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Audition October 2011: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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Audition October 2011

Fall's Special Audition

I'm playing Akari, who's part of the assailant's family. Since she was borne after the crime happened, and even though she knows what's going on, compared to the people around her, she's on a different position from everyone’s conflicts. Even so, I'll carefully act out the ordinary Akari. Though I already received the script for the 10th episode, I really can't guess what's going to happen at the end. For episode 9, the members of the Toyama will gather and everyone's feelings will be shown. From that point on, it will feel like everything are gaining speed, so I will be happy if you can watch it until the end.

I entered a children group when I was young, but around the time I was 10, a producer that I worked with at that time introduced me to FLaMme, so I moved agency. Since both the talents and managers are great and have a lot of freedom, I like that each of them have a goal and a feeling of independence. People that are not being cautious, conversely, I will feel anxious. But when I think about it, whenever I have any troubles, they would help me think them through together, perhaps that is also what enables us to grow together. The 2011 news from my agency is that there's an increase in actresses joining our agency! Even if we don't talk they are sparking, "So there are someone like this too" I thought while being deeply moved.

Recently, I'm starting to think that making a film is great. It's a given that I'm the happiest when acting, but I can also feel the happiness when I'm able to film that at the filming site.

For me, rather than memorizing the script, I keep in mind the flow of the scene and the feelings associated to it. If I just thought "Let's memorize!" and then say the memorized lines from the script, I will feel bad as I'm working on the drama. The same can be said with my studies, it's not enough to just do my best. But there are people who can do well on their test even though they don't have time to study right? (laughs) Since I have both work and school now, I need to be able to balance both. When thinking about how I'm going to face my work after I'm no longer a student, I'm a bit scared.


Fukuda Mayuko's Supporting Message
Since I started this work before I'm old enough to understand what's going on, seeing the people in my generation entering a new world, I thought they are really cool. Because I'm also putting my utmost efforts in order to not lose, please do your best and reach your dream!



FLaMme Data
Established date
: October 1998
Number of Actresses: 17
Number of Staffs: 15 (8 males, 7 females)
Lessons: Yes (free of charge)


FLaMme are looking for:
Females from 12 to 20 years old.
Looking for girls who has twinkles in their eyes, and are bright and fresh. A desired actress is a person that has a strong inner core, her own opinion, and able to convey it.



ミ☆ ミ★ ミ☆ ミ★

FLaMme Relay

At the beginning of March, Hirosue Ryoko asked a question to Mayuko for FLaMme Relay section of their blog.

“The first time we met, you were 5 years old, and now you’re already quick to become a college student. Which circle (group/club) will you enter?”

A few days ago (March 14-15), Mayuko finally wrote her reply.

“I still haven’t feel that I’m really a college student yet, so I’m worried about which circle will I enter. I think I’ll have to look over all of them before I can make a decision.”

And Mayuko’s relay question toward Yamaguchi Sayaka:

“What do you need to be careful of and what is interesting about stage play?”



- This is during her “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku” period.

- The time when Mayuko was 10 was around the “Last Present” ~ “Joou no Kyoushitsu” eras. Funny how both the beginning and the end of her 10 years old life, she worked with Amami Yuki. Both of them have been exclusively working for Fuji station recently, I really hope they will get another chance to work together again. (人・_・)♡

- Generally, I am happy with what FLaMme did for Mayuko, she did too… However, the only thing I didn’t like about them is their decision to have a mobile website. Compared to before and after the mobile website, it’s better since they are actually giving the fans something to look forward to. At the same time, why pick and choose their fans? (ノ_・。)クスン Other than that, I can’t really complain much about them. Good for Mayuko. She’s able to choose a good agency.

- Mayuko used to be the youngest in her agency, but after the addition of Fujiwara Reiko, she’s now the second youngest. ヽ(´~`;) And Reiko is only 12 days younger than Mayuko… She’s the sempai, but she’s still so young. (^_^;;)

- By the way, with the exception of some actresses including Mayuko, most of newer FLaMme’s actresses have their own staff twitter account. Check their individual profile on FLaMme’s website for the link to follow. Hopefully Mayuko will be getting her own soon as well.

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