Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Stage Play “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa”

FLaMme’s website recently updated about Fukuda Mayuko’s new project.

After 7 years since Mayuko’s stage play, “Ame to Yume no Ato ni”, she will work on another play named “Iya Mushiro Wasurete Gusa” (roughly translated “No I rather forget that grass”?).


Description (from website)

There are times where I don’t want to forget that grass, but there are times where I think it’s better to forget, and there are also times where I think that it’s less stressful to be a person who rather forget.

As for me, I think it’s less stressful to for people to forget about me.

A story about the people who can’t shed tears, mundane unhappiness, and the mundane happiness.

Performance period: May 16 (Thursday) to May 26 (Sunday), 2013

Theater name: Children’s castle Aoyama Amphitheatre

Playwright/Producer: Maeda Shirou

Casts: Mitsushima Hikari, Ito Ayumi, Fukuda Mayuko, Kikuchi Akiko, etc…

Design: Gotanndadan Age Global Networks

Sponsor: Children’s castle Aoyama Amphitheatre/ Nelke Planning


General Story (taken from site)

The story is about a greengrocer’s 4 sisters, Takagi Kazumi (oldest), Futaba (2nd oldest), Miki (3rd oldest), Haruna (youngest). The relationships between the 4 sisters and their guy friend and piano.

Miki has an illness. She has been visiting the hospital since she was a child, and spent most of her time near her bed. Currently, she is hospitalize. Their mother, who love piano, disappeared from a long time ago. Their obstinate father and Kazumi, who was a junior high student at the time, managed the grocery store together. Soon after, their father become in debt, and the store have to close.

After that, Kazumi is discouraged from recovering the store and live together with their father. Though unable to find her dream job and facing many hardships, she doesn’t grumble to her sisters. She was proposed by her boyfriend. However, because of her father and Miki, who will be discharge soon, she can’t leave her family.

The youngest, Haruna, who’s a crybaby, like to hang out and be away from home. She has a very realistic personality. Sometimes, after visiting the hospital, she would show her concerns with her wicked tongue.

The 2nd sister, Futaba, left home to study in Tokyo while live by herself. She is unaware of her insensitive flaw. She suddenly return home. Though her family doesn’t know why, it seems as if it has something to do with a guy.

A guy, who is childhood friend with the 4 sisters, often visit Miki in the hospital. He can’t give up his dream of being a pianist. For Miki, who could feel the presence of their mother from the piano she left downstairs, he is a special existence.

The main character seems to be the 3rd sister, Miki.



My guess is:

Ito Ayumi – Takagi Kazumi (oldest sister)

Mitsushima Hikari – Takagi Miki (3rd sister)

Kikuchi Akiko – Takagi Futaba (2nd sister)

Fukuda Mayuko – Takagi Haruna (youngest)


- Mayuko got another chance to play sister with Mitsushima Hikari (from Soredemo, Ikiteyuku). She also has another chance to act with her idol, Ito Ayumi (from Mirai Nikki). However, I think it’s the first time for her to act with Kakuchi Akiko. I don’t really know that much about her… I don’t think I’ve seen her works.

- This time, Mayuko is playing a wicked tongue character who’s a crybaby. (*≧艸≦) I so wish this to be a drama instead of a stage play. It would be so awesome. Maybe they’ll make a drama version… (人 *) お願い♪

- I tend to really like stories about 4 sisters, and the story sound interesting. Though it’s a stage play, I hope it will release in DVD format after…. And then someone post it to the internet. lol

- Mayuko mentioned numerous time how she wanted to do another stage play again. Since she graduated from high school, she finally got free time to do them. I’ll bet she must be really happy. I can’t to hear more about it. We’ll get to see how much she’d grown since “Ame to Yume”.


  1. Wicked tongue crybaby T^T the plot sounds like it could be a really good drama!!! I've been wanting to see Mayuko cry A LOT haha since she's a pretty crier..

    Though it’s a stage play, I hope it will release in DVD format after…. And then someone post it to the internet. and a photobook!

  2. A photobook would be great... I will have a higher chance of affording the photobook than the DVD. lol ^^;;