko: It's not just the dogs, but even pencils, erasers and other stationaries. As long as they have dogs on them, I want them.

SO: What else do you have?

Mayuko: Notebooks, pencil box, and even ruler, everything have dogs on them.

SO: So everything you carry with you all have dogs?

Mayuko: Mechanical pencils and everything have dogs on them.

SO: Doesn't your friends notice them?

Mayuko: I was told "You bought another dog pencil?".


Postscript Edition

In dramas, she has a lot of roles that are either has illness or ill fate, and even in QUOQ CM, she doesn't smile. But with the comedic tone of "Kamikaze Girls", her role take a complete changed to something unexpected. As the interview took place, she gives off the impression of a girl that can do a wide range of drama.

At first glance, there's a quiet and obedient atmosphere about her, but in reality, she's a pretty cheerful and openhearted girl that talks a lot. Although I said "talk a lot", it's not like a one-side rapid fire talk like a machine gun, but more like the type that can skillfully return the conversation. Saying that she has the skills in making friends is definitely true.

During the interview, there are parts of herself that she think "has changed". A normal girl existing normally in this difficult society, I think that the existence of this girl that changed a bit will perhaps become our salvation.

[Endo Yoshitaka]





- Old interview with chibi Mayuko for one of her CM work.

- Mayuko is going to be in the 8th issue of the magazine “Engeki Book” with her “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa” sisters. Thanks to Cielo-san for the heads up. Hope there will be a lot of interviews and behind the scenes stuffs.

- Interestingly, the same issue will include the interview(?) for the Caramel Box’s play “Ame to Yume no Ato ni” with Yoshida Riko as the new Ame-chan. If you don’t remember, Mayuko played as Ame-chan in the 2006 version.

- It would be so interesting if these two have a cross talk… But I doubt it.