Friday, April 5, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Successfully Enters Rikkyo University

On March 18, several people tweeted that Fukuda Mayuko passed her entrance exam into Rikkyo University (立教大学). It's not until April 1, the first day of new student orientation, that we can confirm her attendance. April 4 is the Entrance Ceremony for College of Arts, and the first day of class will start on April 10.

Congratulations Mayuko!  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

As of now, it is confirmed that Mayuko will be in the Literature department. This is not much a surprise since we all know her love for literature. There’s a rumor that she’s majoring in the newly established Course of Philosophy and Creative Writing (文芸思想専修). However, this is purely a rumor. What we know for sure is she’s definitely in the Literature department.

It also seems that Mayuko joins the band circle/club in her school. She even went to the get together party for the club. Once again, it’s not much of a surprise considered how her life revolved around the band culture. Using this chance, I hope it means she continued with her bass playing from back in the day. Maybe one day we will be able to see her participating in a band from her school.

Rikkyo University, also known as St. Paul's University, is a private school in Ikebukuro. It has two campuses, the main campus and Niiza campus in Saitama. It's based on Christian precepts and go by the motto "academy of freedom". The idea is that Christianity is not something that will limit the student's thirst for knowledge and force them to faith. Instead, it is a foundation for spiritual intellect and allows them to develop their own potential. It's the largest Anglican university in Japan.

Rikkyo University is famous for its international exchange program. If you search it up in the internet, you'll be surprised at the foreign students studied there. Because of this, its Business program is also well known, where they have their own English curriculum. In the interview for "Shukan Asahi", Mayuko has expressed her interest in polishing her language skills. This may be one of the reasons that she chose Rikkyo University as her choice of school.

Rikkyo University is part of Rikkyo Gakuin. Similar to Obirin, it has elementary to college education based on Christian values. However, unlike Obirin, Rikkyo Gakuin is a private boy school from elementary until high school. Only Rikkyo University is a co-ed school.

Interestingly, one of her sempai is Minamisawa Nao (Akai Ito). She was accepted in 2009 and her major was modern psychology.

I'm not sure what else to say about Rikkyo University, so why don't we watch a few clips. Lol, interestingly, it's really easy to search up information for Rikkyo University compared to Obirin. Most of the English information are readily accessible by their foreign exchange student. I'm kind of impressed. Just looking through them make me convinced that they have a really good exchange program. And according to Minamisawa Nao, the entrance exam include an English exam, a short essay, and an interview. So English is focused on in Rikkyo University. Mayuko may use the resources from Rikkyo to better her English and we may be able to look forward to her Hollywood opportunities.

All in all, I think Rikkyo University is actually a pretty cool school. My school is not even that cool, though I didn’t really like my school that much in the first place… (^^ゞ



Which reminded me, Ohgo Suzuka also study abroad before in UCLA during her high school years. I wondered if she's thinking of the Hollywood market as well. To be honest, I like that they are trying new things, but I don't really care much about Hollywood movie (no time, no money).


  1. Just wonder which campus she will be in. I hope she will participate exchange program and have an opportunity to study aboard.

    The admission data is for general admission. Her offer was through free selection admission

    There is an interesting website which telling you the difficulty to enter into Rikkyo. However, the data is upto 2012.

    If you go to Japan, go to Rikkyo Main Dining Hall, it's quite famous.

    1. So interesting! Thank you for the information. XD

  2. eh? Sau này Mayuko có ý định trở thành nhà văn ah? :v .