Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) New Year Message

Even though I’m late, Happy New Year everyone!

For the New Year, actresses from handwrote a message card for the fans. Mayuko must have not been to the office because it’s only until today that she posted hers, whereas four others have already posted theirs weeks before.

Also on the same day, Mayuko posted a new “Otona ni Naru Mae ni…” journal entry, but the people at must have locked her entries, so I can’t see it anymore. I can’t even view the New Year Message either. So, much thanks to Japanese fans for uploading.



I am graduating from high school this spring.

As a person, and as an actress, I’m planning to continue forward with my own legs.

Through dramas, I will do my best so that I’m able to show you new and interesting things.

Please continue to watch over me this year as well.

Fukuda Mayuko



- Mayuko and her super serious handwritings once again.

- I’m really sad that I’m unable to see her journal today. (´・-・。)クスン I really hope it’s a one time thing so that I can view the rest of her writing (doubt it).

- I hope this year will be another fruitful year for Mayuko.

- I really hope we can see news of a new drama before her April movie come out.

- Until then…