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My Space From Jp. May 2010 Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Book Review

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"My Space From Jp." May 2010 Page 105


Book of sense and encounter of a "15 years old"

Fukuda Mayuko


I am 15 years old now. Since I love reading, I always try to get my hand on various books. However, when the characters are closer to my age, I have a stronger feeling toward them. So, I'll introduce to you 3 of my favorite books that have 15 years old characters.


"The Diary of Anne Frank" is on my normal English textbook. Due to the Nazi's occupation, she take refuge because she is Jewish. It's a diary from when Anne Frank is 13 to 15 years old. Anne's honest feelings are fully packed in it. She wrote about her family, her friends, and herself. When I read this, it's like peeping into the heart of a girl my age. It's a bit anxious-like, relief, and a mysterious feeling. No matter what happen, the strong and unforgettable Anne is amazing. Occasionally, whenever I'm being scold, I'm able to be cheer up by her. Especially the last part about "self", I love the sentences where she described herself and the self that reflected to other people are different. I reread it so many times. And whenever I read "This is the last of Anne's entry", it bring me back to reality. The young ladies that are my age and me, there are already so many of us that died, it's an unbearable feeling. Better than any other textbooks, this diary teaches us that we shouldn't go to war. Anne's diary conveyed the things that war will take away from us, and I can give back to Anne only one thing. In that small and quiet world, Anne's words was able to reach to many people.


"Kafka on the Shore" is my number 1 favorite long novel. A story about a 15 years old boy, Kafka, who ran away from home and begins to live at a library in a small unknown town. Each time I struggle to the last line, though I'm unable to say it skillfully, I became fully satisfied. In order to arrive at that line while not being satiate, I turned back to the first page.


The protagonist, Rin, in "Autofiction" is going backward from 22 years old, 18 years old, to 16 years old, and ended when she's 15 years old. It's a bit different from the usual novel. The only common point between the chapters is the protagonist Rin. The same characters don't reappear, and the place is different as well. The person who the past Rin can't imagine to be, is the Rin in the present. The person who the current Rin can't imagine to be, is the past's Rin. When looking at the current Rin from another perspective, we will see her as an "independence lady", but that's just what on the outside. We can't see her interior or her past. Though it's obvious, it's somewhat ridiculous. The novel has a peculiar world view. When I turn 16 years old, I want to try reading it again.


Each time I reread these 3 books again, I noticed many things that I haven't before, and my heart becomes tempted.



- Translation is definitely wrong. Some of the phrases is difficult to translate for me, so I ended up guessing it. Please correct me if you can or whenever you can!

- This is the last of my stock translation… I need to translate again.

- Thanks to the long commute on my way to school and home, I was able to finish reading “Kafka on the Shore” by Murakami Haruki. I’ve never read something like this before, to be quite honest. I have read book with peculiar characters, fantasy-like setting, modern setting, alternating chapters between time and people, etc… But I’ve never read something where there’s a foggy line between reality and dream. It’s as if I’m unsure if I’m looking at a dream or reality. But it’s definitely pretty interesting.

- However, one thing I have to say is, I can’t believe Mayuko read this when she was 14. I definitely can’t see myself reading it when I was 14 or anywhere in my teens. I was really surprised by the subject matter. Well, we do cover them in class, but “Kafka on the Shore” is definitely one of the most strangest story I have ever read. It’s as Mayuko said, after you finished reading it, it doesn’t fulfill your curiosity, but give you a lot more questions than answers. The author did mentioned that the book required multiple readings in order to grasp the story better.

- Yes, I would definitely recommend “Kafka on the Shore”. I’m starting to read “1Q84” now and it’s pretty interesting as well. I did noticed that there are a few similar things he likes to mention in his stories.

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June 15, 2013 "Sunday Mainichi": Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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Special Issue "High School’s True Ability"

Fukuda Mayuko

She entered the show business world since she was 9 years old. That's why experiencing a normal life and normal feelings is very precious.

Fukuda: Since I'm in the business of portraying human, it's necessary for me to go into the world so that I can come into contact with various people. In that sense, I decided to enter college.

Since this spring, she starts to attend the literature department of a private university in the center of Tokyo. The ability to study expressions from various media was her fascination.

Fukuda: It's not that I was conscious about the connection to work, but because I want to study something I'm interested in. As I thought about it, I eventually arrived at "expression".

Until now, the distinctions between work and not work are clear. So whether if it’s working, or the work ended today, that consciousness is strong, but it all changed as she entered college. In order for work, school, and private life all become a part of her life, her thought about work slowly begins to change.

Fukuda: Since I have something I want to study, that's why I'm going to school, and since I like to act, that's why I work. I realized that these things are what I want to do myself, that's why I do do them, so it’s becoming more enjoyable everyday.

Spending times together with the friends that has the same goals as her while preparing for her entrance exam, those productive times passed. Her best subject is Japanese. However, not able to have the result she wanted with Japanese was a bitter experience.

Fukuda: Compare to not doing well in World History, a class I'm weak in, I fell into a slump. Overcoming that wall was difficult.

An advice to the students that are studying for their entrance exam, "Make the best out of the preparing for exam privilege and enjoy it. When you give the excuse 'since I'm preparing for my exam', people won't get angry at you even if your room is a complete mess (laughs)" she said without any worries. As for work, even though she's anxious about performance as well as the evaluation of the work, she doesn’t have any hesitation.

Fukuda: In order to produce a good work, I put my all into it. I think that's already enough. I'm looking forward to how I will change for the projects hereafter.

From a fresh college student, her expression becomes like that of a genuine actress.



- First translation for June. I wanted to wait until there’s a scan of the interior, but I guess nobody is going to scan it, so… Beggar can’t be chooser.

- High school’s true ability… It’s more like the strength of each high school and which is the best high school for your kid kind of guide…. So hard to translate. (◎_◎;)


- Mayuko finished her stage play a bit more than 2 weeks ago, and from fan’s report, Mayuko’s character is really energetic (and moves around a lot).

- On the last day of the play, Shiga Kotaro-san, who played the 4 sisters’ father, posted a food art for the characters of “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa” on his twitter. Beside from Mayuko and Shiga-san, I can’t really tell who’s who. ^^;; But he’s so talented!! (゜◇゜)

- Fans who went to the play was able to get their hand on the leaflet for Mayuko’s new movie “Flare”!!! According to the leaflet, other casts include Tanimura Mitsuki, Hirose Alice, etc… Thanks to Ootani-san for the picture.

- On the 7th Issue of Audition (that’s out a week or so ago), to celebrate the 200th issue, they are giving away wrist bands with written words from different people. Interestingly, Mayuko is one of those people. Mayuko wrote 「楽しんだもの勝ちです!」 or “To have fun is to win!”. Pretty interesting that in one interview before, the interviewer ask her to compare herself to a color, and she chose orange. ^^;; Thanks to NXFSDP for the picture.

- Last news of the day. This week is the last week “Sakura Futatabi no Kanako” will be showing in theaters. So that also means we are getting closer to the release of the DVD. ʘ‿ʘ

- Okay, just something extra that’s not really news but it is news. KS4 Creations (from the people who brought you the otome game “Taking Chances: A KamiShiYama Otome game”) is making another game named “Troublemaker” with Fukuda Mayuko as the main character. The story follows Mayuko as she becomes the bassist of the band MUSE. Her band mates/love interests are Yamada Ryosuke, Hongo Kanata, and Nakajima Yuto, with an appearance of Kamiki Ryunosuke. At the moment, the game is still in its development phase, but is planned to be release sometime during Mayuko’s birthday. Be sure to follow the progress on tumblr! I’m so excited!! Because Mayuko + music = ♥!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Anyways, teaser video to heighten your excitement.

- Anything else? I can’t think of anything else, so… Bye bye ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ