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Fukuda Mayuko ( 福田麻由子) "Pandora 3 Kakumei Zenya" Official Guide Book Interview

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"Pandora 3: Kakumei Zenya" Official Guide Book
Fukuda Mayuko Interview

Mayuko is playing a homeless girl, Yuuki Kae. Meeting with the terrorist, Matsunaga Shouichirou (Izumiya Shigeru), she's trying to change the country. Of course it's her first time acting as a homeless. How was it I wondered!? ... With such thoughts in mind, let's begin her "new challenge".

-- Since Kae is a new type of role, how did you approach her?

Fukuda: I want her to have a strong core. Though Kae is a girl, she has things that she's afraid and sad about. However, while fighting such things alone, I want her to face it with all her strength.

-- In Kae's first scene, she knocked her mother's boyfriend down with a metal bat. Since it's such a shocking first impression, I was taken aback by it.

Fukuda: That's true (laughs). Since it has such a strong impact, I had fun filming it. In truth, moving to Tokyo from Hokkaido after this incident, I've only film scenes of me being hungry and irritated. (laughs)

-- Was acting difficult?

Fukuda: For being irritated, the first onset, then slowly grow larger, that's not really difficult. But, from now on since it's no longer starting, but it become the usual things that Kae does, I think it'll increasingly becoming more difficult.

-- It seems like Kae will soon become a figure like Jeanne d'Arc. When that happens, her view point as a homeless will also change...

Fukuda: That's true. But by changing her position, I don't think she will change. Even after coming into contact with her partner, Matsunaga, a young child, or even a dog, she's still the same... That blur line is how everything can be tied together.


-- What did director Kawake Shunsaku demand from your role?

Fukuda: Since he didn't tell me anything about how to act, I was anxious. So when we first meeting I keep asking him to "Please tell me what to do". However, even now, he still doesn't particularly ask anything of me. I'm a bit lonely (laughs). I'll do my best in order for him to take an interest!

-- That's because your acting is perfect, so the director doesn't ask for anything else.

Fukuda: No no (shy). But for me, I really like the director! I wondered why... When we first talk, I thought "I really like him!" To be able to work with him for 1 film, even now I'm very happy.

-- Then, were you looking forward to go film every day?

Fukuda: Yes, but I'm also nervous every day. (laughs)

-- Among your costars, you have the most scenes with Izumiya-san right?

Fukuda: Yes. Izumiya-san is a really amazing person! At the location shoot, he'll tell me "Near here there are such and such", it made me really happy. Even for the setting, I often discussed them over together with Izumiya-san and the director. Even though I'm mostly listening, just being able to have such frank discussions for the drama, I thought "Just listening is happiness!"

-- You also have scenes with Kamikawa Takaya-san right?

Fukuda: Though I've never act together with Kamikawa-san before, but had the privilege to do the stage play with the group Caramel Box for "Ame to Yume no Ato ni", so I was able to talk to him a few times. He told me "We finally able to costar together this time." That made me happy.

-- And also, the leading part is Eguchi Yosuke-san!

Fukuda: Since appearing together with him in "Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 3", he's has an image of "a perfectly amazing person". Because this time, Eguchi-san become my wonderful sempai, so I want to absorb all the wonderful things that he displayed at the filming site!

-- By the way, what do you think the caption "Kakumei Zenya" means?

Fukuda: Eh~, I wondered what it means!? ... It has an image of throwing something away. I think before changing, perhaps we can't throw something away.

-- Well then, what do you think that can revolutionize an actress' life?

Fukuda: Earlier I talked about Caramel Box and my experience in doing a stage play in front of the audience. "There are the audience!" I was really moved. Even now, I can still remember being in my first stage play and the scenery that I saw. Since we can't see the audience when filming for a work, even when our feelings are facing it as we are "making the film", we mustn't forget to reach the people. For a moment, that was the first time I thought about it.

-- I'm sure the audience will be able to see it in "Pandora 3".

Fukuda: At first, instead of "That play is great", I would want to aim for people to say "that work is great". Since this time, to make the work like that, I'm doing it excitedly each time. So please look forward to it everyone!



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