Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) “Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako” trailer

This morning, the website for “Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako” finally updated after a long time. Not only does it has a brand new layout, there’s also Introduction, Story, Trailer, and cinema locations. So check them out if you haven’t.

The website also posted a new trailer as well for the movie, in which (thank the gods) it’s not blocked like most of Japanese media. So if you have time, please also checked it out.

Seeing as there’s not much else to say, I ended up subbed the video in English. Since it’s by ear, and I’m just a beginner level in Japanese, there are a lot of mistakes. I’m really embarrass about my lack of knowledge so sorry… >__<;;

After watching the trailer, I thought that Takada Sho and Mayuko are playing same age friends, but it turns out, he called her by “sempai”. So they have a sempai-kouhai relationship. Honestly, this was the main reason why I wanted to semi-translate the trailer.

Mayuko looks great in here. For those that like her soft curls styles from “3 Maime no Bodyguard” and “Mirai Nikki” will like her looks here. It suits her. I apologize for my superficial comment. ^^;; Mayuko finally become a mother. ;_; She grew up so fast. I love the way she looks at the child in the movie. She portrays that ‘being a mother’ expression so well, I was moved.

To be honest, seeing Mayuko and Hirosue Ryoko together in this, plus the crying scenes, the hospital scenes, and the cherry blossom scenes keep remind me of “Miporin no Ekubo”. Even Ryoko’s male counterpart (Inagaki Goro) is from Johnny.

The trailer has a very calming and sad melody, but the movie itself is pretty tame (it’s a human drama story so not expecting much). I think the subject of the movie is a bit interesting as it touches on the idea of reincarnation, which is a Buddhist ideology, and Japanese are majority Shinto. However, seeing as Japan are not really religion-oriented, I doubt the religion aspect will be focus on.

I think pretty much everyone will be able to guess the story from the trailer. ^^;; I’m kind of disappointed that Mayuko ended up giving away her child at the end. I think I like it better if she also has a part in raising the child (which I hope the movie is going to end that way).

Since the tickets for the premieres have been selling, fans/movie goers were generous enough to post up the information leaflets. According to what I’d read from twitter, those that got a chance to see it gave good reviews for the movie. They mentioned that the movie has elements of mystery, suspense, and horror in it. Interesting, I really can’t wait to watch it. But I have to wait until it’s out in DVD format. That’s like 6 more months, so around October? =_=;; Well, I guess I’ll make due with the promotion news.

The movie will be out on April 6th, 2013. Another 2 more months.


Information leaflet



  1. She gave her son away? D=
    I guess that makes sense since she's only a highschool girl.. but aw I'm a bit disappointed too. Because it feels like the couple didn't move on & just replaced Kanako with "reincarnated Kanako" Orz
    For me, it would've been better if they adopted another child ^^;

  2. I think since Hirosue only see Mayuko's son as Kanako, so that's the only way for it to have a happy ending.

    I think it will be best if they make their own babies, since adopting may cause comparing effects toward the adopted child.

  3. Trang làm sub ah? cần mình giúp gì ko? :">

    1. Can chu!! XD;; Neu Alyza ranh. ^^;;

  4. do you have english subtitle for this film ???

    1. No I don't... But luckily, it's pretty easy to understand.