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January 2009: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “PLAYBOY” Interview

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"PLAYBOY Japanese Edition" January 2009

Published November 25, 2008, from pages 208-209 (9th issue) for "Unpolished Gem of Beautiful Girls".

"Inside of her, she's being possessed by her role." There's a director that had said about Fukuda Mayuko.

According to her, "My body is a container where my own self doesn't exists, but there's another heart. In some case, after the filming ended, there are times where I don't remember anything about the events during my performance."

Since she joined the entertainment world from the time she started to become aware of her surroundings, filming locations and school are both occupied the same common space. Before she knew it, she was called "prodigy child actress", so no matter what epic performance she did, she was never anxious. Until this summer...

"Since I entered 2nd year of junior high and nowadays, it's obvious that people changed." The chance is because of "Kiri no Hi" that has broadcasted this summer. Because it's an unexpected drama, she didn't have any confident. Up until now, just acts as how one feels is no good. Looking at the work as a whole, she realized that unless she acts objectively, she won't be able to mature.

With such a difficult balance, she fell into a difficult dilemma. "Up until now, I've never experience such a stain to my normal state of mind. I've become really scared of drama." The slump continues every day. At school, even just talking in front of people make her anxious. Each time her work piled up, the world praised her. When she receives recognitions it gives her confidence, and even with criticisms, she knows there are truths to them. But when she is loosing herself, the praises she received become painful. Even now, "I have a phobia for praises".  The cause of the slump is because she discovered that rather than herself, there are nothing but higher mountains ahead. She's still 14 years old. As I thought she may be different than a prodigy child actress, so I try to throw her a question.

-- Do you want to be a normal student?

She countered in a flash, "I am a normal student". And with a smile, "I'm not a prodigy", she proclaimed clearly.

Throwing away the title of "prodigy child actress", her eyes reflected the scenery of the great mountains that she's facing.



- I don't really think Mayuko's fear of being praise is that serious, but it's called Doxophobia and it's a pretty serious condition. If you want, click on the link to read more.

- I remember she mentioned being scare of praises and liking criticism before.

- Being in the limelight since she was so young, and receiving a lot of praises despite being young, I could see how they all can add up. Not only that, the title of a "prodigy" is a lot of pressure to put on a person (not even to a kid). Most child actors/actresses must have felt the same, but the degree of seriousness is different for all of them. I remembered reading somewhere that Kamiki Ryunosuke didn't like the "prodigy" title people call him, and it makes him embarrassed to be call as such. I hope that they all went through that phase.


- With that being said, the performance dates for Mayuko’s new play is out. Noon performance is at 2:00pm, and night performance is at 7:00pm.

May 16 (Thurs): Noon

May 17 (Fri): Noon, Night

May 18 (Sat): Noon, Night

May 19 (Sun): Noon

May 20 (Mon): No performance

May 21 (Tues): Noon, Night

May 22 (Wed): Night

May 23 (Thurs): Noon, Night

May 24 (Fri): Night

May 25 (Sat): Noon, Night

May 26 (Sun): Noon


- On March 25 (Mon), TOKYO FM (radio show) will have a special preview for “Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako”. I think it’s going to be live, though I don’t think Mayuko will be in it. I think the guests will be Hirosue Ryoko and/or Inagaki Goro. It will start at 6:00pm-6:30pm.


- Lastly, make sure you join the MayuNata Facebook page!!! (。・`ω´・。)



  1. I can't wait for the stage greeting on March 24!!!

    I think Mayuko's last time was for Mai Mai Miracle?

    1. Hm, I think she went to the stage greeting for her dramas as well (Pandora 3, Soredemo, Q10). But it's definitely the first since her last movie. XD;;

      Hope there are going to have a lot of her focus at the stage greeting! :D