Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Narration: “Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako” Special (Making and Crank Up clip)

Thanks to Cie-chan and Kantsuki-san for the head up.

Pictures from baidu. I just noticed they started watermark their pictures recently. :x Anyways, please check Mayukoaday for more screen caps.

Thanks to MamayuLand BBS for the text.

Thanks to ashes1982 for uploading the clip. Even though it’s only 9 minutes, it’s better than nothing. After all, beggars can’t be chooser. Since I don’t know how to embed from Sina video…

Link to part of the Special


Fukuda Mayuko did the narration for this special. As usual, she displayed her unique voice. I think most of her voice works really showed her smooth voice well.

The show is around 20 minutes long. The 3 essences of the movie that were emphasized are motherhood, classical music, and sakura.

When introducing herself:
"As for me, Fukuda Mayuko, I'm playing Masami, who has a destined encounter with Youko. As it shows the feelings of a mother, and in order to steadily understand Youko’s and Masami's pains, it is heartrending but a warm story."

Crank up:

"The feelings of parents to their child is such a precious, warm, sometimes painful, but always contain energy that I can strongly felt it while filming. Such power and those feelings of love toward their child are tightly packed that this movie becomes powerful. Please look forward to the movie."


I noticed that they said Masami has a daughter instead of a son. So I apologize for my messed up. Let’s the ‘son’ part disappear from your mind and be replaced by ‘daughter’. m(._.)m ゴメン



  1. whaa then I wonder who that little boy was O.O hahaha!

    1. My thought exactly. I'm so confused. lol Maybe they have another baby... or something.

  2. Then Masami must have kept the baby *A*