Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) NONFIX–Shoujo to Tetsudou Spring 2013

As usual, thanks to Mamayu-land BBS for the information.

FLaMme website updated with Mayuko’s newest work.


Fukuda Mayuko will be appearing in NONFIX “Shoujo to Tetsudou” for Spring 2013. “Shoujo to Tetsudou” roughly translated to “Girl and Railroad”.

When I google “Shoujo to Tetsudou”, Horikita Maki documentary series “Shoujo to Tetsudou” in 2004 will come up. From what I’ve skim through so far, it’s about a girl who boards a train on impulse and she travels all over during her Summer break. It’s about the scenery she saw and the different people she meets.

I guess Mayuko version will also be the same, where it’s half documentary half drama-like.

In the earlier post where I said fans saw her traveling during these past few weeks, it actually may not be for “Flare”, but for this work instead. So I guess this means that this may be the one that she will be working with Hirose Alice.

So if Hirose Alice is really in this one, then I guess the premise is going to be 2 friends traveling together and seeing the countryside.



To be honest, when I read railroad, the first person that pop into my head is definitely not Mayuko, but Kamiki. Just like how when I heard of the drama “Biblia Koshodou” I don’t think Gouriki Ayame, but Mayuko. I think if it’s Kamiki, he will go geek over this.

I can’t believe the news is out so fast… Or maybe so late, since the documentary is next week! Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ

I remembered how Ceil-san was wanting a new drama for her, and Mayuko ended up getting a new work already. So fast. I think we all should just voice our wishes more often. ( ´∀`)

New drama please! New drama!!! (人´∀`*)お・ね・が・い☆ミ