Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) NONFIX: Shoujo to Tetsudou (Update)

The NONFIX website just updated with the show’s information.


Date: February 27, 2013

Time: 26:32~27:32

“Railroad, a journey in one stroke”

A journey through the Chugoku region.

HiroshimaOkayamaTottoriShimaneYamaguchi – Hiroshima

Town, people, and scent…

Traveling with the railroad while savoring the special taste of the “landscape”.

Actress: Fukuda Mayuko



- I’m so confused. Now I’m thinking this one doesn’t have Hirose Alice, but the “Flare” movie does. I need Hirose Alice to update her information for confirmation.

- What does 26:32~27:32 even mean? Is it 2:32~3:32 in the morning? If they want to say 2:32~3:32, wouldn’t it be easier to just say that, instead of adding another 24 hours to it… (`ヘ´)

- The show will be out in around a day, so pretty soon. I’m not sure if I can watch though. I’ll try though (good thing I work late tomorrow). Hope it will be interesting.



- On another note, “Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako” website is updated once again with the Production Note and Staff page. They also added another picture of Mama Mamayu. (*´艸`*)


  1. What does 26:32~27:32 even mean? my thoughts exactly. LOL! Hope I can catch it at Keyhole tomorrow XD

    ..I'm starting to think the one with Hirose Alice is a completely different work o___o in your other post, there was a mention of a "chase scene"? Just remembered Alice had a picture of herself with wounds on her face.. unless "Flare" is a bit action-y hahaha

    1. I wondered why Alice's agency didn't put up the information yet. It would be good for her fans to know, rather than keeping it a secret. Unless she is a guest star like Nino in Heaven's Door, but if she's one of the regular cast, then there's no point. D: