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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “G The Television” Interview eng/viet sub

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Pictures taken from Mayuko’s Baidu (a long time ago, before all those watermarks).

This interview is taken from “G the Television” 7th issue in 2007 (released on June 27th). Mayuko pictures and interviews are from pages 24-29. G stands for ‘gravure’.



- When you think about after the thunderstorm, peeking from the cloud is the sunshine. While it's a day with mysterious weather, Mayuko-chan was able to expressed various different expressions for this photo shoot.

Mayuko: Not at all, I'm still bad at smiling and standing in front of the camera... But as the weather become better, I feel like I'm becoming more accustomed to the camera.

- The cameraman teased that the time you showed your best smile is when you're eating sashimi squid.

Mayuko: That's right (laughs). It's because I love squid. Even when my stomach is full, if there's sashimi squid, I'll eat it. I have a separate stomach for it!

- Your favorite thing is manly! But this year, you're entering junior high school. How is school?

Mayuko: Because I made a lot of friends, it's extremely fun. Which reminded me, now, there's a "love boom" for my school year! There's a lot of couples now. It's totally different comparing to elementary school. ... Eh, as for me? I'm part of the discussing group (laughs). When listen to my classmates, I'll say "So you like this boy!"

- Since it's almost summer vacation, what do you want to do with your friends?

Mayuko: Going to take purikura, or going karaoke. It's okay if the place is close by, I want to go hang out. For karaoke, because I like Shiina Ringo so I want to sing her songs, but the people around me doesn't know her. If you sing a song that other people doesn't know, nobody can get excited right? (laughs) That's why I'll choose songs like Porno Graffitti's "Ageha Chou".


- You're so thoughtful. If it's Mayuko-chan, then I'm sure everyone will get excited.

Mayuko: But, I'm not really good...

- Huh, really!? Well, leaving talks about music aside... What about being an actress, you have a lot of movies coming soon.

Mayuko: Yes. A movie with a theme of first love, and a heartwarming movie about dog. I'm happy to be in a variety of films. After this, I want to try to be a villain. I want to try roles where I can't be "myself".



An old translation that I didn’t get a chance to post until now. You’ll know why in a minute.

This photo shoot is my absolute absolute absolute favorite photo shoot of Mayuko. I guess you can say that I am officially in the fandom because of this photo shoot. Before that, I’m just barely  half-way in the closet. ^^;; That’s why everything about this photo shoot is really special to me, and so I want to bring you all the experiences of this photo shoot. This means pretty much the whole package! Interviews, pictures, videos, the whole package!

Once again, much much much thanks to Alyza for helping me out subbing this during these past few weeks. It’s not as troublesome as “Saigo no Tsubasa”, but still a lot of works. So thank you. m(_ _)m

It’s both English and Vietnamese sub. Please enjoy!

English sub

Viet sub



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