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Fukuda Mayuko ( 福田麻由子) "Pandora 3 Kakumei Zenya" Official Guide Book Interview

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Images from by the wonderful Hanyue/Kantsuki-san.



"Pandora 3: Kakumei Zenya" Official Guide Book
Fukuda Mayuko Interview

Mayuko is playing a homeless girl, Yuuki Kae. Meeting with the terrorist, Matsunaga Shouichirou (Izumiya Shigeru), she's trying to change the country. Of course it's her first time acting as a homeless. How was it I wondered!? ... With such thoughts in mind, let's begin her "new challenge".

-- Since Kae is a new type of role, how did you approach her?

Fukuda: I want her to have a strong core. Though Kae is a girl, she has things that she's afraid and sad about. However, while fighting such things alone, I want her to face it with all her strength.

-- In Kae's first scene, she knocked her mother's boyfriend down with a metal bat. Since it's such a shocking first impression, I was taken aback by it.

Fukuda: That's true (laughs). Since it has such a strong impact, I had fun filming it. In truth, moving to Tokyo from Hokkaido after this incident, I've only film scenes of me being hungry and irritated. (laughs)

-- Was acting difficult?

Fukuda: For being irritated, the first onset, then slowly grow larger, that's not really difficult. But, from now on since it's no longer starting, but it become the usual things that Kae does, I think it'll increasingly becoming more difficult.

-- It seems like Kae will soon become a figure like Jeanne d'Arc. When that happens, her view point as a homeless will also change...

Fukuda: That's true. But by changing her position, I don't think she will change. Even after coming into contact with her partner, Matsunaga, a young child, or even a dog, she's still the same... That blur line is how everything can be tied together.


-- What did director Kawake Shunsaku demand from your role?

Fukuda: Since he didn't tell me anything about how to act, I was anxious. So when we first meeting I keep asking him to "Please tell me what to do". However, even now, he still doesn't particularly ask anything of me. I'm a bit lonely (laughs). I'll do my best in order for him to take an interest!

-- That's because your acting is perfect, so the director doesn't ask for anything else.

Fukuda: No no (shy). But for me, I really like the director! I wondered why... When we first talk, I thought "I really like him!" To be able to work with him for 1 film, even now I'm very happy.

-- Then, were you looking forward to go film every day?

Fukuda: Yes, but I'm also nervous every day. (laughs)

-- Among your costars, you have the most scenes with Izumiya-san right?

Fukuda: Yes. Izumiya-san is a really amazing person! At the location shoot, he'll tell me "Near here there are such and such", it made me really happy. Even for the setting, I often discussed them over together with Izumiya-san and the director. Even though I'm mostly listening, just being able to have such frank discussions for the drama, I thought "Just listening is happiness!"

-- You also have scenes with Kamikawa Takaya-san right?

Fukuda: Though I've never act together with Kamikawa-san before, but had the privilege to do the stage play with the group Caramel Box for "Ame to Yume no Ato ni", so I was able to talk to him a few times. He told me "We finally able to costar together this time." That made me happy.

-- And also, the leading part is Eguchi Yosuke-san!

Fukuda: Since appearing together with him in "Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 3", he's has an image of "a perfectly amazing person". Because this time, Eguchi-san become my wonderful sempai, so I want to absorb all the wonderful things that he displayed at the filming site!

-- By the way, what do you think the caption "Kakumei Zenya" means?

Fukuda: Eh~, I wondered what it means!? ... It has an image of throwing something away. I think before changing, perhaps we can't throw something away.

-- Well then, what do you think that can revolutionize an actress' life?

Fukuda: Earlier I talked about Caramel Box and my experience in doing a stage play in front of the audience. "There are the audience!" I was really moved. Even now, I can still remember being in my first stage play and the scenery that I saw. Since we can't see the audience when filming for a work, even when our feelings are facing it as we are "making the film", we mustn't forget to reach the people. For a moment, that was the first time I thought about it.

-- I'm sure the audience will be able to see it in "Pandora 3".

Fukuda: At first, instead of "That play is great", I would want to aim for people to say "that work is great". Since this time, to make the work like that, I'm doing it excitedly each time. So please look forward to it everyone!



- Stock translation and fangirling Mayuko.


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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa” Comment Chinese/English/Viet subbed

Age Global Networks on youtube recently posted a video with the comments of the four sisters from the stage play “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”.

The four sisters are:

1. Kazumi – Kikuchi Akiko

2. Futaba – Ito Ayumi

3. Miki – Mitsushima Hikari

4. Haruna – Fukuda Mayuko

They talked about what’s happening during their practice sessions for this video.

Everyone seems so close with each other. Even though Mayuko is the youngest, she seems like the most reserved here. Also, Ito Ayumi’s personality is so cute. Even though she’s the oldest, she seems almost like the youngest here. Mayuko is the mature youngest. Hahaha.

Anyways, as usual, much thanks for Kantsuki-san (I guess I should stop using Hanyue now…) for the Chinese sub. To be honest, I have to use it as a reference for the English translation as well. It’s so great to have Kantsuki-san posting the Chinese subbed first. Thank you, seriously!

Please enjoy~!

Chinese subbed (as usual, if video doesn’t show up, please click on the link)


English subbed


Viet subbed


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Audition June 2013: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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- Up until now, from what the directors and staffs say about your personality, which one left the deepest impression?

Fukuda: At first glance, I have a lot of people telling me that I seem like an obedient and gloomy person. In truth, I'm very talkative. Whenever there's a new work, I'm always nervously focusing on it that perhaps people saw that obedient part so many times and it stuck.

- When people think of you like that, what do you think about it?

Fukuda: I felt that the me at work and the normal me are really different. Though I'm not always conscious of it, I think it's best that I show my true self around my friends and the people I'm close with. As for the me at work, that's a bit different dimension. Although I was able to work in this field since I was a child, no matter how much time passes, I never felt "why am I so strange?". (bitter laughs)

- How do you think your own personality is like?

Fukuda: I always thought that I don't really have a personality... But if I dare to say it, perhaps my personality is unable to adapt to the glittering world of television. (laughs)

- In order to create your own personality, is there something that you do on a daily basis?

Fukuda: Nothing really. It's not like I want people to think that "Fukuda Mayuko has this certain image." Even if I'm just in one part of the whole production, I'm most happy if people say "this girl is so good in this scene".

- Do you think something you like or your own hobby would be a plus to your activities in the entertainment world?

Fukuda: Though I love listening to old rock music may just be an excuse, it's a great topic to talk among the staffs. As the conversation continues, it will also spread out. Because it's a new discovery, it simply become fun.

- Soon, the play "Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa" will start, what are you most excited about?

Fukuda: Since this play is a dialogue play, there are nothing particularly big happening, and neither will there be dance or actions. Since it's a work that can't be projected to the screen but only can be seen in a play, I think it's very extravagant. Right now, in order to emerge my spirit into it, I want to go forward one step at a time.

- The casts of this work are full of impressive people. Do you feel like you can learn a lot from the sempai actresses?

Fukuda: Of course! No matter who I look at, they are so amazing. When I was in junior high, I worked together with Natori Yuko for the drama "Kiri no Hi", and received a lot of advices from her. Because at that time, I was in my extremely anxious period, I gratefully memorized them. Worrying about the people around you just like that is really wonderful.

Fukuda: Due to my father's influence, I love the old rock band, The Pees. Though I've only been listening all these times, I want to challenge playing music. Though I want to reach the point of being amazing with the bass, I thought I should trying to play the guitar first. So now, I'm troubled by it (choosing between bass or guitar).



Thanks to Mamayu-land for this part.

In the same Audition magazine, there's a corner call "Tell us!! Manager-san", where the reader ask advices from the manager.

For Mayuko's Manager:

Q: If you want to pursue your interests or hobbies, do you think it's a good influence toward your carreer in the entertainment world?

A: Even with just one thing that you know you're the best out of everyone else, it will boost your confidence, and give you a good influence on your carreer.

Q: Please tell me an advice on how to grow taller.

A: I won't dare to say anything about that. I'll leave that part to the person himself.



- Translations may not be correct. Don't be afraid to point it out.

- Fan girl Mayuko mentioned The Pees again. The last time she mentioned them was in one of her blog post. I remembered from twitter that people saw her and her dad went to one of The Pees' concert. It's weird that she hasn't been talking about her other love Porno Graffitti these days, granted, she doesn't have a lot of interviews, especially about music.

- Actually, I remember back then, on 2chan, when people give their opinion of who they want to use if there are a live action of K-On. Many of the answers gave the role of Akiyama Mio (bassist) to Mayuko. Lol... Though it's not because of that that I want Mayuko to master the bass or anything. Even from middle school, she said she want to play a bass, so I think she should choose that. Plus, the bass level of cool-ness is heaps and bounds above the guitar, imho. If I were to imagine Mayuko/bass versus Mayuko/guitar, the bass it definitely wins for me. So definitely the bass!

... But it's not that I can have a say in her decision...

- Speaking of guitar and bass, it has been known that Mayuko entered the OPUS club in her school. OPUS is mainly a club for people who want to sing and write their own music. They also have a lot of bands in their club as well. I'm really excited that she's in this club, to be honest. It means she may actually go through with her music interest this time, instead of like back then, where she never talk about it again after showing her interest once.

- Please give Mayuko a drama about music already!!

- It’s interesting that Mayuko said she don’t have a personality… Interesting.

- I don't know who Mayuko's manager is but, he/she is pretty awesome.

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) "Murakami Haruki wo Shiritai"

Text taken from


Haruki Novels On My Mind

Fukuda Mayuko (actress)

The first novel I read from Murakami Haruki-san is "Kafka on the Shore". Back then, I was 14 years old. The main character, Kafka-kun, is 15. Since our age are so close, I want to try reading it. At the time, my world is extremely narrow -- you can say the meaning is physically as well. Beside from coming to the center of the city occasionally for my work, my whole world is walking to school everyday for 20 minutes on an empty street. I read the book at that time, and it may be an exaggeration, but I really felt "the world become bigger". The moment I read "When you wake up, you become a part of a new world." in the last part, I thought "Wow~!". Even just a little bit, I remember the way I see the world really did changed. At that time, I really didn't want to become an adult, and at the same time, I was frustrated that unless I am an adult, I can't do anything. I existed hazily at a sensitive period. But after reading "Kafka on the Shore", I realized that "Ah, unless I move, nothing will happen." In that narrow world, I was under the impression that I don't have a destination, but in actuality, my destinations can be anywhere-- Whether Kafka-kun went somewhere far away or even if he didn't move at all from his place, by changing the way we view the world, and take a step forward, we will be able to see a new world. That really encouraged me.

Since then, I keep rereading "Kafka on The Shore" many times. No matter when I read it, there are always new discoveries and emotions. That's why this book is wonderful. Recently, while rereading it again, the sentence "I wondered where violence come from?" made me think.

In this world, you can never escape the violence and power. During this time, "since it's unavoidable" should we just give up? Or can we do something about it? -- there may be no answer to it. But I want to believe "there is" (an answer). I want Kafka-kun and Nakata-san to believe as well. No matter how many times I read it, the exchange with Johnny Walker always make me tear up. The figure of Nakata-san fighting the violence -- though he was weak, I still think it has a significant meaning. Though it's frustrating whenever I read it, but for that frustration, our normal life must never experience that starvation (?). As our lives continue, we sometimes forget about that frustration, and I think it's bad if it's drained away. I want to believe that we can always stand up and fight against the "power". That's how I thought about it.


Though it's not really a novel, but I have an emotional attachment with "Underground". Since I was borne in 1994, I only know the general layout of the "Aum Incident". With such circumstances, I read the interviews from various people that was affected by the incident. Though it's the same incident, I was surprised at how everyone's stand points and experiences were so different. Although the "Sarin gas attack on Tokyo subway" is such a huge incident that left a deep impression, in truth, it doesn't stop there. Though they boarded the same train and went through the same chaos, without change, the incident passed and the culprits were also caught. And even though the incident only occurred once, and the "moment" can only happened once, through various people's point of views, it's completely different. When I read it, Murakami Haruki-san showed that it's not "A one time Aum incident", but perhaps he's showing "the Aum incident that happened in different worlds". Not just restricting to the Aum incident, but every incidents that happened in this world, speaking in extreme, the people who are affected are "each and every world", so the way it's shown is naturally different. But, in the center of it all, what in the world happen to the people and the things in that incident? -- Or to simply put, "Who are the ones that are bad?" It really made me think. Even if it's not a direct involvement, we can't separate ourselves from the incidents of the world. After all, for everyone, there's a chance that one can lose to a "greater violence". Everyday, we are face with various different kinds of situation in our world, but there are things where we don't face them seriously, and there are are many others that are forgotten as time passed. Murakami Haruki-san's novels taught me to carefully think about "the me that's 'losing that place'". That's why I really want the people in my generations to read it. I really thought so.



- Really difficult for me.

- Sometimes I read other people's translations and it made me wondered why can't Mayuko say something simple like them. Even when reading blog posts, everyone will write easy to understand stuffs like "I did this and this today" and "This is so cool/pretty/awesome. Don't you think?" and then I got to Mayuko's stuffs and she went all literary nerd on me. Gah. Well, I guess she can't exactly help it since it's me that put myself through this. :/ If she write something so silly and boring like that, I wouldn't find it interesting to translate either... And yea, it wouldn't be so interesting to read such things again and again. Well, not saying everyone else writing sucks, but... Mayuko, why do you have to give me such painful headaches? She need to write 5th grade level sentences, not university level! My Japanese is only first grade level.

- I never read his books before so I'm not sure if that's what she meant. Of course my translation isn't correct, so please do enlighten me.

- I’m reading the wiki for “Underground” and it said:

“The book also includes Murakami's personal essay on the attacks, "Blind Nightmare: Where Are We Japanese Going?" In this essay, he criticizes the failure of the Japanese to learn from the attacks, preferring to dismiss it as the extreme act by a group of lunatics rather than analyze the true causes and prevent similar events from occurring in the future.”

- It kind of reminded me of the recent shootings, and how people are focusing on gun control rather than knowing the real causes of it (like the psychology aspects). Pretty interesting.

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): "Active College Student! Fukuda Mayuko Challenges Stage Play Again After 7 Years"

Text and pictures from Sanspo.


Actress Fukuda Mayuko (18) will appear in the stage play "Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa" on the 16th, in Aoyama Amphitheater, Tokyo (until the 26th). After 7 years, this will be her second challenge in theater.


This work is a story about the reunion of 4 sisters. Mitsushima Hikari plays the 3rd sister, the main character, who is hospitalized. And through their "conversations" the sisterly bonds is revealed.

Playing the youngest, it has been a while since Fukuda appeared in the play "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" in 2006, when she was 10 years old. This time, without any movement, but a dialogue play where she is required to harmonize with her costars. "While discussing together with everyone, we carefully create the story in a comfortable setting." She said while showing a satisfied expression.


Entering a famous private university since April, she is majoring in the literature department's Philosophy and Creative Writing. She's also left home to start living alone. "Though my daily life is difficult, I was able to make friends with people at school, so it's fun." Her face burst in smiles.

With the start of this year, she starred in the French-Japanese co-production "Flare" (release date pending), her profile as an actress is still rising. "I want to carefully face the people and the work in front of me head on first." she said, stressing the daily accumulations.



- Great pictures Mr/s. Photographer! ✿♥‿♥✿

- So glad she has her own news story. Not like a certain other work… *coughSakura*  (;¬д¬)

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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) - Mitsushima Hikari, Continuously Lying Down on Stage

Text source: nikkansports

Picture sources: Sanpo

On the 10th, at Aoyama Amphitheater in Tokyo, actress Mitsushima Hikari (27), Ito Ayumi (33), Fukuda Mayuko (18), and Kikuchi Akiko (30) came together to talk about the play “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa” (opening on the 16th, playwright/produce by Maeda Shirou).

The third sister, Miki (Mitsushima), is hospitalized due to weak health. She lays on the bed at the center while her sisters,  Kasumi (oldest, Kikuchi), Futaba (2nd, Ito), and Haruna (youngest, Fukuda) surrounded her. They reminiscence on the sisters’ childhood memories. Though the sisters have been close since childhood, the play depicts on the reality and conflicts in their ordinary lives as they grew up. With “wasure na gusa” (don’t forget gusa), the title showed the feeling of not wanting to forget, and at the same time, the feeling of it’s better to forget, depicting the Miki’s feelings. “Everyone that watch it may understand it differently.” The four actresses said about the stage play.

In the middle of the stage is a bed, where Mitsushima continuously lays on for the entire play. It’s a difficult performance. “I only leave it for around 5 seconds, and stand up 3 times. My body feel like it’s going to deteriorate.” she said with a bitter smile. There are a lot of scenes where it change from the present to the past and vice versa, as well as one person monologue. Even now, she continues to think about how to deliver those expressions during practices. “I want to show that when everyone is together, I’m forgettable, but when it’s only me, ‘I exist’.”

The four actresses are compatible with each other. After practicing at the playwright/producer Maeda Shirou’s home or the practice room, they have nabe together. They went to the supermarket together, and won’t return until Kikuchi have to put daikon in her back pocket, sometimes, almost missing the last train. “We are really like 4 sisters.” the youngest, Fukuda, laughs.

May 11, 2013


- A different report said the stage is a circular stage, and the audiences are going to be in all direction, so Mitsushima has to act the whole time. That’s why it’s more difficult than the normal stage play.

- I’m so excited to see their sibling bonds… If I get a chance to see it. I hope they will get more works together from now on.

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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): “Otona ni Naru Mae ni…” Special Edition Part 1 - teaser Chinese/English/Viet/Korean sub

After a few months of nothing, FLaMme mobile recently updated Fukuda Mayuko’s “Otona ni Naru Mae ni…” with a special edition.

Starting May 8, part 1 of the special edition was posted. This time included a video interview with Fukuda Mayuko about her newest stage play, “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”.

♫ According to Mamayu-Land BBS, because it has been 7 years since her last stage play “Ame Yume”, Mayuko talked about being deeply moved as she stands on stage once again. She also hinted thatNext week, no, even sooner, I’ll talk about things I want to forget.”

Fukuda Mayuko’s image bbs also said that she talked about playing the role of both the 21 years old and infancy period of her character.

So, there will be another special edition coming out next week. Perhaps it will include behind the scene clips of Fukuda Mayuko backstage during her “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa” period?

FLaMmeject, FLaMme’s public information site (?), also posted up a teaser clip for the special edition, which included a short interview with Fukuda Mayuko on youtube. Not sure if they will continue to post a teaser clip of each week on youtube…. So crossing my fingers.

The stage play “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa” will start showing next week, from May 16 (Thursday) to May 26 (Sunday).

Much thanks to Kantsuki/Hanyue-san for subbing the teaser video into Chinese. I also managed to subbed into English (and later in Vietnamese). Also thanks to MelonikaQqqq for subbing it into Korean!! So many subbed versions!!! XD

Please enjoy~! (

*Note: If the Chinese subbed clip doesn’t show up for you, please click on the link instead.

Chinese subbed


English subbed


Vietnamese subbed


Korean subbed (If caption doesn’t show up, please go to youtube to watch it!)



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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “Shoujo to Tetsudou” English sub

After slaving away for 2~3 weeks, the documentary for “Shoujo to Tetsudou” is finished.

I have to give a big thank to Ootani-san from Mamayu-land for doing most of the transcription, because without it, I wouldn’t be able to to understand half of the things that were said (since everyone ended up mumbling/speaking really fast).

Of course, also another big thank to Kantsuki/Hanyue-san for the video… But I think he will definitely get angry at me. So sorry. (>_<) (“Do things first, and worry later” is my motto).

I uploaded on youtube, so… crossing fingers that FujiTV won’t take it down. If you want better qualities and such, please buy/rent the DVD when it’s out.

Anyways, enjoy.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4




- There were some part that I just didn’t know what they are saying, or talking about.

- Watching it make me feel like I’m watching her private life. It’s weird.

- The highlight for me was when she was interacting with people her age. Mayuko really is not shy.