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Audition June 2013: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Text taken from mayukofukuda.seesaa.net.


- Up until now, from what the directors and staffs say about your personality, which one left the deepest impression?

Fukuda: At first glance, I have a lot of people telling me that I seem like an obedient and gloomy person. In truth, I'm very talkative. Whenever there's a new work, I'm always nervously focusing on it that perhaps people saw that obedient part so many times and it stuck.

- When people think of you like that, what do you think about it?

Fukuda: I felt that the me at work and the normal me are really different. Though I'm not always conscious of it, I think it's best that I show my true self around my friends and the people I'm close with. As for the me at work, that's a bit different dimension. Although I was able to work in this field since I was a child, no matter how much time passes, I never felt "why am I so strange?". (bitter laughs)

- How do you think your own personality is like?

Fukuda: I always thought that I don't really have a personality... But if I dare to say it, perhaps my personality is unable to adapt to the glittering world of television. (laughs)

- In order to create your own personality, is there something that you do on a daily basis?

Fukuda: Nothing really. It's not like I want people to think that "Fukuda Mayuko has this certain image." Even if I'm just in one part of the whole production, I'm most happy if people say "this girl is so good in this scene".

- Do you think something you like or your own hobby would be a plus to your activities in the entertainment world?

Fukuda: Though I love listening to old rock music may just be an excuse, it's a great topic to talk among the staffs. As the conversation continues, it will also spread out. Because it's a new discovery, it simply become fun.

- Soon, the play "Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa" will start, what are you most excited about?

Fukuda: Since this play is a dialogue play, there are nothing particularly big happening, and neither will there be dance or actions. Since it's a work that can't be projected to the screen but only can be seen in a play, I think it's very extravagant. Right now, in order to emerge my spirit into it, I want to go forward one step at a time.

- The casts of this work are full of impressive people. Do you feel like you can learn a lot from the sempai actresses?

Fukuda: Of course! No matter who I look at, they are so amazing. When I was in junior high, I worked together with Natori Yuko for the drama "Kiri no Hi", and received a lot of advices from her. Because at that time, I was in my extremely anxious period, I gratefully memorized them. Worrying about the people around you just like that is really wonderful.

Fukuda: Due to my father's influence, I love the old rock band, The Pees. Though I've only been listening all these times, I want to challenge playing music. Though I want to reach the point of being amazing with the bass, I thought I should trying to play the guitar first. So now, I'm troubled by it (choosing between bass or guitar).



Thanks to Mamayu-land for this part.

In the same Audition magazine, there's a corner call "Tell us!! Manager-san", where the reader ask advices from the manager.

For Mayuko's Manager:

Q: If you want to pursue your interests or hobbies, do you think it's a good influence toward your carreer in the entertainment world?

A: Even with just one thing that you know you're the best out of everyone else, it will boost your confidence, and give you a good influence on your carreer.

Q: Please tell me an advice on how to grow taller.

A: I won't dare to say anything about that. I'll leave that part to the person himself.



- Translations may not be correct. Don't be afraid to point it out.

- Fan girl Mayuko mentioned The Pees again. The last time she mentioned them was in one of her blog post. I remembered from twitter that people saw her and her dad went to one of The Pees' concert. It's weird that she hasn't been talking about her other love Porno Graffitti these days, granted, she doesn't have a lot of interviews, especially about music.

- Actually, I remember back then, on 2chan, when people give their opinion of who they want to use if there are a live action of K-On. Many of the answers gave the role of Akiyama Mio (bassist) to Mayuko. Lol... Though it's not because of that that I want Mayuko to master the bass or anything. Even from middle school, she said she want to play a bass, so I think she should choose that. Plus, the bass level of cool-ness is heaps and bounds above the guitar, imho. If I were to imagine Mayuko/bass versus Mayuko/guitar, the bass it definitely wins for me. So definitely the bass!

... But it's not that I can have a say in her decision...

- Speaking of guitar and bass, it has been known that Mayuko entered the OPUS club in her school. OPUS is mainly a club for people who want to sing and write their own music. They also have a lot of bands in their club as well. I'm really excited that she's in this club, to be honest. It means she may actually go through with her music interest this time, instead of like back then, where she never talk about it again after showing her interest once.

- Please give Mayuko a drama about music already!!

- It’s interesting that Mayuko said she don’t have a personality… Interesting.

- I don't know who Mayuko's manager is but, he/she is pretty awesome.

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