Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) and Pakuburo

An excerpt from Pakuburo: The miscellaneous notes about 7 pugs.

Removing Stitches, Volunteering, and Filming

Januarly 22, 2013


Since it stops raining after the activities, we went on a walk.

6 pugs are walking, while Nagi-san is on the stroller.

While we were leisurely taking the usual course, there was a filming at Yamashita Park.

Because the pugs’ breathing may be a hindrance, we quickly pass through.

Similarly, we also hurriedly moving through while returning…


The staffs and the manager called out to greet us. Before, while the pugs are getting their pictures taken, I learned that Fukuda Mayuko-san is currently filming.

(I didn’t realized it was her because the filming staff was making a barrier from the outside)

When passing by the first time, I happen to see a chase (scene?).

Even though they were in the midst of filming, but because the staffs and manager remember the pugs, I gratefully exchange the business cards with the 7 pugs pictures on it. After given permission to look at them, the pugs were fawn over.

While the sea breeze blow its cold air against us, there was a mysteriously fresh feeling about the girl played by Fukuda-san.

Even though it’s the familiar landscape, like a piling of thin glasses, it changed.

I thought the actress is amazing.


After filming, even though she only has a little time in between, she came and meet the pugs.

That time, acting like her age, she is an exceedingly, lovely young lady.

Yes, suddenly becoming different like that, human can do it too. (Her personality toward the pugs and while  filming are different)

With her permission, I was able to take a picture.

As the pugs surrounded her, what an unexpected good fortune.

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